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Part 5: Mandy and son are alone at last

Morning was a slow dawning of consciousness for Mandy. Her pussy still had a tiny tingle of warmth from the drubbing Jack had treated her to the evening before. Speak of the not-so-little devil, he still lay out of it, next to her. Like he had passed out from having run a marathon, which sort of was the case, she reflected. She looked to see where Harry had landed. He was not in the bedroom. A note was in his place where he had sat, the chair still close to the bed. She rolled over to the side and plucked the sheet of stationary. She had to take a minute, to get her eyes to focus on her hubby’s scrawled writing, but it came clear in a moment. Though not all of the message made sense to her.

“Mandy, Darling,” it read, “You and Jack have a great weekend. Had to leave on that trip I mentioned, have to catch-up on something. I’ll be back on Sunday, in the afternoon. Everything is fine, I have no regrets or problems with what happened between the three of us. You and our son were fantastic! Have a ball – go ahead and ball without me while I’m away, I won’t be bothered, I’m not jealous or threatened. I know you both love me, I understand that your desire for Jack does not lessen the love we share. In a wild way, it now strengthens it, especially since I was the one who put ideas in your head, and him in our bed. I hope that you will find that such a branching of family ties, has advantages elsewhere too. By the way, please make sure the guest bedroom is ready, just in case. All my love, to you both. Harry”

She thought he was getting ahead in his work load, but now he was ‘catching up’? What kind of work did he have out of town – on a weekend? That had never happened before. He still hadn’t told her where he was going. Nor was it in the letter. Well he had his cell phone, if she did need to get hold of him, but she tried not to bother him when he was on a business trip. What on earth did ” branching of family ties has advantages elsewhere” mean? And why make up the spare room? If he was okay with the triangle of their three-way kinky love-knot, then he wouldn’t be moving into other quarters would he? Mandy hoped not. She was glad though, that she and Jack had permission to fool about with one another, while Harry was absent. The temptation would have been huge, and if they gave in without permission to do so, she would have felt somewhat guilty, otherwise. But her husband was clear that it was fine, if his wife and son messed around. No doubt they would, too.

Jack was still snoozing as she pondered the scribbled communique. She looked over at him lying on his stomach. The sheets were thrown off, and she could observe the muscled back and his great ass. She liked a grand set of male buns, like many a gal, but Jack’s were especially scrumptious. They were firm and had a well defined curve back to his legs, rounded and globular. The crack was deep and hid the anus, not a favorite part of hers. However, his legs were slightly akimbo, and his scrotum was nicely displayed. The curly pubic hair over his testicles did not hide the oval nuts of his virility. She found herself beginning to moisten. Mandy shook her head to shake away the naughty notions, creeping up from her libido into her loins. She had things to do, there would be plenty of time to screw later, she was sure.

An hour later, after having had a cup of coffee, and some buttered toast; she had begun a load of laundry, made a shopping list of groceries, put in an order for the new drapes she was planning for the living room, and was ready to change the sheets in her room. Jack was still sleeping. She went in and woke him, with a little spank on the sweet cheeks she adored. “Get up sleepy head! I want to make the bed! Up-and at-‘em Adam, time to milk the cows, feed the chickens, and slop the hogs!”

“Whaaut?” came Jacks grunt as he rolled to his back, and the sausage of his tuber lolled at his groin, like a drunken sailor.

“I mean, how about a breakfast of milk, eggs, and bacon? But first I’m going to make this mess something like a presentable picture from ‘Beautiful Home Living Magazine’. Your help would be welcome, kind sir!”

“Right Maah-ahw . . .” He yawned in the middle of his agreement, scratched his butt, and rubbed his face as he stood, and turned to look at her from the other side of the broad mattress. He was naked as the day he was born, but was a full grown man, yet he had the goofy look of a youngster of fourteen.

She picked up a pillow, and threw it at his head. He was still groggy, and before he could react and duck, it hit him square. He laughed.

“You want to plaayy?” Jack said, with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“No. You go and get cleaned up instead, and dressed. I’ll make your breakfast, and then we can make the bed.”

“And then I can make you?” he leered, his smile was a huge grin.

“Save your energy, Buster! You’ll need it tonight! No, after that, we are going shopping, and then cleaning house. I have an inking from your dad’s letter he left that we might get company.” She took the note off the dresser and showed it to Jack. Why else, she thought to herself, would he have mentioned the guest room? But who was he bringing? For one weird crazy moment she thought of the woman in the porno flick, as if they would wind up a foursome. But instantly she recognized that as nonsense. How would Harry know, or even find that film floozy?

