textual intercourse

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one bored night me and a mate decided that we wanted to try cyber roleplay… and this is all of it :s

Sam: lol hmmmm so you need to be dressed all girlie, pigtails, knee length socks, short skirt, see through top and I’m a teacher who’s gonna teach you a thing or two ;)

Kenty: that’s about right, but everyone knows that schoolgirls are rarely ever as innocent as they look ;) *wonders if she should address sam as sir*

Sam: you better address me as sir or you’re gonna be getting detention, and lots of it to teach you a sorely needed lesson, now be a good girl or get spanked ;)

Kenty: .oO(one can hope) yes sir! Whatever you say sir *sits quietly like a good girl*

Sam: *walks over to kenty and stands by her side, then looks down her low cut top revealing her nice big breasts in a black lacy bra and stands there wowed*

Kenty: *looks up and realises her teacher is staring at her boobs and undoes another button to give him a better look*

Sam: *stands there for a moment longer staring in disbelief as kenty undoes another button, can feel himself getting harder and harder while looking at kenty*

Kenty:*notices the slight bulge in sirs trousers and getd up, locks the door, turns around and removes her blouse*

Sam: *stands still, staring at the blouseless beauty then walks over slowly and reaches behind her to pull the shutters down on the door, but as he does so Miss kenty mistakes it for an attempt at a kiss and finds himself suddenly passionately kissing his pupil*

Kenty: *kisses her teacher and hopes she read the signs right, breathes a sigh of relief as Mr clark responds and starts to fondle breasts through her bra*

Sam: *uses both hands on both breasts and starts to rub her nipples with his thumbs, instantly feeling them get hard, reaches around with one hand and unhooks the bra*

Kenty: *steps back and makes sure sir is watching, fully shakes off the bra, exposing her bare breasts, notes the bulge in sir’s trousers getting even bigger*

Sam: *stands still feeling his cock slowly getting harder in his pants, moves closer to kenty and softly kisses her breasts, being careful to suck on her nipples*

Kenty: *pulls Mr Clark up and orders him to go slower, runs kisses down his neck and rubs her whole body against his while unbuttoning his shirt*

Sam: I will be the one doing the ordering! *as our bodies rub together, spanks kenty’s thigh hard to teach her a lesson, then continues letting her undo buttons*

Kenty: yes sir *pouts and rubs her spanked thigh before going back to finish undoing buttons, removes the shirt, starts kissing down sir’s chest, looks up and asks “is that ok sir?”*

Sam: yes that’s fine, I’d like more concentration on my chest and stomach, then maybe I could play with your hair a you’re on your knees kissing my belly

Kenty: whatever you want sir ;) *runs wet kisses across his chest, flicking her tongue across sirs nipples, and does everything she was directed to do*

Sam: *likes the kissing but wants to get busy doing some kidding himself too, so when kenty gets up, takes her and sits her on a table so he can start some kissing*

Kenty: *leans back on the table and lets her teacher do what he wants, opens hwr legs a little, deliberately giving sir a look at her knickers*

Sam: *notices the sexy underwear that matched the bra and continues looking until he starts kissing kenty’s neck, working down to her collarbone, and softly kisses there, leaving a long cold shiver up through her body as he works across and does the same to the other side*

Kenty: *opens legs further and pulls Mr Clark so close that she can feel his cock rubbing against her pussy through their clothes, pushes her tits forward, hoping for some attention on them*

Sam: fucking hell you got me properly turned on after reading that! *obliges and kisses her breasts, then pulls on her nipples with his teeth and hears a little moan*

Kenty: lol that’s the whole point *moans and pushes forward more, feeding more of her tits into sir’s mouth, then begs him to suck her nipples, reaches for his hand and places it on her pussy*

Sam: *sucks kenty’s boobs like she asked, short quick sucks first then slower longer ones, while paying attention to her breasts starts rubbing her pussy over her knickers and feels a slight damp patch emerging, continues sucking and rubbing to make the damp patch bigger*

Kenty: *decides it’s time that sir had some fun, pushes him away, twists him around and backs him in to the desk and slowly unzips him, takes him in her hand and gently rubs*

Sam: *enjoys the rubbing, puts his hand on kenty’s and slows it down a little, takes hold of her other hand and uses it to rub his balls too*

Kenty: *pushes his hands away and says “we’ll do this MY way” but slows down anyway, bends downand gently kisses the tip of his cock just once, uses her other hand to caress his balls*

Sam: this is sounding good, now I’m all excited about the next text, so we’re doing it your way *is all kenty’s*

Kenty: *removes both of their clothes, climbs up and straddles his lap and uses the tip of his cock to rub and tease her clit, and slowly pushing him inside then pulling away to tease him*

