The Confessions of a shelf Stacker pt. 3

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If you haven’t read the previous parts to the story, then this will not make sense!!! Go read them now.
Now after my little dominating of Lucy I kept low in case she decided to speak up about it. But thankfully she didn’t, but I was unaware of the camera filming everything. And someone was watching the monitor on the other end of the cable……..
Her name is Marianne, the assistant manager. She is about 36, roughly twice my age. However she looked in her mid twenties, and sinisterly attractive, only her dark eyes gave away her age. She had a nice firm and well shaped body, and jaw dropping long smooth legs…….
While working in the big walk in fridge, used to store our produce before it goes onto the shop floor, at the end of the day, she chatted to me in her usual intimidating way. The conversation turned to TV.
“Guessed what I watched the other night?” She asks
“You taking advantage of a young women..”
I spin round my heart pounding, a look of horror upon my face. She stares back at me, with her piercing eyes, a smile spreading on her moist lips.
“Tut Tut. I could get you fired for that….”she says still grinning “But I won’t. You just need a slap on the wrist. Hold out your hands.”
Shaking I hold out my arms. Suddenly, before I can move, she pulls out a plastic bindings strip, the kind used to bundle electric wires, and binds my wrist together. Before I realise what is going on, I’m sitting on the floor, hands tied to a pole above my head. She stands hands on her hips above me.
“Wha—” SMACK I get a burning slap to the face.
“Remember that? You REALLY think you’d just get a slap on the wrist!? Your gonna get a taste of your own medicine boy!”
And so while I’m sitting helpless, she reach down and undoes my trousers and pulls them off. Next, to my horror, she pulls out a knife and cuts off my shirt and boxers. She strokes my face with the knife.
“What a pretty face you’ve got there”, she says before she licks my face and leaves shutting the door behind, leaving me tied up and naked in the fridge.
Later after a long period of time she returns. She is wearing her uniform, bare legs covered by a tight, hugging skirt cut above the knee, a blouse through which I can see the cold has already stiffened her nipples and a mischievous grin. The cold has also hardened my nipples and to some extent my cock. She leans over and kisses me intrusively, sucking and biting my tongue vigorously.
“Now your gonna do a few tasks for me. And if your good you may get a taste of this….”and she starts to hike up her skirt a little. My cock gets harder.
“Now lick out my ass hole”
She turns round and hikes up her skirt around her waist exposing her bare ass. ‘No panties…..?’ I wondered to myself briefly before she shove her smooth ass cheeks into my face. Reluctantly I kiss her ass cheeks and move to her asshole. I lick around her ass and down her crack before she commands: “Get it in there” and she presses her ass against my face. Before I could react my tongue is in her asshole, and I begin to circle it inside her. I get wrapped up in my task and start to thrust my tongue in and out of her asshole. I hear her moaning and grunting and feel her bucking against my tongue. But then she gets off my face and pulls her skirt back down.
“You’re just a little boy and so I’ll treat you like one. Suck on mummies teat!!”
She undoes her blouse revealing and laced black bra which also soon comes off. Her chest is beautiful, more like that of a 19 year old girls rather than a 36 year old woman’s. Her cold stiffened nipples are a perfect shade of pink and I stare at them as she sits down next to them. She pulls my head sharply to them and I gratefully accept her offering. I suck and lick and flick her perfect teats enjoying every minute. She grabs cock and jerks me off while groaning gently. It’s not very long before my piece starts to twitch and I shoot my load over her chest. She sits up abruptly.
“You filthy boy cleans that up” and she forces my face into my spunk forcing me to lick up my salty cum, licking her chest clean.
“Your gonna get punished for that!!”
Some how she flips me over so that I’m on all fours, but still bonded to the shelf. She take my belt and proceeds to beat my bare ass red raw with it. I hear her leave an return swiftly.
“I believe this is the one that you used on Lucy” and I feel some cold and clammy touch my asshole before it is thrust up my ass. I groan and squirm, but she keeps sliding it up further and further until she stops. Then she starts to pull it out before pushing back up again, and she repeats this getting faster and faster. It’s painful but I kind of enjoy it. Marianne realizes this when I groan in pleasure. So quickly she pulls it out and my asshole is suddenly hit by the cold air. The sensation makes me gasp. Once again she leaves the chiller and comes back. Not knowing what to expect I groan loudly as shove several ice cube into my sore anus. Seeing me writhe uncomfortably she decides to add to that by smacking and scratching my back and ass. When the ice cubes finally melt she ties me down lying on the floor, and strokes my cock to get it hard once again. Then she take off her skirt leaving her naked in front of me before she plants my dick in her ass. As she rides me sighing in ecstasy she pinches my nipples and slaps my across the face and chest in pleasure, leaving stinging marks on my body. Once again I feel the burning stings across my body. As she gets faster and faster and hits harder and harder I feel a stirring in my groin, and once again I cum hard into her ass.
Breathing hard she says “Now, suck your cum out of my ass and make it clean. Do this and I will give you your reward and I will release you”
She gets up. Moves along and sit her ass on my face. But mouth remains firmly closed. She slaps my cock hard and grabs my balls hard ever tightening her grip.
“Do it else…… I need to explain…?!?!!!”
So I open my mouth and already some of my cum seeps in from her asshole. Once again I begin to lick inside her anus, thrusting my tongue in and out, catching every drop of my spunk that I could. All the while she begins the breath heavier and gently fondle my balls.
“Right now for your reward you get to taste me”
She slides a bit and her sweet juicy pussy into my mouth. I lick and suck this like heavens honey pot, savouring the moment by teasing her, licking around it brushing the lips. Then I delve my tongue in deep and extract the sweet nectar. As I’m doing this she jerks me off again her skilled hands doing a better job than mine ever could. Soon she’s bucking against my face, the heat from her pussy incredible, before she stiffens and goes limp. I cum soon after, it landing on my bare stomach. Getting up she cut my bonds and scoops up some of my cum with her fingers and sucks it from them seductively in front of me.
“Emily was right you do taste good” she says as she walks naked out the door……….

If you think this needs more sequels e-mail me……..

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    Good story- a few more parts wud b good! bring back emily!!

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