The rest of the day went as she had outlined. Jack was happy to be her helper. Not like when he had been just an adolescent, common-ordinary off-spring, trying to avoid chores, or being seen out with his mother carrying the groceries. Now, he acted more like the man of the house. Of course, he was one of two that had that title now! She took a shower, half expecting her son to try to share it with her. But he was taking out the garbage, and a few other odds and ends. She thought she heard the phone ring. When she was getting out, Jack popped in on her, he had a towel, fresh from the dryer. She was touched by the thoughtful gesture.

“Who was that on the phone?” She queried. Jack replied it had been for him, and that he would tell her about it later, nothing to worry about. Would she like him to go with her to do the shopping? Now that was a real treat. Even Harry, hardly ever helped with that chore. With the two of them, it only took half the time in the store. It got to be late afternoon, and a silly romantic idea had taken root in Mandy’s mind. She and Jack were at the kitchen table, having ice-tea, after having put away the food, and finished filling the dishwasher.

“Jack, sweety . . She began, “I’ve been thinking . . . since tonight is our first making love together, alone – without your father being around, I mean . . . and it’s going to be kind of special for us . . . I know, we did a bunch of things before – very adult and intimate sort of things . . .”

“For sure, mom!”

“Well, I would like to . . . if it’s okay with you, if you wouldn’t mind . . .”

Yeah, anything, for you mom!”

“How about we kind of pretend it’s like a date, I mean you’ll get past third base and tag home plate eventually; but I think that it would be a neat idea to go out on a date with a fella like you. I haven’t been on a date since – well,” she had to laugh, “since your dad and I dated in college!”

“I get it, we . . make out . . uh, on the couch, and I get you so hot to trot that I get into your pants, and we wind up-”

“In your bed!” Mandy finished.

“Good thinking, mom. By the way, could I have an advance on my allowance? I got this really heavy date tonight, with this gorgeous chick I just started seeing, her name is Mandy!”

“That can be arranged, but I want you home, and in bed by twelve, no later!” Mandy was smiling at their silly dialog.

“Mother, I promise!” With that he went and got ready for their ‘date’.

* * * * * *

Jack wanted to take Mandy to a fancy restaurant, but didn’t quite have the budget. So they wound up at an Italian eatery that had tables and wallpaper of Rome’s countryside with ruins in the distance. They served more than pizza and had a beer and wine menu. Jack had ravioli and Mandy ordered manicotta. A half carafe of Chianti accompanied the antipasto, and several beers washed down the main course. Real spumoni ice cream was a treat for dessert. They laughed and talked about the TV shows they liked, old movies that both had seen. About what they would like to see if they went to Italy, museums for her, famous ruins for him. Both thought Venice would be a must, the canals were so romantic. Mandy was charmed by the suave man her son had grown to be.

Jack thought that he never had a more attractive and delightful date with anyone. He tried to remember all his manners and how to treat a lady right, which his dad had given advice on through the years. After the meal, they drove over to a park with a small lake and walked in the twilight, spotting a pair of swans. They stopped under a willow tree. The hanging branches formed a green curtain of privacy and they kissed like new lovers. Which of course they were, and they held hands as they strolled in the evening,it had just become dark as they were leaving. They looked up at the near full moon.

Just as they both had gazed skyward, a bright falling star, streaked across the heavens. They both “ooh’d” at the meteor, pointing at the glowing trail that lit so bright it was reflected in the still waters of the lake. “Make a wish!” Mandy urged Jack.

“I did.” He replied, “Do you want to know what for?”

“Not yet, save it for a little later.” She said and pecked him quickly on the cheek. They drove home, Jack at the wheel, making the trip last, by going a comfortable speed, not rushing things. Just like he was not going to rush things when they got home. The destination was certain and they would get there in due course, just as the evening was assured in its outcome as well. The journey was to be savored, as was the course of love’s passion was best a gentle progression too. They had the night to themselves, nothing had to be rushed, nothing would be an obstacle to their dance of romance. In fact, having a dance or two at home to some old time slow tunes was a great idea. Jack began to plan that wooing, on the way back.

When they got home, Jack took his mother’s coat and hung it up. He led he into the living room, put on some mood music and inquired what she wanted to have as refreshments. They agreed on a glass of a light rose wine would be just the thing. Jack returned from the kitchen with two half filled goblets of a white Zinfidel. He put on some music that could be swayed to and drew his mother up form the sofa into his arms. She came readily, and he put his arm around her back, nuzzled her cheek with his and they began to move together in time to the orchestra’s tune.

