The Quarterback

Jonathon was one of those teenagers that was considered perfect. Good grades, athletic, good at

everything he did, good family, scholarships from good collages, good friends and the perfect

body that girls would drool over. Jonathon was the star quarterback for the towns football team,

his older brother, Timothy was the best quarterback the town had seen and for years Jonathon was

cast in his older brothers shadow everyone expected Jonathon to be like his older brother.

Timothy went off to collage at Notre Dam and plays there now.
Jonathon was in his senior year now, only 5 months left until school is out and the town had one

game left until they could go to state and bring home the trophy.
Around this time of year Jonathon had wishes he had a girlfriend, someone he could talk to and

just chill out with, he wasn’t even bad looking, that perfect body he had was what attracted the

girls. He was 6’0, 170 pounds, muscles, 6 pack, tanned skin, brown hair, brown eyes, charming

smile, straight teeth and a 9inch cock.
The night before the game Jonathon was eating with his family, his parents were talking about how

Jonathon was going to bring the town the trophy, how many colleges he could go to, e.t.c.

Jonathon was getting annoyed about the talk now, he hated people coming up to him asking him how

he was going to take home the gold, how he was going to beat up the other football players and

Jonathon hated all of the publicity really, people saw him as Jonathon the quarterback, the kid

whose brother was the best and so on and so forth, no one knew him, who Jonathon really was, he

wasn’t into playing sports and stuff he was into having fun and writing.
After dinner Jonathon was lying in bed looking up at his ceiling, thinking about the game

It was Friday night and Jonathon’s home team won the game by the final touchdown thanks to

Jonathon’s amazing pass. Still out on the field, Jonathon was talking to channel 5 news telling

them his team were going to bring home the gold and that they were going to win, next to him was

his coach and assistant coach, both of them had big smiles on their faces.
The game ended at 8 but Jonathon got in the lockers at 10 because of interviews, no one was in

the lockers so Jonathon thought that he could take a long time in the showers and groom himself.

While in the showers, three girls snuck into the male locker rooms, one of them had a

camera, the other held a bag and the last one wasn’t holding anything.
“You sure we should do this you guys, I mean what if someone is in here?” asked the girl holding

her pom poms.
“No one is in here, the game has been over 2 hours ago, all we gotta do is film the way the male

locker rooms look and take some stuff from the office for our report, simple, ok?” asked the girl

holding the camera.
While the cheerleaders were walking through the aisles Jonathon turned off the shower and dried

off, then he wrapped his white towel around his waist, the end of the towel dropping to a few

inches above his ankles and he walked towards his locker unbeknowest to him, three girls were

still walking through the aisles, getting closer.
“Let’s go this way h-” said the girl holding the bag when she looked at the star quarterback in

his towel.
“What is it Jessie?” asked the other two girls and Jessie just pointed to the star quarterback.
“Oh, I thought you said no one was in here?!” the girl holding her pom-poms said to the girl

