Rain: Rain fucks her boss

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It was an late midsummer morning. Rain had to get up and go to work at that hideous office, with all those guys there that stare at her like shes this huge bowl of ice creme. She couldn’t understand why.She was 25 with long blonde hair that came down to her waist, which to her was way too long, her tits was 40C and was to perky for her liking, and her stupid butt was just too ghetto! Worst of all her eyes was a bright blue and she had a 4 pack which she hated so much. There was nothing special about her. So she had no idea why those perverted guys looked at her like that.
She reached in the draw of her night stand and pulled out her 10inch dildo. She had a dream about two guys fucking her. One in her ass the other in her pussy. She was so wet and couldnt take anymore. She slide that 10inch cock in her juicy pussy and slide it in and out slowely while playing with her little sex nub. She moaned softly as she had an orgasim and cummed came gushing at all over her sheets.
“Dang I didn’t know I was THAT horny” Rain gasps getting out of bed to fed her cat.

“Oh joy, another day to go to work with a room full of horny pervs.” Rain sighed feeding her cat.
She put on her work clothes that consisted of, a minni skirt that came above her knees, and a low cut top that fit smugely around her breasts showing cleavage. Underneath she had nothing at all. She loved feeling the air hit her shaved pussy and bare breasts. It made her wanna masturbate so badly.
She hoped in her Dodge Viper and got to work persicley on time. She got out and saw her boss. Her motioned for her. So she went to him. He was in his car so she got in.
“There you are…”He said with a devilish grin. “I’ve been wondering when you was going too show up.”

“I’m on time though sir.”Rain stuttered.
“Yes but your usually here early.”He said with a grin.
“I-I was busy this morning so I couldn’t get in early.” She blushed remembering she masturbated this morning.
He saw her blush and chuckled looking at her like a hungry animal.
“Why didn’t you come in early Rain?” He asked looking at her perfectly shaped breasts.
She saw him staring and got even reder. “I..I was masturbating.” She admitted staring into his chocolate brown eyes.
He smiled and slide a hand over the top of his breast then slid down to her stomache then up her shirt.
“Well..then..I think I need to punish you for not being early Rain.” He grinned.
His words made her wet and she whimpered from his touch. “P-please Rick D-dont do this..” She said breathless.
He ignored her and ripped her shirt off. He stared at her breasts for a quick moment then savagly took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard flicking it back and forth with the tip of his tongue. He took his other hand and cupped her breast and squeezed as hard as he could enjoying her moans.
“Ohhhh…Rick…ohhhh plz….fuck me.. FUCK ME!!”Rain moaned loudly.
Rick pulled the seat back and put his head under her skirt and licked up and down her slit. Rain put her hands in his hair and pulled him further in her pussy. He flicked the nub back and forth then stuck his tongue inside her sliding it in and out as fast as he could. Rain moaned loudly. “OHHHH RICK PLEASE..FUCK ME..PLEASE!!”Rain begged yelling from pleasure. He took her skirt off and unzipped his pants and his huge 12 inch cock came out and almost hit Rains chin. Rain started to get wet just seeing his huge cock infront of her. He flipped her on her stomache and smacked her ass. “Listen to me and listen good…your going too get this everyday..I might be 50 years old..But your going to enjoy it..” He then slammed his cock in her tight wet pussy hole and fucked her hard and fast going in and out fiercly. Rain yelped in pain, afaird that his huge cock was going to tear her apart. He smacked her ass hard. “Shut up you cock skank!” He yelled pumping in her fiercly. Rain screamed in pain and pleasure and got a huge hard smack on her ass and yelped again cause it hurt badly. She could feel the print of his hand on her ass. He grunted and pushed in deeply and stopped moving. He then cummed in her pussy, Rain moaned excitedly feeling the warm cum in her. She never felt this feeling before. No one had ever cummed inside of her. But Damn it felt wonderful.
“Now meet me in my office after work..I want you too meet someone..” He got out of the car leaving her there covered in his sperm shocked…

The End

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    i hope there is going to be more. pleeeeesssse

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