Mandy was relaxed and felt like this was a special night. Almost like a prom or a something. She hoped Jack like the perfume she had worn. He had been the perfect gentleman. Not that she expected any less, but it was good to know that his up-bringing had payed off in his knowing how to be such. She knew that who ever he dated would be given respect and kindness. It made her a little jealous, until she remembered that she was his date tonight. And that he was going to make her quite happy indeed in a little while. Her pussy had a bit of a glow of anticipation. She wondered what his approach would be.

Jack mover his mouth to her lips and kissed her lightly. Then he whispered in her ear, how beautiful she was, that he didn’t want to be with any other girl but her. He told her how special she was and how talking to her was wonderful and interesting. He continued that he truly loved her and how she made him feel strong and handsome, just being in his arms, dancing. He said all the warm and comforting things that a date should say to make his escort feel like she was cherished and the best thing that had ever happened to him, that she had excepted to go out with humble him.

Then a new CD with up-beat tempos came on, and they did a tango, cha-cha’ed and the fox trot. Dances she remembered from when she was young. It made her feel young. But on the other hand, she tired more quickly than she had back then and soon they sat down on the divan. They had some wine and talked about the lovely time at the park. Jack asked if he could then tell Mandy what he had wished for, on the falling star. She nodded, yes. “I wished that you would be my steady girl, and that we could have lots of kisses as we sat on the couch.”

Mandy knew that Jack was role playing in the spirit of the ‘date’ tonight. Obviously, Harry was hubby, and Jack, though now an adult part of the household, was still their son. But in the silly retro fantasy she had requested, she was the coquette, to Jack’s swain. “I’d be honored to be your girlfriend, Jack. I think kissing on the davenport would be loads of fun, as long as we don’t go to far. But what if your parent’s come home, and catch us?”

“They went out to a party, and won’t be back until late. I have a curfew of midnight, and I promise that you will be in bed by then.” Mandy didn’t know how they both kept a straight face, but some how they did. Jack continued, “I promise I will respect your limits, and not do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Well, okay. But sometimes I get carried away, and can’t say no. What will you do if that happens?”

“Then, I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself, and won’t regret anything that happens. Okay? Now let me taste your sweet lips, as we did in the park.” Before she could respond his mouth met hers and they were kissing. His lips were luscious and soft, but the jaw was firm. He soon used his tongue to French her, and he was no novice.

Mandy put her hand up to cup the back of his head and his arm came around her to press her closer. His other hand was stroking her side, from thighs to just under her arms. The thumb was brushing the outside of her bosom, as if he were testing the waters. As if he hadn’t ever had his hands on them. Which of course, given the recent history of family fooling around, was not at all the case. But still she thought, it maintained the illusion that they were high school sweethearts. After a little while, he began to unbutton her blouse, then pulled down the bra strap and leaning to her, he kissed the top of her boob.

“Oh, Jack,” Mandy expanded her chest, to show she was enjoying the tribute his lips were making to her charms. Jack deftly reached under the top, and with one practiced hand undid the three hooks. As his mouth suckled her nipple, the bra was coming off her shoulders and somehow the blouse and undergarment just slid off, as he provided the sensitive tip with a warm wet strum of his tongue. He switched to the other side as the clothing fell to her waist, the caps were happy erect, and her breathing became heavier. She felt herself get moist, below.

She reached out and undid his shirt as well, but once the three top buttons were loosened, she got impatient and tugged it over his head. That provided a break, which Jack used as a reason to lay them down length wise on the sofa and then they were kissing again. Chest to breasts, nipples to nipples they clenched. Jack supported his weight on one elbow, the free hand found her skirt’s zipper. Mandy felt her waist-band become open. Then Jack’s hand was on her leg, going up the limb, and massaging it, higher and higher.

Like he was making sure she knew his target, and giving her opportunity to object. Not that she was going to, in fact, she was more than ready. Still he took his time, working his way closer, ever nearer to her juncture. His fingers slid first up one, then the other thigh, then back and higher, until at last, her touched her pantied pussy. She felt an amazing turn-on with that simple brush. It was like she was a girl again, new to making out, with a boy who knew his way around a girl’s body. But he did not want to move too quickly, so that she was put-off. Jack gently rubbed the damp, but covered Mons.