Sam: *opens her legs up a little more and rubs his hard cock against her clit a few times, hearing her moan as she gets excited, passionately kisses her collarbone as he rubs her clit, and grabs a leg to hook it up to get more easy access to her*

Kenty: *arches her upper body to give him better access, pushes her hips forward hard, taking him deep inside her just once then climbs off and licks herself from his cock*

Sam: how are you tasting? *slides his cock inside kenty as deep and as hard as he can, and then pulls out just as quick so he can move his cock up to her mouth again*

Kenty: me and you mixed tastes yummy ;) *licks and sucks off every last drop of her juices from his cock, decides it’s time that sir takes complete control*

Sam: *decides that with his complete control he is going to open kenty’s legs up even further so they are wide spread, and with her sat on the table he kisses over her pussy and tastes what is so good ;) then after kissing her he opens her pussy up and starts to flick his tongue against her clit*

Kenty: *lies back and enjoys the feel of having a tongue in her pussy, asks him to use his fingers too, feels herself close to cumming*

Sam: *turns himself around a little so he can continue to flick his tongue against her ever increasingly wet pussy, and then slides two fingers inside her slowly*

Kenty: *tries to hold back but can’t and feels her lower body begin to pulsate as she cums, is aware of where they are so tries to be as quiet as she can be*

Sam: well I just found another turn on, the thought of you cumming got me busting out of my jeans here. We’re in a classroom not a library, scream if ya wanna lol

Kenty: I’m not a screamer, I’m more of a biter. Now where where we? pml@ busting out of your jeans, it’s getting a little uncomfortable here and all.

Sam: how uncomfortable? ;) well back to you, I was just making you cum, then after I done with that I fancy giving you some cock to start sucking on

Kenty: *takes the cock she’s been given and thoroughly licks it all over before taking it in her mouth and sucking, while running her tongue over the underside and head*

Sam: yummy, now would you like a treat to go with that?

Kenty: oh yeah! *carries on sucking and licking, trying to suck the treat out of the tip, uses her hands to caress and stroke his balls too* where’s my treat!?!

Sam: the treat aint far off babe *pushes her head down and starts pulling on her hair as he gets closer to revealing the treat*

Kenty: *doubles her
efforts and reaches down to play with her clit since she’s got a free hand and an aching pussy*

Sam: if your pussy is aching how about I give it some attention, seems as I got a free mo
uth, *lies on top of kenty with his cock in her mouth and her clit over his*

Kenty: *realises that the position pushes his cock deeper into her throat and tries to take it all, raises her hips pushing her pussing further into his mouth*

Sam: *slides his cock in and out of kenty’s mouth and feels himself getting closer to cumming, also takes kenty’s nice wet pussy into his and sucks on her clit*

Kenty: *uses her hand to rub the base of his cock as she sucks on it, feels herself cumming again and starts to tremble all over*

Sam: god that really turns me on thinking of you cumming! I’d love you to cum all over my face so I can lick it off *mr clark feels like he is really close too*

Kenty: *decides that Mr Clark isn’t going to cum in her mouth, Pushes him off, orders him up, opens her legs and plays with her clit, while wanking him, orders Mr Clark to shoot his load on her pussy*

Sam: yes miss ;) *starts to feel his balls aching like he’s gonna cum, then tells kenty to finish him off and have her reward*

Kenty: *smiles to herself and asks “want me to finish you off with my hand or mouth?”*

Sam: whichever you prefer babes, but when I cum on your pussy I’m gonna have to rub it into your clit. I wish you were here now, I need your touch ;)

Kenty: well it’s got to be by hand then * starts by gently stroking the head, then gradually speeding up until Mr Clark is ready to shoot on her pussy*

Sam: *mr clark shoots his hot load of thick white cum all over kenty and her naked dripping wet pussy, then starts rubbing the load into her pussy, taking time to get her off while slipping a couple fingers inside her, which were covered in cum, hoping she enjoys it ;)*

Kenty: *watches Mr Clark shoot and gets hotter by the second, feels his fingers slipping inside her and begs him to finger fuck her until she cums again* my god!

