The Computers Teacher

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It was the last class before lunch, my computers class. I hated it. I loved computers and video games but this class was hell. First of all the teacher didn’t like me. Second of all I couldn’t get away with doing no work. I had just started my second last year in school and things were a lot harder. For the past five years I had been able to get out of doing work for nearly every class. I always had some excuse; “Sorry sir I was at the hospital last night visiting a member of the family so I didn’t have the time to do the work. Sorry miss I did the work on my computer but my printer isn’t working.” It went on like this for years but now I couldn’t get away with it. Its not that I cant do the work, I’m smart enough, I’m just too lazy. So now I was walking into my computers class without the work done (I thought I’d take the chance) and I was extremely nervous of her chewing the head of me. I sat down at my desk and took the books out of my schoolbag. Then Miss Michaels walked in. She is about 34/35 years old, black hair to her shoulders, chubby, around 5 ft 3, great face and huge tits. When I say huge tits I don’t mean scary huge, I mean about a D or E cup, which I liked.
She came over and sat on the desk in front of me to talk to the class. This is where she always sat, as I sit at the front of the class. From this position I could get a great view of her body. I could stare at every inch of her body all class because she always looked over my head. She never looked at me unless she was going to say something to me. Another advantage was that the rest of the class couldn’t see me staring at her as they were all behind me. So for the first 10 minutes of class I looked at her chest. She had never worn anything that showed cleavage but her tops were always very tight. Today she was wearing a tight pink top with black trousers. I had never thought of her as a babe or anything but I was 16 and horny all the time, so any chance I would get I would stare at a woman’s tits. I loved staring at her. It gave me a sense of power as no one else had a clue what I was doing. But hen there was a problem, my dick was getting really hard, really quickly. This happened a lot now. I would always get a hard-on in class. I pushed my body even further under my desk so no one would realise. After a few minutes it started to go down again and back to normal. What a relief.
“OK class, lets see the homework,” she said. Oh crap! I forgot. “Alright Marty where’s yours?” I had to think of an excuse quick.
“Well, eh…..I eh….”
“Get out!”
“What? Why?”
“Now!” I stood up and walked as quickly as I could out of the class, she followed. “Yet another homework not done Marty?”
“Sorry miss I…..”
“Sorry wont cut it this time. I am sick and tired of hearing excuse after excuse. I am giving you one last chance. If you don’t have this work done for tomorrows class I’m going to fail you. Understand?”
“Yes miss.”
“Good. Oh and your getting a detention today. Show up at the end of school.” Phew! For a second I thought she’d fail me. Thank god. I do have a detention though, I’ll have that to look forward to. She forced me to stand outside for the rest of class. For me this was getting of easy. At least I didn’t have to do any work. Finally the bell rang and I was gone. Lunch time, finally.
I spent the rest of the school day joking around and making jokes about teachers, mainly Miss Michaels. Then the time came…detention. I made my way to Miss Michael’s class room while everyone else ran in the opposite direction, out of the school. When I arrived at the room I opened the door and walked in. “Hello? Miss?” She wasn’t there. So I walked over to and set down at my desk.. I was waiting there for about 10 minutes before she arrived. She came in, stopped and stared at me for a second with a surprised look on her face.
“Oh Marty,” she said with an annoyed tone, “I forgot about your detention. Well turn on your computer. I’ve got some work for you to do.” I knew what this meant. I would be entering meaningless text into a form that would be deleted when I was done. Total crap but I had to do it so I pressed the button on the computer and powered up. The screen flickered to life and it began loading. After about a minute a message box came up on the screen, saying something like it couldn’t execute file whatever. I was kind of pleased. I didn’t want to be sitting here doing work. “Miss, there’s something wrong with my computer.”
