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Box Boy Bobby (BBB) was in an unusually good mood on this day. What made it unusual was Box Boy Bobby was in route to his job. He held the lofty status of being a box boy at the local grocery store. Box Boy Bobby detested his work, but today he was heading directly to the locale with an extra spring in his step. He had awaken in a good mood and nothing was going to destroy that feeling. You see Box Boy Bobby was all of 16 years of age. He was a typical youth with perhaps more zits than the average teen. In fact, zits to his face were as sand to a beach. But Box Boy Bobby did not allow that fact to deter his male thought patterns. Box Boy Bobby focused almost exclusively on the subject of sex, not that he had experienced any higher pleasure than his trusty right hand could provide. The youth thought of sex only about once every 10 seconds or so. Today however he received reoccuring sexual ideas once every 5 seconds. That accounted for the spring in his step, that and a few additional factors. He know the latest Playboy was to be on the stands today and it was his payday as well. He would have the necessary cash to purchase the March edition and play “beat the bone” after work. With that in mind Box Boy Bobby had decided to risk not wearing any underwear on this day. Yes sir, Box Boy Bobby had big plans.

Upon arriving for work Box Boy Bobby noticed he was assigned to stock the shelves. He tended to dislike this duty, but he was determined to overcome even this huge hurdle. Box Boy Bobby quickly donned his work apron and headed in the direction of aisle 7. It was his responsibility to restock the vegetable section after the great sale of all canned vegetables at the unheard of price of 3 for 1 held just yesterday. Box Boy Bobby gathered the mountains of replacement cans and began refilling the nearly empty shelves with peas, corn, and beans, beans, corn, and peas. After a few minutes of toiling and several thousand sexual scenarios scurrying through his head Box Boy Bobby felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw a beautiful blond woman (W) staring directly at him.

W: “Excuse me young man, but would you be so kind as to help me get that last can of beans on the top shelf?” Box Boy Bobby could not help but notice the woman was definitely vertically challenged. However, she also was most assuredly the prettiest woman he had ever seen. In addition, the woman’s body was what a wet dream was made of. Box Boy Bobby quickly scrambled up his 3 step ladder and reached for that last can of beans. He thought to himself why did she have to have that can?

As Box Boy Bobby stretched to gather that can he felt something strange. As he extended himself to finally lay a hand on the elusive can of beans Box Boy Bobby felt something at the exact moment he had secured the merchandise. The woman was reaching under his apron from behind and fondling his groin. He lost his grip on the can as he almost fell off of the ladder.

W: “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I startle you? I was just trying to reach a can of corn on the middle shelf and I lost my balance. I hope I didn’t upset you. After all, you have been so helpful to me. I simply don’t know how to repay your kindness.”

Box Boy bobby began to think perhaps he had imagined all of it. It was true he couldn’t stop thinking about sex all day. Perhaps he simply dreamed this up.

BBB: “I’m the one who’s sorry Mrs….I’m sorry I don’t know your name.”

W: “It’s Ms. and my name is not important. Now would you please get me that can if you would be so kind.” Box Boy Bobby did as he was instructed and resumed his quest to capture the can of beans. There it was again. This time he could swear he felt a hand on his cock. He turned and caught the shape of the woman’s hand whisking away from his body.

BBB: “Okay, this time I know it was you.” Box Boy Bobby stated in a somewhat squeaky voice.

W: “I don’t know what you are talking about, but I suspect you want me to touch you. You look like a horny little twit who would like nothing better than to have a beautiful woman such as myself come out of nowhere and start fondling your penis wouldn’t you? By the looks of the front of your pants I believe my hypothesis is correct.” Box Boy Bobby had forgotten about not wearing any underwear. he cursed himself for being so foolish. “Please answer my question. Do you want me to touch your privates?”

BBB: “I don’t know what to say. I never…”

W: “Never? Hum,I understand. Maybe I can do something about that.” The woman started unzipping Box Boy Bobby’s pants. As she completed her task she noticed Box Boy Bobby’s little wardrobe secret. “I see my little box boy’s going natural today. How fortunate for you.” The woman took Box Boy Bobby’s cock out of his pants and wrapped her soft lips around his rod. Box Boy Bobby almost screamed in delight. The woman sucked and licked and stroked his cock. Box Boy Bobby could not remember feeling this good. In fact he was feeling too good. The woman sensed this as well and took her mouth away just in time. Box Boy Bobby began spraying his juice all over the cans of peas.

W: “Oh what a mess. Let me help you clean it up.” She put her tongue back on the boy’s throbbing cock and licked the remainig cum off of his cock’s head. “There now all better” the woman chortled. “Hey I have an idea. How would you like to see my tits?”

The woman started to unbutton her expensive blouse exposing her lace brassiere. Box Boy Bobby could say nothing. All he was capable of doing was to stand there on the ladder and tremble. After the woman finished her unbuttoning she undid the front clasp of her bra. Two fantastic tits tumbled out of their wrappings. They were the first tits Box Boy Bobby had ever seen, not counting his cousin, Hilda’s, boobs. Box Boy Bobby scrambled down the ladder, losing his balance in his haste. The boy fell in to the woman in such a manner as to have his face end up burried in tits.

W: “Oh you little devil. You want to suck my tits. Well go right ahead and have at it.” Box Boy Bobby started kissing and rubbing the boobs of his dreams. He was shocked to see her nipples rise with pleasure. Another surprising development was Box Boy Bobby had a hard on again (he was 16 after all). The woman also became aware of this happening.

W: “Let’s not waste a good thing. Why don’t you take that big bad cock and jam it in my itty bitty little pussy?” The woman proceeded to lift her skirt up and pulled down her panties. She leaned against an empty shelf and motioned for the boy to come to her. He did just that. The woman guided his cock to her dripping pussy and let out a small groan as the boy inserted his manliness deep inside of her.

BBB: “Ooh that feels good! I never knew it would feel so fantastic.” Box Boy Bobby started to pump his cock frantically in and out of the woman as she adjusted her position to allow the cock to have greater entry.

W: “Slow down big boy. Let’s make this last. That’s better. Nice and easy. Yeah, just like that. Oh Yeah! Like that! Keep fucking me kid. Don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me. I’m gonna cum. Oh! Ooh!…ooh…ooh…YES, YES, YES!” The woman arched her back as her body exploded in ecstasy. Box Boy Bobby delievered his load at the same time. His cock jumped and jerked inside the woman’s cunt as he let fly with his second stream of cum.

The woman gathered herself and put her clothes back together. She straightened her hair and quickly exited the aisle never looking back. Box Boy Bobby slumped to the glossy floor with a Cheshire cat like smile.

An hour or so later as Box Boy Bobby worked distractedly in the warehouse another woman was reaching for a can of peas in the infamous aisle 7. Her hand touched something sticky. She withdrew her hand and headed straight
for the manager’s office. The female shopper waged her complaint about untid
y products. Box Boy Bobby heard the P.A. system blare “Clean up in aisle 7…Bobby…clean up in aisle 7.”

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