Remember Me?

Jon wipped a small film of sweat from his brow. Why were stores so hot during Christmas time? His headache was increasing. His five year old daughter running around pushing the start button on every toy on the shelf didn’t help either.
“Maggy, are you ready to go? We have to find mommy.”
“Not yet.”
As he raised his eyes to the gods he felt his breath catch in his throat. His past was in front of him. A woman was walking down the aisle, her eyes absently looking at the toys. Jon knew she was ten years younger than him, only twenty-one. She was shorter than him by a few inches, had natural blond hair falling to her shoulders and was dressed in black pants which were tight in the right places and a white blouse with her winter coat folded over her arm. It was easy to see she had nice handfull sized breasts. Jon knew she had a tatoo of a four leaf clover on her left ankle and that her name was Sara. She turned and saw him staring at her. Her red lips formed into a bright smile, her green eyes shon.
She walked up to him. “Jon, is your name Jon?”
“Hi, Sara, it’s been a while.”
“Like four or five years. How have you been?” She put her hand on his arma nd he felt the heat shoot through his body.
Jon said, “I’ve been good. I’m married now. That greedy little girl is my daughter.”
“That’s right, you found out your girlfriend was pregnant just before I left.”
“Good memory. How about you? YOu look amazing. Just as hot as I remember.”
“I thought I annoid you.” She shook her hair from her shoulder. It looked as smooth as silk.
Jon smiled. He felt his face go red. “No, not really.” If she only knew the fantasies he had back then. “So, how is your life now?”
“It’s really good. After I moved to live with my mom out east everything got better. I’m engaged now. We’re up here visiting the family.” He looked for his daughter and when he looked back he saw that Sara’s eyes were checking over his body. “Did you finally become a school teacher?”
“Yeah, yeah I did.” He could feel a stirring in my jeans. “We really should get going. It was good seeing you.”
“My fiance is going ice fishing with my dad tomorrow if you’d like to meet for coffee and talk.”
Jon instantly heard a voice in his head telling him to say no. The dirty little thoughts were already growing inside his head so who knew what would happen after a half hour of being alone with her. What would his wife say? Jon said, “I have work to finish at the school tomorrow but I should be able to sneak out.”
The rest of what Sara said half escaped his available hearing. The pounding of his blood and heart echoed over everything. She gave him a place and time to meet her. That he heard. AFter she left he had to wait a moment before grabbing his daughter and looking for his wife. She was a looker herself but she was not THAT GIRL. Every man had one girl, woman that was always in his thoughts waiting to be conjoured up the next night he found himself alone.
Five years earlier Jon had his own apartment and his youngest sister often begged to use it for sleepovers with her friends. He didn’t mind because he was still pulling midnight shifts to pay for his schoolign. He remembered coming home to find his sister and her friends asleep on his living room floor. Sara was there. She had kicked off her blankets in her sleep so Jon could see all of her. She wore a pale blue camasol that clung to her body in silky shadows. Her nipples pushed thorugh the fabric. Below was a pair of white panties with red flowers. His eyes followed down her creamy legs to the tatoo on her ankle. Jon’s hand went to the growing bulge in his pants. Please wake up, he thought. Please wake up. He had overheard SAra talk about how she loved giving head, loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth. He went to his room to get rid of the tension imagining her hot mouth satisying him the entire time.
The moment he pulled into his driveway he sent his daughter to the neighbors and rushed his wife to the bedroom. She had no idea what brought it on but she was thankful.

