Samantha Parker's Story

Samantha Parker’s Story

Chapter Twenty Two

Doctor Sherman was maneuvering his car through the evening traffic. As usual, he was thinking about Samantha. At first, he was obsessed with her and now he was completely captivated. That beautiful young girl had no idea of the power she wielded over him. If he were to lose Samantha now, Doctor Sherman knew his life would come crashing down in a pile of rubble, just like the twin trade towers. When he thought of his life with Samantha, the lines from that Police song came to mind:

“Every little thing she does is magic.”
“Everything she do just turn me on.”
“Even though my life before was tragic.”
“Now I know my love for her goes on.”

During the past month, when he wasn’t at the hospital, Doctor Sherman spent virtually every moment with Samantha. Yet, the basic facts of her former life remained a mystery. But then, Samantha herself was a mystery. She had two very different sides to her personality and Doctor Sherman was equally fascinated with both of them. First, there was Samantha the somewhat na├»ve young girl, who was basically a homebody and almost a throwback to the 1950’s idea of the perfect wife. In this mode, Samantha had so many funny little winning ways and her beautiful smile could melt his heart. Doctor Sherman recalled one night when they were lying in bed, just after one of their frequent sessions of very hot sex. Samantha suddenly switched modes, took a J. C. Penny catalogue from the nightstand and began studying it intently.

Several minutes went by and Doctor Sherman asked, “What’s so interesting in that catalogue Samantha?”

Samantha slid closer to Doctor Sherman, holding out the catalogue for his inspection. “Don’t you think these bed spread and drapery sets are just beautiful John? See, you can get matching sheets and pillow cases.” Pointing to a picture of one of the ensembles, Samantha asked, “Don’t you think something like this would look very nice in here?”

Doctor Sherman had no interest in home decoration. He thought Samantha had done a wonderful job with the house. It was now so clean and neat, he barely recognized it. But if this was something that interested Samantha, then he was interested too. He said,” Yes Samantha those things are very nice. Is this something you think we need?”

Samantha didn’t answer right away. Doctor Sherman could tell she was choosing her words very carefully. Finally she looked up and said, “Please don’t think I’m trying to tell you what to do in your own home John. I have no right to do that and some of this stuff is quite expensive. I’m not trying to push you into anything. Please believe that.”

Doctor Sherman took Samantha’s hand, leaned over and kissed the top of her head and said, “Samantha dear, I hope you consider this place your home. It is you know; just as well as it is mine. Now I know nothing about home decoration. So you’re going to have to take responsibility for that. I suggest you go through the house and make a list of the things that are needed. This weekend, we’ll take a shopping expedition. OK?”

Samantha’s face lit up with one of her dazzling smiles and she said, “OK John.”

Doctor Sherman smiled as he thought about that shopping trip. Going out with Samantha was always an experience. Heads turned with admiring glances everywhere they went. Amazingly, Samantha was totally oblivious to the attention. She truly didn’t realize how beautiful she was. Much of that Saturday at the mall passed in a blur. Samantha’s energy was boundless. As Doctor Sherman followed her from store to store, the mountains of sheets, towel sets, bed spreads, draperies, area rugs etc. they looked at, made his head swim. Any time Samantha found something that met with her approval, she would ask, “Now John, you’re sure this isn’t too expensive? We could look around a little more.”

The last thing Doctor Sherman wanted was to look around more. Although he spent a lot of time on his feet at the hospital, this was brutal. He would say, “I believe this is very reasonably priced and extremely nice. You know dear, we could look further and fare worse.”

“Well, are you’re sure you approve?”

“Yes Samantha, I’m certain.”

In the early afternoon, after they lugged the bags with their various purchases to the car, Doctor Sherman said, “We have some more shopping to do Samantha.”

As they walked back into the mall Samantha asked, “What to you have to get?”

“It’s not what I have to get Samantha. It’s you. You need more clothes, shoes and a winter coat. My God, all you have are the few outfits that were in that one little suitcase.” Samantha started to protest that he had already spent enough on her account, but Doctor Sherman said, “No arguments young lady. Now let’s get going! You have a wardrobe to select and time’s wasting!”

