The Price of My Virginity

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She was not sure if this plan was in the making for a few years while she started to blossom at age 14 or 15, or if it was a sudden idea when she turned 18…she was legal now. She was still a virgin at 18, somewhat rare in this day and age of teenage rebellion and unprotected sex. On this particular day, she was going to the mall with friends. Her dad stopped her near the door as she was about to leave. The clothing, or lack there of was not going to fly with him. She was told to go change, that he would not let her walk around in public like that. She didn’t see a problem with her choice, she was like many young women today. She had a nice trim body that she was not ashamed to show a little. She was wearing very tight jeans, slung very low on her hips, a “belly” shirt that was wrapped perfectly around her ample breasts. Her navel ring was very visible, her dad was not very happy that she had gotten it (navel piercing) in the first place. Her dad finally had enough sassing, he said she was grounded and had to stay home. She ran to her room and slammed the door. About an hour later, her dad came to her room and said he had something for her to do. He started to explain a deal he made with a new acquaintance of his. He saw the disbelief on her face, but assured her it was ok, after all she was 18 now. Dad said his “friend” was on his way over and that he had a load of money he was willing to pay for her virginity. She knew that her dad was recently laid off from his job and that they needed the money, so she reluctantly agreed. As butterflies grew more active in the pit of her stomach, she heard the doorbell. Dad had a weird grin on his face when he looked at her, he opened the door. On the other side was an older man, a bit younger than her dad. She had to admit that he was handsome, he was tall, well dressed, and he smell great. As she took the site of this man in, a small tingle when through her woman parts, and she found that she liked it. As the men made their small talk, she stood there a bit uncomfortably. As the men shook hands, they walked towards her. Her dad told her they could begin now. She mustered a sound then asked if her dad was going to watch. She was mortified when he said yes, after all he had to make sure his baby girl would be safe. He asked his “friend” if he was prepared, he was. She was told to undress first, slowly she removed her shirt. The tops of her full tits were spilling over her sculpted bra cups. Dad’s “friend” showed his approval with a nod and a smile. He motioned to the jeans next, she kicked off her sandals and went for the button with slightly shaky fingers. As she slid the tight denim past her shapely thighs, she never took her eyes off of Dad’s “friend”. She could see him getting visibly aroused, this again caused a spark to go through her cunt. She also realised she was getting moist, her panties were a bit damp. She finally stood before the men in her bra and thong. She was told to do a turn, as she did, she felt a warm hand caress her ass. A shiver escaped her body as a low moan can from her mouth. The hands came up to unhook her bra, she moved her long blonde hair aside for better access. She was then turned around so that her dad’s “friend” could view her full naked tits. He started to caress them, at first it felt good, then he got a bit rough. She cried out in pain, this only turned him on more. He stepped closer, one hand still on her breast, the other went down her stomach as he kissed her neck. He then encircled her waist and brought her flush against his body. She could feel the growing bulge in his pants. She let out a sigh and said she was ready. He stepped back ad quickly undressed. He was down to his boxers when she noticed just what she was in for. He took his boxers down and his man pole sprang out. Her eyes widened at the shear size of this man who was going to destroy her tight hot virgin pussy. She thought his love stick was huge, it was about 9 inches long and at least 3 inches in girth. Panic went through her, but she knew there was no turning back. Her dad snapped her out of her trance when he told her to go down to her knees in front of his “friend”. She instinctively took the long, rock hard member in her hand and started to stroke up and down,then her tongue flicked out to taste him. His hand went to the back of her head to push her further, she wrapped her lips around him and took him into her mouth as far as she could. Se bobbed up and down on him, causing grunts and moans to escape him. When he thought he could not take it anymore, he brought her to her feet and led her to the sofa across the room. He told her to lay back, he kneeled down and pushed her legs open. She jumped when she felt his fingers on her pussy…she liked it. Soon his tongue was on her clit, she squealed in delight, but instantly tensed up when a finger entered her tight virgin pussy. He told her to relax, he was not going to take her this way. He kept at his oral attack for what seemed like an eternity sending her to wet screaming orgasm countless times. He was sure that she was ready and he got to his feet. He stood between her legs pushing them open a bit further. He teased her opening and rubbed the head of his big cock on her clit. When she moaned with pleasure, he entered her slightly. When he met with resistance, he stopped. He looked into her eyes, and when she gave him a short nod, he pushed on. The sharp pain ripped through her as he broke though her hymen. She let out a scream as she felt her tight lust tunnel stretch to the limits. He felt her body open for him and pushed deeper. He was all the way inside her now, he was hitting the end of her vagina and it felt good to her. Their bodies kept rocking together, her orgasms came frequently, suddenly she felt his body go taunt. The rhythm stopped as he quickly pulled out of her body, she felt his still hard and throbbing member on her belly. He let out a manly groan as he let his hot seed spill onto her flesh. He leaned forward and passionately kissed her mouth before gathering his clothing and going into the bathroom. She saw her dad at her side and quickly cleared her foggy mind. He was there to clean her up. He wiped the wetness from her inner thighs then cleaned his “friend’s” seed from her belly. He folded the cloth and wiped the delicate folds of her thoroughly used vagina. She was just finishing dressing when her dad’s “friend” came into the room, he walked to the door with Dad and handed him the payment. He also gave Dad a jar of cream, he said it could be used to tighten me back up inside, after all, he wanted me just as tight for next time…
The End

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