The return to my old school

I had always wanted to be a teacher as long as i could remember and had my heart set on it, i couldn’t believe when i had graduated and applied for a placement for training it was the high school i had attended i was so excited about going back to my old school and seeing the teachers again, especially Mr Clarke – i had had the biggest crush on him throughout school and i couldn’t wait to go back and see if he had been worth all that time and energy fantasing and masterbating over him.

I wanted to look professional yet sexy just in case i need manage to bump into Mr Clarke, i wore my short skirt suit and a crisp white tight shirt. My long slim legs looked good in sheen stockings so i took advantage of that and toned it down a touch by wearing some plain black court shoes.
I was so nervous driving into the school grounds as a Teacher and not a student, the new headmaster told me i was going to be placed with Mr Clarke!!! and said i would be taken to his class in a little while – my head was buzzing i couldn’t believe it. walking to the classroom i had butterflies and my pussy was throbbing.
we entered the room and Mr Drake announced to Mr Clarke that his new student teacher was here, he didn’t have a class the room was empty and a lot smaller than i remembered but still smelt the same – a mixture of the wooden furniture and Mr Clarke’s aftershave. Mr Clarke turned and stood up in one swift movement and i stepped forward, he hadn’t changed at all still incredibly good-looking and toned even through his shirt you can see the outline of his pecs and his big strong arms he was a fine specimen for a fifty year old!
“well, well, well if it isn’t little Sophie Morgan!” i nearly fell through the floor! he remembered me – shocked i smiled “Good to see you again Mr Clarke” he laughed and looked me up and down undressing me with his eyes, i was getting wet already.
“No, no Sophie you can call me Steve now, your one of us” i caught his eye and he beemed, i returned the smile.
“Right then I’ll leave you two to it then” Mr Drake placed his hand on the small of my back to edge me into the room and left “yeah thanks Tom” Steve called and door was closed.

The atmosphere was electric between us, i was so turned on to be in the same room as him again i thought i would cum there and then.
“Sophie Morgan, i’m still in shock” he turned in his chair to face me “why?” i removed my jacket and placed it on the desk, my nipples were rock hard and obviously visable as he couldn’t take his eyes off them for a while whilst i got my things out of my bag. “Well, i never thought you’d become a teacher, you always seemed like the kinda girl that’d travel around and never pictured you in a steady job like teaching” i laughed at him “Well thanks a lot!” i replied “You were my inspiration!” he looked at me and laughed “look we don’t actually have any lessons today, i was owed a favor or two from Ms Galpin so i cashed them all in today and she’s covering. do you wanna go to the pub?” i was taken aback but agreed and we packed up our stuff and got into his car.

“Sure you don’t mind not being in the school on your first day Sophie?” he said as we pulled into the pub carpark “no not at all Steve, different than what i had in mind, but can never say no to a drink!”
the pub was empty and the landlord look releived when we walked in, Steve got the drinks while i set all our things down at a table in the corner.
we sat talking about the school and old school friends of mine for a while and had more drinks than i had realised before long the pub was filling with all the local office workers unwinding after the first day back after the weekend.
“Do you wanna get out of here? the noise is doing my head in!” he looked deep into my eyes and i nearly melted, was he gonna ask me back to his house? god, i had been pining for this for over ten years – please ask me back to yours, my mind was racing. “sure, where you got in mind?” i smiled and leant forward knowing i was giving a glace down my large cleveage “somewhere a lot quieter and just the two of us” my stomach flipped – thank you God!! “sounds fantastic” i said and he almost jumped up and threw his coat on and i followed him out. On our way out, he was already on his mobile asking for a taxi. He called to the toilet and i waited outside for him, he padded up behind me and put his arms around me. he even smelt horny, his aftershave mixed with alcohol i could feel his cock through his trousers and i teased it by rubbing my arse over it, he responded well – getting harder with every rub, “God i can’t wait to get you home, i’ve wanted to fuck you for years Sophie” he whispered in my ear as the taxi pulled up in front of us “Same here” i smiled at him as i climbed into the car.
In the back of the taxi we had our first kiss, it was more passionate than i had ever experienced i was getting very wet and needed to have him fuck me so hard!
Thankfully it was only a short drive away to his house. his house is superbly decorated and situated in about 3 acres of land with a swimming pool – a bit much for one person i thought to myself as he led me through the house. I was getting irritable as i do when i’m horny and thought i’d cut the grand tour short. we were in one of the many corridors and he was rambling on about the age of the house and how long its been in the family – i just stopped and let go of his hand he turned and looked at me, i began unbuttoning my shirt and slipped off my shoes he grinned at me and leant against the wall watching me, i let my shirt fall to the floor revealing my 34c breasts without a bra and teased my nipples which were standing on end as i was so turned on. i could see his cock getting hard in his trousers and i turned my back to him and unzipped my skirt and slowly pushed it down giving him a view of my suspenders and thong. i turned back to him and he was red in the face and cock rock hard in his hand, he was slowly stroaking it up and down – i walked towards him and licked my lips as i lowered myself to the ground and knelt in front of him, he sighed as i licked around the tip of his cock and cupped his balls with my left hand whilst firmly gripping his throbbing cock in my right. i placed the tip in my mouth and gradually lowered it down into my throat, he let out a moan and placed his hands on the back of my head “ohhh baby suck it real good” he whispered and i began to run my mouth up and down his length quicker letting him fuck my face hard, i was loving it and my pussy was soaking wet. “You gonna swallow all my cum, babe?” “uhu” i mumbled i pulled his cock out “i want it all Mr Clarke” and began sucking harder and faster as he pumped in my mouth “oh yeah you can have it all you dirty little slut!” he sped up his pumping and then i felt the twitch “i’m gonna fill you now!” and he thrust his cock into my throat and shot his cum deep down my throat, i gulped it all down savouring the taste that i had lusted after for so long. i stood up in front of him and licked the remaining cum from around my mouth and he kissed me deeply, he obviously enjoyed the taste of his cum too because his cock was growning hard once again against my stomach, he began to walk froward, still kissing me and tasting his own cum and we moved into a large room with a huge four post bed.
He laid me down on the bed and removed my thong, smelling them before he put them into his trouser pocket smiling.
He removed his clothes and crawled onto the bed between my legs, he ran his fingers up my stockinged legs and lightly traced his hand over my shaven pussy then finally ran a finger over my soaking slit to my aching cunt and circled the dripping opening i raised my hips to encourage him inside me, i glanced up at me and smiled “No rushing my little Sophie” and returned his glace back to my pussy he ran his finger between my swollen lips slowly but didn’t apply any pressure! i was dying!! the more he teased me the wetter i got and he was loving it “Fuck me!!” i begged, he just laughed “Steve i need to cum, right no
w!!” again he laughed “you’ll get your c
hance, don’t worry.” my whole body was throbbing so much i could hear my heartbeat in my ears.
He used his left hand to spread my lips wide and he blew onto my clit – the feeling was devine he blew front to back and then concentrated on my clit, i was writhing on the bed and my body was building to orgasm and he just kept on blowing, then i felt a sweep of heat from my toes rise up and consume my body, i was shaking all over and had the most intense orgasm! it was amazing, no touch involved just his breath! i collaspsed onto the bed and was in awe of him he smiled at me and i pulled him up and kissed him deeply ” oh my god, that was superb, absolutly fucking fantastic!” he smiled at me and kissed me back. “thank you” he said
we fell asleep his arm draped over my stomach, we slept for several hours and woke at the same time and i repaid him for the best orgasm i had ever experience with a large amount of sexual favors!

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