She was alone after school what was i suposed to d

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“For Home work tonight you will read pages 127 to 138, and answer questions 1-8 on page 139.” Mrs. Smith said, she may be 40 years old but she always had my ateneion. She was about my height 5’6″. Long dark brown hair that came to the middle of her back. Its the last period of the day. i walked up to her desk and she was looking at a magazine she took from one of the boys. i noticed the playboy letters at the top.

“how can i help you” sh said. I saw down her shirt at just the right angle. no bra i thought to myself quivering with a huge sigh.

” after your cheerleading practice come see me jess we will see what we can work out.

My head spun in cirlces, “work what out” was all i could think about during cheer’ pracice. as usual after practice i showered with the others checking them out. All the cheer leaders here at this school are 100% gay including me and my D cup chest.

I went to Mrs. Smith’s room, she was sitting at a desk with her legs spread open. I said “there is a god after all”

“if you can give me an orgasm, i will be your lover and sex slave until u graduate. I fell to my Knees. and said “thank you, thank you.”

“Lets go, i have a hotel room already for us.”She said grabbing her bags.

We were in the car she pulled her dress up to her waist and said “eat me jess.”

I never acually pleasured a women. Leaned over and put my head btween her legs and heard her moaning. we pulled up to the hotel and went into the room. forgeting about the door we went to the bed i unzipped the back of her dress and then cupped her breast and played with her nipples.i could tell she was playing with herself. then she took my tight t-shirt off and admired my full breast. sucking and teasing. she said ” i know you fingered yorself alot while thinking of me. well i must admit somthing i hve done the same about you and even maoned your name while fucking my husband named jess.”
then i shifted me way to her crotch and ate the hell out of her. then she said “lets 69″ we did for hours. all I thought about was me crush was eating me pussy like there was no tomorrow. we woke up the next day with about 4 girls in the romm and 6 guys i had 2 of them. but that dosent change anything i still only love girls.

Now i am graduating tomorrow, and my girlfriend still maried to her husband. and from the nigh we both had kids by those guys , i had twuns, see had tripplets, we plan on moving in wit each other while i go to college.

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