Satin Fetish

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Last time I told you all about being ‘seduced’ by my mum-in-law, Laura, with the knowledge of my wife, Angela. Angela is only 14 years younger than her mum, who was ‘raped’ by a boyfriend. You would easily mistake them for sisters.
Angela came into the bedroom just as I was finishing her mum off, and it was obvious it was a set up. She stood there with a large and full Anne Summers bag.
I have a thing about silk and satin, and nylon too sometimes, and when Laura got off the bed, she tipped the contents onto the bed, and wow! There were the loveliest of satin objects. Having just cum twice, I still managed to get a twinkle in my John Thomas at the thought of these fine clothes and other items there.
Angela reached over to me and took hold of my prick, gently pulling me towards her. Our lips met and by this time I was rock hard again. “I bought some of these for you too”, she said, “I have noticed the way you look at mum’s undies when I wash them. I don’t know why, but I felt you might want to wear something soft and smooth against your body”. Laura was holding up a bright red half-cup bra and a matching suspender belt. ” Are these for David? Angela”, she said, and Angela just nodded and kissed me again. My mind was swimming as it was suggested we all have a shower, and eat something before we had a great night of sex. This we did, with Laura rubbing some kind of scented cream over my legs and groin whilst we showered. After a few minutes, she used a flannel to rub over the cream, and I saw that my hairy legs were bald, and so was my crotch.
We all dressed in loose nightwear for Dinner and Laura said, “David, some of these might come in useful!” She had some small pinkish tablets in her hand. ‘These were what my late husband used to keep me satisfied all night long; they’re Viagra!’ I took two, and waited to see if they worked.
Back in the bedroom after dinner, Angela decided that she would dress me up, and then I saw a lovely black satin maid’s outfit laying on the bedside chair, along with black stockings and the red bra and suspender belt. “There are no panties”, I said, and Laura said, “I want you to wear something from my collection”. She took a hold of my semi erect prick and led me to her room, where I saw a lot of silk and satin underwear laid out on her bed. Now old John Thomas was at attention. “Take your pick”, she said, “And make it a good choice”. There wasn’t any red knickers to match the bra, so I went for a very silky and shiny black pair of French Knickers. They had lovely soft lace around the legs, and felt really sexy, just holding them. They would look great under the maid’s outfit. Back in our room, Angela began to dress me in this fabulous clothing. She had a packet of silk stockings, those with the Cuban heel that look so sexy, and with some nylon gloves on, she gently rolled them up, placed them over each foot in turn, and then fastened them to the red garter belt. With no hairs on my legs, the soft silk of the stockings was great.
I was told to lay on the bed and wait for the women to complete their preparations. I lay there in my maid’s outfit, and before I knew it, I was rubbing myself through the soft material. I was so carried away I nearly came my load. The women would have been disappointed, so I stopped, hearing them giggle in Laura’s room. Very soon, they both came into our bedroom wearing the filmiest sexy underwear you can imagine. They had on matching Chemise, one in royal blue and one in bright orange. Through these I could see the peephole bras and crotchless panties over the matching suspender belts. My erection must have been perfectly obvious to all and sundry, well Laura and Angela, and that’s what they made for. I thought they were about to argue over who did what. However, Angela moved towards my prick, while Laura came up to my head, and I was able to reach our and caress her gorgeous breasts through orange satin. Her nipples were now erect, and through the chemise I sucked first one then the other, while my lovely wife worked on my prick. I felt her lift the maid”s skirt and put her hand in one of the legs of the French knickers, pulling the prick out so she could give me head. Laura was caressing my upper body and gradually she moved so that
I could get my hands and fingers to her cunt. I was still remembering how lovely it smelled earlier and asked her to straddle my head. I watched as she lowered herself over me. I stopped her for a moment, savouring the view she was giving me, the large labia and the pink rosebud anus orifice. She let me use my tongue to the best advantage, and she leaned forward helping Angela with my prick. They removed the knickers and asked me to lift my bottom. They put a pillow under me, which had me pondering what was afoot. Aha, yes I know, it?’s 12 inches! I could feel what seemed like and octopus down there fondling me, when I realised I was being lubricated with self warming gel. A finger was pushed into my arsehole, and I nearly came, but it was not to be. Some more warm liquid was being rubbed into my prick which was rigid as a pole. I think it was Laura, she was wanking me slowly, and then I felt something unfamiliar at my anus, then slowly this was pushed into me. It was a wonderful sensation; I’ve heard how the prostrate gland can be a stimulant but never experienced it, but I was sure this was what was happening to me. Laura giggled and Angela said, “Are you enjoying this feeling David?” Laura got off me, and I looked down to see that Angela was wearing a strap-a-dick-to-me. She was fucking my arse with a dildo. I said it was a great feeling, and what made her decide on this for tonight. She referred to the books she had been reading that day in Anne Summers Shop. She had seen them on display, and after our talk, she had wanted to experiment, and when Laura had said she fancied me, they both hatched the plan. I didn’t mind one bit. I had a smashing wife and a delectable mother-in-law, and both were satisfying my male ego and my satin fetish, all in one. While Angel was shafting me, Laura carefully impaled herself on my engorged prick. She leaned forward, and this wonderful shiny sexy orange chemise fell open at the front, allowing me to see the orange satin peep-hole bra with enormous nipples poking through. I nuzzled my way into the chemise and took my time licking and sucking the nipples, while Angela gave my arse a seeing to. It was fantastic! I was now ready to discharge my load of cum into Laura and whispered that I was going to make her pregnant. She laughed and told me she was still on the pill, but, go ahead, and try anyway. This spurred me on, and I had the greatest orgasm I had ever had up till then. I could feel my sphincter muscles gripping the fake penis in my arse, and Angie had trouble moving it as I held on to it.
We all collapsed together. I suggested that perhaps I should us the dildo on the girls, and Laura readily agreed to be first. The Viagra was certainly working, as I was soon rigid again. I strapped the dildo around my waist, lubricated Laura’s anus and using both my prick and the dildo, I fucked her arse and her cunt at the same time. Angela was kissing me and fondling my balls and pinching my nipples through the satin of the maid’s dress, and I was very aroused again. I couldn’t believe what happened next. Angela went and knelt over her mothers face, allowing Laura to lick her out. This was so erotic, and seated like this I was able to fuck mum and kiss and fondle daughter at the same time. Laura was moaning so much, I wondered if she was alright. But it was the moan of pure pleasure as I rammed home in her arse and her cunt together. “Don’t come yet”, Angie said, ” I want you to fuck me with it on too”. When Laura had come down from her high orgasm, We changed around and now I was able to fuck my wife, while she liked my cum from her mum’s quim, and I kissed Laura, fondling her fantastic tits at the same time. After a while I was ready to come. ” Now’s your chance to make Angela pregnant”, Laura said, “I would love a grandchild, and you could still fuck me while she’s carrying the baby”. This notion only intensified my big ejaculation right into Angie’s womb.
The night ended with us all shagged out, quite literally and wanting to sleep for a fortnight. After a shower, we settled into our own beds, me wearing Laura’s orange chemise and crotchless panties, just so that Angie could fondle me.
What a night, and what a life we had afterwards.
I’ll tell more later. Bye.

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