The second part of Samantha’s personality existed on a totally different plane. The sweet natured little girl, with the face of an angel, became the complete sexual being. In this mode, Samantha’s smoldering carnal desires surfaced and she was ready for all out no holds barred sex on the basest level. Although Doctor Sherman found this to be extremely exciting and he thoroughly enjoyed the wild sex, he had difficulty resolving this with Samantha’s normal demeanor. Doctor Sherman thought Samantha had the same problem and that’s what led to the strong inner conflict he’d seen her struggling with.

As he pulled into his driveway, a nagging worry crossed Doctor Sherman’s mind. It was something he didn’t like to think about. He wondered how long he would be able to satisfy Samantha’s sexual needs.

When Doctor Sherman opened the front door, Samantha was there to greet him. She was wearing one of her new dresses. It was a cute little black number, with a tight bodice and flaring short skirt. Her shapely legs were enhanced by dark sheer stockings and high heel shoes; this vision of female beauty, instantly sent Doctor Sherman’s pulse rate up. The thought of the incredibly sexy body that was his to possess, made him think he was truly the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Doctor Sherman concluded that his former worry was groundless. With inspiration like this, he suspected a dead man could rise to the occasion.

Doctor Sherman took Samantha into his arms and began to kiss her neck. God! The perfume she was wearing was driving him wild! He slid his hands slowly down Samantha’s back, over the lush swell of her hips and pushed her lower body toward his. He brought his lips up to Samantha’s and soon her mouth was opening to return his insistent kisses.

In a few moments, Samantha pulled away and said in a trembling voice, “John our dinner will get cold.”

Doctor Sherman scooped Samantha up into his arms and said, “That’s what microwave ovens are for dear.”

Samantha placed her arms around his neck and giggled as he carried her into the bedroom.

Once they were in the bedroom, Doctor Sherman set Samantha on her feet by the bed and they began to kiss again. He moved his hands around to Samantha’s back, unzipped the little black dress and slipped it down over her shoulders to her waist. The firm white mounds of Samantha’s breasts were nearly overflowing the cups of her bra and Doctor Sherman began kissing them. Samantha unfastened her bra and it slipped down letting her breasts fall into Doctor Sherman’s waiting hands. He cupped Samantha’s breasts, brought them up slightly and ran his tongue over their hard nipples. As Doctor Sherman began to suck on her nipples, Samantha brought her hands down to her waist and pushed the little black dress on down over her ample hips and it dropped in a heap around her feet. Doctor Sherman moved his mouth away from Samantha’s nipples and kissed her all over the slight swell of her stomach as he knelt down onto the floor. He brought his hands up to the waistband of her panties and slid them mid-way down her plump
firm thighs, revealing the dark bush of hair covering her pussy. As Doctor Sherman dipped the tip of his to
ngue into Samantha’s warm moist slit, the aroma of the perfume Samantha had placed in that area, mingled with her own scent established an aphrodisiac that was beyond belief.

Doctor Sherman cupped Samantha’s exquisitely formed butt cheeks and pushed her forward, as his tongue sought out her clit. Samantha’s legs began to tremble and she moaned out in sensual pleasure, as Doctor Sherman continued to eat her pussy. In a few more moments, Doctor Sherman rose up, lifted Samantha into his arms and laid her on the bed. He got undressed and leaned over Samantha. He grasped her lowered panties, sliding them on down her legs and off over her feet. He dropped the panties to the floor and climbed onto the bed between Samantha’s legs. When Doctor Sherman began to explore her pussy again, Samantha lifted her legs up, folding them back toward her chest. Doctor Sherman placed his hands on the backs of Samantha’s thighs, moving them apart. He swirled his tongue slowly over her swollen clit. She cried out and thrust her body upward. Doctor Sherman began to move his tongue lower down into the deep cleft of Samantha’s rounded butt cheeks, seeking out her tight crinkled little opening. In a very short while, his tongue was darting in and out of Samantha down there. She cried out in ecstasy and began rotating her bottom.

Doctor Sherman would have liked to prolong this foreplay, but the urgency of his throbbing cock wouldn’t be denied. He rose up on the bed and guided his cock directly down into Samantha’s hot love tunnel. He slowly slid the length of his stiff shaft in and out of Samantha’s pussy and brought a hand back down, slipping a finger in between Samantha’s butt cheeks. He slipped the finger into Samantha down there and began to move it in and out in rhythm with the slow strokes of his cock. He gradually picked up the pace and within minutes, both he and Samantha reached the ultimate release.

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