“What now?” She said. She got up out of her seat and walked down to my desk. Standing behind me, she leaned over my shoulder and stared at the screen. “What the hell?” She put her hand on the mouse and began working at the problem, all the time with her tits resting on my shoulder. I began to really enjoy it. All I could think about was the fact that I was all alone with the teacher and her huge tits were pressing against me. My dick began to get hard again but I didn’t care, I enjoyed it too much. Then I looked at the screen and saw her reflection. She was staring at my crotch, surprised. Oh God! I My face went red. This was most likely the most embarrassing moment of me life so far. But I didn’t cover it up, I don’t know why. The bulge in my trouser just got bigger. I was watching her face in the screen and she began to smile, still looking at my dick. The whole situation really turned me on. The thought that in a few minutes I could be fucking the teacher. But why the hell would a 35 year old woman want to bother herself with a small 16 year old boy. I knew she wouldn’t be interested but I took a risk anyway. I turned my computer chair around to face her. She looked down at me still smiling. I smiled as well, still very embarrassed. I stood up in front of her with a huge lump in my trousers sticking right out. My blood was pumping, my cock throbbing, it was such a rush. She began to say something but stopped herself. I couldn’t believe what I did next; I stepped forward and kissed her. She resisted and stepped back. She stared at me shocked. Nevertheless I stepped forward again, this time putting my hand on the back of her head and kissed her. Yet again she tried to pull her head back but my hand stopped her. I became frightened. I did not want to force her into anything but then she began kissing me back and really got into it. I could not believe it. I was kissing the teacher. Unbelievable. As out tongues explored each other’s mouths I lowered my hand from her head and put both hands on her waist and pulling her towards me. My dick pushed up against her and it hurt a little at first but began to feel good. Really good. I had never been this far with any girl before. The fact that my first real kiss was with my teacher made this even better. Finally she broke the kiss. Our faces were less than an inch apart and we stared at each other.
“My God your sexy.” I said. It sounded really cheesy to me but she liked it. Then she said,
“Take off your trousers.” I was amazed. She wanted to have sex! I unbuttoned my trousers, lowered the zip and let them drop to the floor. I then lowered my boxers and took off my shirt. There I was totally naked, in school, in front of a teacher. God it felt good. I kissed her again, placing my hands on her big tits and caressed them for a few minutes. After that I unbuttoned her trousers and started going to my knees, bringing her trousers to the floor with me and she stepped out of them. I looked up at her black panties, put my hands on her ankles and stood up slowly, running my hands up the outside of her legs while doing so. As I stood up fully my hands cupped her amazing ass. I pulled her into me an kissed her again. My hands found the bottom of her top and I raised it above her head. She looked really gorgeous standing in her underwear, with the top half of each tit sitting almost out of her bra. The bra seemed to small for her but that just made her even more sexy. I buried my head in her cleavage, grabbed her ass and pulled her up so I was carrying her. She let out a moan as I did so which made me feel like I was really p
leasuring her. I carried her ove
r to her desk and I lay down on it. She was now sitting on me with the biggest smile on her face. She reached behind her back and unclasped her black bra. She threw it to the side and let her tits sit naturally which looked great. She leaned over and kissed me passionately. Then standing on her knees, she began lowering her panties and slipped them off completely. She was completely shaved and very wet. So I must have been doing something right. I grabbed her waist and lowered he easily on to my cock. After it was all in she started to straddle me. It felt nothing like I imagined but it was so much better. She moaned so loud I thought the whole school would rush to the class, then I remembered we were the only ones here. So I began moaning just as loud. I was astonished how long I held on without having to cum. As I was nearing the time to cum I told her. She said that’s ok and that she was going to also. I rammed my dick into her pussy even harder now and her moans got louder. Finally she came. Her body shook violently and her pussy got tighter. This was it, just as she began to stop shaking I came. It so much better and longer than it had ever been when I was jerking off in the past. As we both calmed down she lay forward and kissed me, her tits pressing against my chest. She rapped her legs around my legs and I put my hands over her soft ass. When she broke the kiss she said, “You were great.” I lay there speechless and exhausted. We both fell asleep in that position for a few hours. When we got up and dressed we kissed for a long time and then left. It was dark now and she drove me home. When she pulled up to my street we kissed again and I got out. Since that day we’ve fucked at least 5 times a week every week. Every second weekend or so I stay over at her house, telling my parents that I’m staying at a friends. Its great because we can fuck our brains out all day, sleep all night and I can wake up with her in the morning as well as share a shower with her. My grades in her class have gone up as well.

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    Great story! This is the stuff we used top dream of when we were kids!

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