Jon met Sara at the coffee house the next afternoon. The first ten minutes they spoke of theri lives since they last saw each other. It was going fine. Jon felt good. He tried to keep his mind of how tight her tanktop was.
Then Sara said, “do you remember that time your sister and I came to your place to get raeady to go out to a party? She started arguing with her boyfriend.”
“Not really,” which was bull. Jon remembered too well.
“I came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and sat on your bed. I asked about your school.” Her hair had been straight and still wet. Jon watched a drop fall to her white shoulder and run down into the towel.
“Yeah, I remember.”
“I so wanted you to take me right then and there.” She had leaned in close and whispered it in a sultry sexy voice. Jon’s eyes went wide. “And I could see that you were excited to.”
Jon leaned in. He could feel her breath agaisnt his lips. He said, “I wanted you back then to. If I wasn’t married and you engaged I would suggest we go somewhere right now.”
“Do you know why I picked this place?” Her hand slid a key card across the table. “Because my hotel is across the street.”
Before Jon realised he was following her into her room. Sara spun around, pushed him against the closed door and kissed him hard on the mouth. Their tongues met. Jon pulled her in close to his body. She could feel his 7 inch cock taking shape. Her hands went to his face. He could feel the coolness of her engagement ring against his cheek.
Sara slid her hands down his body to his belt. She unbuckled it. “After I went back to the bathroom from talking to you I had to finger myself. I wouldn’t go anywhere until I came.”
“That wasn’t the first night I played with myself thinking about you.”
Sara unfastened his pants and pushed them down over his hips. She went down to her knees and pulled down his boxers. She lifted his shirt. Sarah said, “oh my. I always wanted to know what it looked like.” And her mouth went for his erection. She took as much of it in all at once and slid back with her lips tight around his shaft. Her tongue swirled around the tip then she took it all in again. Jon’s head slammed back against the door as her steaming mouth repeated the slow movement again. He had to fight to stay standing. AFter the second pull back and swirl she went in and out faster and faster. A humming of delight escaped her body. Her hand reached to play with his balls. The other grasped the bottom of Jon’s dick. She put her tongue on the tip and waved his member back and forth so her tongue was just touching it as it went by.
“I’m going to com. I’m going to come.”
“Yummy.” Sara put her mouth around it again. Her tongue played with the end while her hand stroked. Jon looked down to see her green eyes staring up at him. Her teeth touched the head and he couldn’t hold back any more. He began to explode in her mouth and his little sister’s friend swallowed greedily.
She stood licking her lips. Jon grabbed onto her tanktop and pulled it up over her head setting her breasts fee. She wore no bra. Her nipples stuck out. Jon took one all the way in his mouth. SAra moaned. Her entire body shivered as he bit the nipple. His tongue circled. They walked toward the bed. Sara laid down and then Jon with his mouth going to the other breast. They were young and firm. He could fit the entire tit in his mouth. The woman’s hands slid down her flat stomach and unclasped her own jeans. Both hands disappeared inside.
Jon said, “no you don’t. I’ve been watnting a look and taste for over five years now.”
“Then hurry up. I want you to eat me. Please, lick my pussy, please.”
Jon tugged her jeans do
wn to reveal she wore nothing underneath. He took in the view for a moment.
A perfectly shaved pussy, dripping with juices, with a finely trimmed blond patch above it. Jon bent down and let his entire tongue run up the entire length of her slit. It tasted sweet. He took her clit between his lips. Her body lurched. His fingers opened the lips and let his tongue inside the hot hole. His eyes looked up to see the woman’s head back. Her hands squeezed her creamy tits and pulled her nipples. Jon began licking her pussy violently. Her legs squeezed around him. He pushed them wide. His tongue went in deep. He started suckign her hard clit again as his finger went inside. Then two, three. He took them out as Sara lifted his hand to her mouth and took the fingers inside suckign off her own juices. Jon licked her pussy hard with a suck on her clit until his tongue started to hurt. He felt her body convulse as she came, she pulled on his hair and he licked it up.
“I want you in me Jonny.”
Jon pushed her legs apart and crawled up so he was between them. He said, “you want this?” and slapped his penis against her slit. She let out a gasp. “Is this what you want?” Another slap.
He drove hard inside her makign her bite her bottom lip. Sara put her hands on his tight ass and helped him pound inside her. He pushed in and out, fast and hard. When her hands weren’t helping him along she ran her fingernails up and down his spine. Their bodies were instantly covered in sweat. Moans and the sounds of their bodies slapping together filled the room. Sara pushed Jon on his back and climbed on top. She started bouncing up and down riding him like a pro. He watched her tits bounce merrily. She bit her lip and then opened her mout to try and breathe. Jon felt her contract around him and he instantly let go in a heated explosion they both shared.
Sara colapsed on top of Jon’s body. They both tried to control their breathing. Sara slid to the side but left her hand on his softening cock. She began stroking it lightly.
“You have a talented tongue.” She whispered and kissed his ear.
“You’re not so bad yourself.”
“Any regrets?”
“This didn’t happen five years ago.” Jon started kissing her. “You know, I’ll be going out east for a conference in six months.”
“I’ll need more to hold me off until then.” Sara started kissing down his body.

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