holding the camera.
“But, shouldn’t he be gone, it’s 10 pm.” said the girl holding her camera.
“Shut up Alex, you too Amber.” Jessie told the two.
Jonathon walked up to the three girls and looked at them.
“What are you three doing in the males locker room?” he asked.
“We’re doing a report on the male locker room, ya know hygienic stuff.” Alex said.
Amber was hiding behind the two girls, her feet crossed and she was grinding her foot in the floor.
Jonathon looked at the girl in the back and raised an eyebrow. “What’s up with her?” he asked.
Jessie looked at Amber and pushed her 10 inches from Jonathon. “She has a crush on the star quarterback.”
Jonathon was sitting on the bench and he was talking to Jessie and Alex as Amber played with her curly red hair, staring at Jonathon.
“So you are all freshmen huh, that would mean you are what 14, 15?” Jonathon asked.
“We’re 15, Amber is 14.” Alex said in a bossy tone.
“Amber has a huge crush on you, she would call us at night and talk about you and she thinks that you have a huge-” Before Jessie could finish Amber had covered her mouth with her hand and giggled at Jonathon.
Jonathon stood up and walked over to Amber then he stood a inch rom her and looked into her green eyes.
“Follow me.” He told her and walked to the other side of the locker room, Amber followed. She saw Jonathon waiting for her at one of the locker aisles.
“So, you got a crush on me huh?” he asked.
Amber nodded quickly and Jonathon thought if this was a good time to be with a girl might as well be now.
“You still a virgin?” He asked her.
“You ever think about losing it?”
“I want to, I wasn’t sure with who though?”
“Turn around.”
Like an obedient girl Amber turned around, facing a row of lockers. She felt Jonathon’s hands slide up her shirt and cup both of her large breasts. Amber felt Jonathon pinch both of her hard nipples and she let out a soft gasp in pleasure.
“B-But, we can’t do this. It isn’t right?” She said, she herself didn’t believe what she was saying, her body wanted it but her mouth was just throwing random words out.
“Shhh, just go with the flow. I promise you will feel better when this is over.” Jonathon said in his deep, soothing voice.
Jonathon slid one hand out of Amber’s shirt and he slid it in her tight short shorts, he felt that she was wearing a thong and he rubbed her slit with his index finger, causing her to let out soft gasps and moans of pleasure and surprise. Jonathon slid his hands out of Ambers shorts and from her shirt and he took a step back, she turned around and looked at Jonathon with the type of face that a child would give if something that pleased them a lot was taken.
“Take off your clothes.” Jonathon said to her.
Amber lifted her shirt up and over her head and she laid it on the floor, to Jonathon’s surprise Amber’s breasts were rather large, possibly a high C cup or a D. Amber then took off her shorts and stepped out of them, leaving them next to her shirt, all she was standing in now was her soaked white thong and her sneakers and socks. Jonathon had sex before, lots of times, but never with someone this young. He was 17 and she was 14 but she had the body of a 16 year old. Her breasts were big and round and firm, her nipples were a light pink color same with her areolas, her body was nicely tanned except for her pussy area, she had a tan line of a thong. Her long red curly hair hung down past her shoulders and stopped just at her mid-back. She had a nicely shaved pussy as well, her lips were close together.
“You have a nice body, you should show that off more often.”
“My daddy says that women who do that kind of thing are sinners.”
“Your dad doesn’t get out much then. WHat else does he say?”
“He says that sex before marriage is a sin as well.”
“Well then you and I will sin together.”
Jonathon grabbed his towel and pulled it off, Amber let out a soft gasp as she looked at Jonathon’s huge cock. She stared at the shaft, marveled at its length and thickness (3 inche
s thick).
Jonathon walked to Amber and he stepped in between her legs, she felt the shaft of his cock rub against her thighs and her pussy, she felt a strange feeling in her body, the feeling that she gets whenever sh
e talked about Jonathon or thought about him, her heart fluttered and her body was slightly trembling from the excitement. Her pussy was also beginning to wetten, she wanted him inside of her and she wanted it now.
“You want me inside of you?” He asked as if reading her mind.
“Yes, take me now, please.”
Jonathon grabbed Amber by her thighs and lifted her up off the ground and she wrapped her legs loosily around Jonathon’s body and felt him enter her pussy slowly then she felt him thrust hard inside of her and there was an immense pain followed by some quick soothing words from Jonathon, she was screaming softly and when she looked down she saw blood dripping onto the floor.
Jonathon slid his cock out of Amber then slid it back in slowly, the pain went away and was now replaced with pleasure. As he slid his cock inside of her Amber would let out a moan of pleasure and she looked into his eyes as he thrusted in her.
She heard his balls slap against her pussy and this drove her into a state of pure pleasure which caused her to let out small screams of pleasure and pain. She felt Jonathon slide out of her and she wanted it inside of her again but she felt him pull away and she got back down on her feet and made that look that she made when he stopped touching her.
“Get on your back, on the bench.” Jonathon commanded and Amber did just as he said.
Jonathon grabbed Ambers legs and lifted them up in the air and held them together by her ankles with one hand, he looked down at her pussy and saw that her lips were puffy and wet. He scooted closer to her and slid his cock in her puffy pussy. As he slid inside of her she closed her eyes tight, feeling his huge cock enter her again and she balled her hands into fists then let out a moan of pleasure as she felt him slide out then quickly thrust back inside of her. She felt his ball sack slap against her ass now and she let out loud moans and groans of pleasure, feeling his cock swell inside of her and thrust in her harder and faster.
“I-I’m coming!” she shouted and Jonathon felt her juices ooze out of her pussy. She felt relieved in some way and more calm but she also felt Jonathon’s cock shoot its sperm inside of her. She felt its warm sticky fluid flow in her swollen and beaten up pussy and loved it.
She saw Jonathon pull out of her and she looked at his cock as it was getting semi-limp and seemed to stay that way. She watched him walk around the bench to her head and he told her to open her mouth which she did. She also shut her eyes wanting to be surprised then she felt something sticky and yet slightly hard and big enter her mouth. When she opened her eyes she saw that part of Jonathon’s cock was in her mouth and she loved it!
She didn’t need him to tell her what to do, she had seen stuff on the internet about girls doing this, they called it a blowjob. She loved giving Jonathon this blowjob. She sucked hard on his cock as she moved her head back and forth as best as she could, she set her legs down and got in a comfortable position.
Jonathon let out low groans of pleasure and ran his hands through her curly red hair as she made loud sucking sounds while sucking his cock. She cupped Jonathon’s balls in her right hand and fondled them playfully hearing Jonathon let out loud groans then she felt his cock harden like a rock in her mouth. Amber bobbed her head back and forth so quick that she looked like a blur and when she heard Jonathon tell her he was going to cum she didn’t even want to stop sucking him. She saw on the internet girls tasting the cum that came from cocks and she wanted to be one of them.
Jonathon forced a few more inches inside of Amber’s mouth then he shot his warm cum inside of her. Amber tasted Jonathon’s sperm in her mouth and she loved the taste, sure it was sticky and a little hot but she knew that she would always want to drink this. Jonathon pulled his cock out of her mouth and Amber swished the cum in her mouth a few seconds then she swallowed it and smiled.
A few minutes later Jonathon put his towel back on and Amber got dressed then walked back to where Alex and Jessie were.
“You two talk long enough?” Jessie asked.
“You could say that.” Amber said as she grabbed Jonathon’s hand tightly.
Jonathon got dressed while the three freshmen had their backs turned and he led the way out of the locker room. Later that night Amber began talking to Jonathon on the phone and they planned on meeting at her home tomorrow.

To Be Continued…

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