the barber shop banging

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John was a fifteen year old football player with an appetite for older younger type sex. He very rarely got act out his desires but in today’s story, he got to do just that, and more. One day after football practice, John hopped in his truck and started making his way through traffic to the barber shop. His mom had kept reminding him that he had a haircut appointment after practice today. She needn’t have worried, he always went to get his haircuts because he enjoyed a certain someone’s company. He pulled his truck over and walked into the shop. Now this wasn’t exactly your typical barber shop. The building used to be a house and each barber had their own room. Barber wasn’t exactly the term to use either as all of the “barbers” were women. Anyways on with the story.
He walked into a room that was on the left side of the front entry way. As he entered the room, he was greeted by a beautiful sight. His barber, who’s name was Jenny, was bending over picking up something on the floor and what he saw wasn’t disappointing. She was wearing short, tight, white jean shorts that made her already golden brown (might I add gorgeous) legs look even more seductive. And her ass would have made a greek goddess green with envy. John immediately sat down and leaned forward with his elbows on his knees to hide his 8″ rod that was about to poke through his pants. Jenny got up and turned around and jumped when she saw John “I didn’t hear you come in John, come have a seat.” John got up and made his way over to her barber chair, unsuccessfully hiding his erection. She walked over to him and put a barber apron over his neck. She gasped as she looked down, his boner was about to tear through the damn thing! John quickly grabbed his cock and painfully pushed it to the side emabarassed. “Nick, go up stairs and finish your homework.” Jenny said. Her 8 year old son Nick, whom John hadn’t noticed got up and walked out of the room. Now John was even more embarrassed at himself and his uncontrollable penis. Jenny walked over to the door, her hips bobbing up and down, oh how John would love to make those things buck…
John’s fantasy was interupted as he heard Jenny lock the door. She walked over to him and abruptly ripped of the apron. John sat there looking up at her expression. She was biting her lower lip in a desirful look. “John, I know that I’m married and that I have Nick, but i wan’t you to take me right now.” “Now?” Nick asked “Yes right now oh god do it please!” So John got up and undressed as quickly as he could. He wanted to fuck her up the wall but he wanted to have some fun first. “Suck this Jenny.” indicating his throbbing penis. she pushed him into the barber chair and slowly got on her knees and began licking his cock. she bobbed up and down, slowly making her way farther and farther down his shaft. She began fingering herself as she as she took all of his manhood into her luscious mouth. John cummed and she took it into her face as she pulled of his cock. John grunted with pleasure as she began cleaning his cock and herself off. “Look, you got my shirt all cum stained.” “Well we’ll just have to remedy that.” John said. he literally tore her shirt off and observed her medium sized tits with her erect nipples. he then proceeded to pull down her pants. Now Jenny had a mirror on one wall of her room and it covered the whole wall, and John took Jenny over to that mirror and began to have some fun. She had her arms up on the mirror, her legs spred while she stood waiting for John. He came up behind her and creeped a hand up her leg to her bulging womanhood. He rubbed her slowly and she let out a wanting moan. All of a sudden, he rammed his cock into her and she let out a scream. Then he began fucking her, slow at first then faster and faster. they looked at each other in the mirror, John’s face taut with erotic pleasure and Jenny’s tits bouncing up and down. Jenny was a real screamer. As they both climaxed, John rammed himself and her into the mirror so hard that they broke it. Jenny screamed so loud that everybody in the shop probly heard them. After that John leaned her over the barber chair and stuck it in her ass. he slid his cum covered penis into her tight as a vice ass and penetrated her extremely deep. she moaned and yelled “fuck me as hard as you possibly can.” John’s eyes lit up at those words and began humping her as hard as he could. The chair was shaking and jenny was moaning as her tits vibrated and her hands gripped the chair as if she was going to rip it apart. She cummed three times over as John pumped his cock into her ass so hard that he thought he would tear her in half. She orgasmed loudly again yelled out “Oh god yes, fuck my husband, your great John!” All of the other employees looked shocked when John walked out of Jenny’s room. His hair was still as long as it was as when he walked into the shop.

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