Mandy pushed her hips up to meet his fingers as they found the slit and dug the fabric into the divide. The palm pressed against her clitoris, and made a sideways scuttle to stimulate it. She reached down, and after a clutch of his manhood through his pants, frantically worked at the belt, button, and finally zipper to free him of his pants. This was accomplished, then they made those awkward moves, where he stood momentarily to shed his pants and jockeys; then with both hands on the double waistbands, stripped her of skirt and undies. Now with both naked, he dropped down atop her. They clenched again as lips made more of mushing, and used lots of tongue. His hardness was pressing her leg, while his hand went to her labia. He smeared the lubricant that flowed from her body, spreading it around her parts, especially up the crack to her joy nubbin.

Mandy felt her son, master of make-out, with the lightest of touches, play with that bud of flesh that sent thrills through her body. There was an extra thrill, like it was naughty because they were just learning what sex was all about. The rougher material of the divan, compared to sheets gave the foreplay a contrast, that enhanced the fantasy. Mandy was emotionally thrown back to the virgin she had been so long ago, trusting in the boy, yet wanting to experience the act of sex finally, and find out for herself what it was all about.

Jack loved the feeling of Mandy’s body beneath him. She was petite enough to be a girl of his own age, yet her full tits and furry bush were of a mature woman. He knew she was getting turned on by the fantasy, and that was fine by him. He was excited by the femininity of her form, and the submissive role she was allowing tonight, letting him lead in the kisses and caresses, like she was his girlfriend, instead of his mom. Yet the fact that it was also his mom, letting him have his way with her, was part of the thrill for him too. He was the dominate male, not in a mean way, but a protective and gentle manner, that was happy to pleasure the female in his arms. His fingers moved down, from where lately they had been briefly playing with her nipples, again to comb her pubic hair as they sought the opening to her womanhood.

Into the hot wet depths, first one, then two digits dipped. Curling up to rub the G-spot, and then pushing as far as they could. His thumb worked the clit as the fingers pulled back some, then they plunged through the labia again, making Mandy begin to ache with fuck-lust. Her hand was on his prick, keeping it hard, but not creating any more friction than needed. She knew she could rub him raw, if she were not careful. That would make things difficult, and she did not want anything to spoil this special night. It was their first night, alone, together as a couple, and it was having a sweet sentimental flavor already. But she was ready, her legs were spreading out, and her pelvis was hunching in desire.

“Let’s go to my room.” Jack whispered as he rose to his feet and pulled her up from the davenport. It wasn’t a question, it was a directive, Jack still being in the dominate role. But Mandy was all for the change of venue and the sofa was not the best of places to have a good roll in the hay, despite her and Harry’s earlier escapade. And now instead of worrying about Jack catching them, it was she and Jack, that were messing about. As they moved to Jack’s bed, she remembered the last dalliance she had with her son, in his room. Even though they had made love in the master bedroom, just last night, tonight seemed like it was an event that was taking place somewhere in time between the two occasions.

For Mandy, the laying down on Jack’s mattress with him, both of then nude, and in heat, was an erotic encounter, out of sequence with what had gone on before. It had the taste of being illicit, and a loss of some kind of innocence. It was at once the excitement of a new love, and the chill/thrill that they might get caught. Even though they were safe, as Harry had given his permission, and she was the parent in real life. But it felt like it was slightly dangerous, with the zing of doing something you know is naughty, but are going to do anyway, because it just feels too good not to.

Jack threw off the covers and they lay together. The cool of the sheets, the warmth of their bodies the smell of their charged groins, gave each a heady sexual high. Jack had left the lights on, so they could see each other clearly. After some more kisses, and preliminary petting, Jack rolled between Mandy’s legs. Her thighs spread in welcome, his dick nudged her center, but skittered up the slick split not quite on target. Still it felt wonderful to them both, as it plowed through the crinkly bush, and bumped the clit, before delving down. Yet again, it went wide the mark, and mashed the gash, and knocked the nub, before it withdrew to correct the angle, without quite ever losing touch.

Then it was just right, in the exact spot to enter, but Jack hesitated. Mandy knew what he wanted, “Oh, Jack, we shouldn’t, I don’t want to get pregnant!”

“I promise, you won’t. I’ll be gentle. We have too, you know we can’t help ourselves.”

“Yes, but I’m scared, will it hurt?”

“Just a little at first, but then it will feel better than anything has ever felt before.”

Mandy almost had to laugh at the cliche dialog, but she suppressed it because she was eager to have his tool in her. “Okay, but go slow.”

