The Garden BBQ

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The sun was shining, the sky a bright blue and it was all systems go for an evening barbeque. Alex, my wife’s niece was staying with us as you may have read in my other stories and she had gone to get some beer and wine.
The garden was all set, with some soft lounger chairs, tables and parasols and some coloured lights for when the sun went down. The chiminea was stoked up and burning well.
My wife was due back from work about 8 o clock so Alex and I had done all the preparation. She came up the garden with a huge box of drinks and poured me a large cold beer, helping herself to the same. We were starving so began to cook some steaks. We were in no hurry as it was Friday and no one had to be up early the next day.
By the time my wife had arrived, Alex and I were rather pissed so we decided to cook some more food as we didn’t intend going indoors till much later. Alex went into the house and returned with a portable CD player and put some lively music on. My wife ate some chicken and a lamb steak and then decided to have an early night as she was very tired from a busy week.
This was ideal as Alex and I were feeling very horny and hadn’t fucked for nearly a week. As my wife was in the house we had to make do with the garden. I moved one of the chairs just behind a large bush out of view but still close enough to feel the warm glow from the burning chiminea. I laid on the chair and Alex sat astride me and began kissing my mouth. Her tongue was warm and very probing. I responded, her lips were so soft. I began to fondle her massive tits and it wasn’t long before her nipples poked out so I squeezed them quite hard, she loved it. Her hand moved down to my cock area and she rubbed him through my shorts. He was soon erect and aching to be unleashed. She too was wearing shorts and I slid my hand up inside her leg to find she had no knickers on. Oh my was she wet, she was soaking , the dirty little cow. There wasn’t a hair to be felt, so smooth! I slipped a finger into her moist cunt and she moaned quietly in my ear as I began to finger fuck her. By now, she had released my cock and it was standing upright, feeling very solid. The foreskin was pulled down and the purple helmet exposed and shiny.
It wasn’t long before she orgasmed. I put my hand to her mouth as she is quite vocal when she cums to say the least. She moved across, took hold of my shaft and eased it into her pussy. She slid down very slowly but all the way until all seven inches of meat was buried inside her cunt. She began to ride me very slowly but very deeply. The end of my helmet was certainly hitting her cervix. She cum hard again but this time let out a scream. She fucked me fast now and her cunt was slurping away with all her juice coating my cock. I had her tits out and was sucking and licking them with particular attention to her amazing nipples. I sucked hard as yet again she cum. She clearly needed a cock inside her! My balls were starting to hot up and it wasn’t long before I felt I was about to cum. I asked her where she wanted my sperm and she just smiled and kept on riding me hard. I pulled her down onto him firmly when I was close but eventually could hold back no more and a weeks worth of salty sperm splashed all over her cervix in strong hard jets. She shouted that she felt it hit her and this made her cum again. She didn’t stop once I was empty. My cock was so hard she just kept on riding.
After a few more minutes, I eased her off and laid her on the chair and entered her cunt from above. Fucking hell it was like a swimming pool inside her. Her love juice my sperm was everywhere. Because she was young, her pussy was very tight especially as my cock is about seven inches long and very thick but even I couldn’t get much grip inside her due to the fluids. This was great for me as I pounded her pussy for another ten or fifteen minutes, during which time she honestly cum another five or six times. Each time more pussy juice escaped. Eventually I knew I was getting close and just as I was about to squirt my semen, I withdrew and offered my slimy cock to her mouth. She eagerly took it in and in seconds I was pumping spunk down her throat. She loved it and gulped it all down like a good girl! She sucked and licked away until I couldn’t stand it anymore and begged her to stop. My balls were totally drained now, unlike her cunt which was flowing down her leg.
We rested for a minute or two when I heard a slight rustle in the bush near the chair. I leapt up to discover my wife had been watching us all the time and had rubbed herself off, the dirty bitch. I had no idea she was there. Now that Alex and I had been caught maybe next time the three of us could have some fun. Lets wait and see!

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