Sam: oh fucking hell I’m desperate to cum here, I cant stop myself from wanking anymore, I hope you’re as turned on as I am! *mr clark loves watching kenty squirm and moans as she gets finger fucked, so does it deep as he can and massages her clit with his other hand*

Kenty: *cums hard and fast and pulses around Mr Clarks fingers, wonders if he’s up to fucking her so soon after cumming*

Sam: yeah I’m up to it, how about a good hard fuck in my bed instead of that classroom? *slides his big hard erect cock between kenty’s legs and spreads her open, then penetrates her tight dripping wet pussy with his cock, feels so good and soft having her cunt around him*

Kenty: *feels sam’s cock pushing deep inside her and cums just at the feel, pushes up until he can’t go any deeper and begs him to pull it out and shove it back in, hard as he can*

Sam: *obliges and removes his cock, then forces it back in that tight little pussy of kenty’s and fucks her harder than she has ever been fucked, loves hearing kenty moan everytime he forces his cock back into her, thinks he can hear a bit of a scream as he goes faster*

Kenty: *moans as Sam carries on fucking her hard, she comes again, pulsating around his hard cock, hopes that he can keep up* omg I just cum as I wrote that!

Sam: stop it, you know me fantasising about you cumming is sending me crazy, is this the first time I’ve made you cum then? I’m imagining you naked on your bed, spread pretty wide and using your fingers on your pussy, am I close? *can keep up, keeps fucking kenty as she cums to start her on her next orgasm*

Kenty: you really want me to stop? You don’t want to know that I’m naked with my legs wide open? Or how I just had my fingers up my own cunt while using a vibe on my clit?

Sam: oh wow, ok I decided I don’t want you to stop, my cock is so hard now, more desperate to cum every message I get from you, I would have loved to have been there to make you cum instead of you doing it manually, *starts getting into a good rhythm with kenty as he fucks her hard, as she fingers her clit*

Kenty: *twists over so she’s straddling sam, his cock buried deep inside her, riding him hard and fast while rubbing her clit herself, then bends down and kisses sam, which pushes his cock a little bit deeper, she raises herself until just the head is inside and rams herself down again* my god I need to wank again!

Sam: wow you must be really turned on, I need details like clit or finger fuck or you gonna use your vibe again? I’m imagining your thighs are all wet, can I kiss them dry again? while I’m down there I will use my tongue on you and bring you to another orgasm, if my phone wasn’t not dialing out I’d be trying to call you for phone sex and make you cum on the phone to me ;)

Kenty: you want details huh? I got my rampant rabbit out, whick gives a good fucking and a clit vibe. Reckon you could get here n fuck me instead of my having to use this? Damn! You’ve made me all wet and it feels great, wanna feel?

Sam: which part of my body do you want me to feel with? I’m loving the pictures in my head of you wanking now and being all wet, how badly do you need to be fucked?

Kenty: I really really need to be fucked! *opens legs wide* want the job? Right now I would probably cum the moment you shoved ur cock up me, hope I’m not the only randy fucker here ;)

Sam: nope you aint the only randy fucker, I’m wanking now again too, already came for you once not long ago but still hard, course I want the job of fucking you, would be an idiot to turn down a gem like you J *slides between kenty’s legs and enters her slow and deep, speeding up when all in*

Kenty: *slows him down* I think slow and deep is just as hot as hard and fast *wraps her legs around him to push him deeper and runs her hands all over his body, caressing*

Sam: *slowly slides in and out of kenty, pulling out all the way then forcing his cock hard and deep, but slow so she can really feel it*

Kenty: *feels sam’s cock sliding into her and can’t contain her cries of pleasure* damn you’re good!

Sam: so hows your rabbit going? It turning you on as much as I am? How close are you to your second orgasm? Would me turning you around and fucking you hard from behind help you anymore? I’ll put a hand on your tits and the other all over your clit, how does that sound?

Kenty: oh my rabbit is doing just great!, you wanna fuck me from behind? Hell yeah do it! You can push it in so deep that way, how you doing??

Sam:just on the brink of being about to cum inside your cunt , I’ll have my cock all inside you when I do it, you’ll love the feeling when I shoot inside you.

Kenty : that’s the best feeling, that warm spurt of your cum inside, it feels too good to explain. Fuck! This feels so good, *begs sam to fuck her hard again*

Sam: I think you need me to fuck you hard, sounds like you do *lifts kenty’s legs and forces her against the wall, sliding his cock hard inside her wet cunt, as the tempo increases near orgasm kenty wraps her legs around him and starts bouncing on the wall, screaming in delight at how hot she is feeling*

Kenty: my god! all I had to do was read that and I cum *buries her head in sams neck while she bounces on his cock, hoping that he’ll release his cum inside of her soon*

Sam: get here now then, cos I’m just about to cum, I’m actually moaning your name, would you let me shoot inside you, no condoms, just my load?, so you can feel it.

Kenty: yeah I would, I’m protected, so it would just be bare skin, it would feel great, your hard smooth cock pushing into my soft wet cunt.

Sam: oh wow, I came over that message too, I’m warn out now, out of breath and sweating, wish that was inside your soft wet cunt when I came.

5 hours these lasted and boy did I enjoy them!

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