And he did, almost too damn slow, and gentle. His firm meat gradually eased its way into her vagina. The head was quite distinct, as it plopped through the ring of muscle, that she used to resist its progress. But once past that barrier, it gained a little momentum, and made several inches more penetration. They both gasped at that rush of pleasure, which the joining of cock and cunt provided. With a look straight into his mother’s eyes, Jack pushed the last few inches in, deep and firm. Mandy could tell he had touched bottom. She gazed at him with a smile, she hugged him to her, and tilted her pelvis to meet his next thrust. And the next, like a horizontal dance of flesh, their bodies meshed with a floating motion, waves of fucking, merging in sync.

Presently, the pretending was gone. They were two lovers, busy with the job of sex. The work of giving each other ecstasy, the labor of love. Sweat was making their skin slick, and dripping off, as their crotches seemed to steam, things were so hot. The slap-slap-slap of their bodies, marked the beat of genitals crashing together. Mandy put her heals into Jack’s haunches, to spur him on to harder thrusts. He pounded into her with all his might, his balls bouncing against her butt, and his chest riding on her tits. They couldn’t get enough of each other, nothing could stop them from this great passion, and mad desire for physical union.

It was a partnership to bring the magnificent cum, that was climbing to peak. They were one in their needing to be each other’s giver of the ultimate joy. They were racing to the finish, and hoping it would never end, but craving the climax that would burst upon them any moment now. Like an avalanche, like a run-away train, like a spreading mushroom-shaped cloud, the orgasm of this furious fuck was an unstoppable force. The blast shook the bed. It ripped through the consciousness of their brains like a snowplow, pushing every other thought aside. It jerked their bodies like puppets yanked on strings, the limbs being pulled in uncontrolled motions. Somehow, through the cataclysm of paroxysm’s pinnacle, they managed to stay connected, conjugally coupled.

Then they collapsed into a puddle of flesh, a tangle of legs and arms, soaked torsos, and matted hair. Their breathing was still panting, raspy and ragged, heaving to gulp air, oxygen depletion, nearly suffocated by the exertions of sex gone out of control. Slowly they regained their functioning. This was truly a mutual mating, a sensory fusion of souls. Their experience had been almost telepathic; transcendent of just the physical blending of bodies, and the emotional bonding of pairing, it was a communion of spirits. They had been as one, more with this act of making love, than ever since she had given birth to him. It was only fitting that this had their first time alone, because it was their time to unite completely in that special symbiotic way. Their attachment was a reconnection, of what had been separated when the umbilical cord was cut, now there was a tie between them that would never be severed.

They fell asleep in each others arms, the lights still on. Mandy awoke some time in the middle of the night. Jack’s penis was erect, and poking her in the rear. It felt good. She wondered if he was awake, or if this was just a sleep-stiffy guys got during the night. She pushed back, and it was prodding close to the target. She made little motions to try to get it aimed correctly. Perhaps the bed, being narrow, or her movement were not quite the accurate adjustment needed, but it wasn’t working. But then a hand came around to grasp a tit, and her son rolled her on her tummy.

Mandy hiked her hips up, and Jack still laying on her, nudged his dick into the sweet-spot, and entered her. His hand shifted down to her clit, and he plunged up her channel, with his lunging lance. Face down she opened to this unexpected bonus, of his boner boffing her from behind, with her buns being spanked by his groin. Smacking sounds, and moans were all that was heard, as they screwed. Then with quick movements, as he gripped her hips, Jack’s prick swelled, and spilled in her cavity, once again. This set off her own little cum as well, right as she felt the squirt of jism inside. “I love you, Mandy!” cried Jack. The first time he had spoken her first name, when they had made love.

“Oh, yess! I love you too, Jack. I love you too, lover!” She said. And then they once more drifted off. Their dreams were lovely, as they cuddled together, on Jack’s bed.

They slept late, not waking until there was a loud knocking at the door. Mandy at first thought it was a dream. But it came again. Then once more – the person was not going away. ‘Who the hell could it be?’ Mandy wondered as she staggered to her bedroom, grabbed her robe, and stumbled to the front door. She looked at the clock on the way. ‘Jeez! It was almost eleven!’ The knock came again. She opened the door, expecting a neighbor wanting to borrow something. But who was standing there, shocked her awake.

It was Libby, Harry’s mom, Jack’s grandmother. What she said, instead of, “Sorry to surprise you, dear.” was like a nightmare instead. Libby looked her daughter-in-law up and down, then right in the eye, and said, “You have been fucking Jack, haven’t you Mandy!”

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