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I was living with my buddy and our lease was set to expire at the end of the month. He & his girlfriend were gonna get a place together so I started looking for a place to live. I was having no luck find a place. I was telling my girlfriend about my dilemma and she had some ideas on a few places.

One day, I was at Stacy’s place when her mom came over and asked how I was doing. I told her that I was having no luck finding a place to live and time was running out. We both knew I couldn’t stay at my girlfriends place because she lived in an apartment complex that had very strict rules about non-leased tenants.

Then her mom offered something I just could not believe. . . . .
“You can come stay at my place if you want. I mean you know I live a studio. Its not much but it is better than being on the street.”

I moved in with Stacy’s mom at the beginning of October. Like she said, it was a studio and it was a decent size. She had a full-size bed where she slept. A lazy boy recliner that when fully reclined was actually a really comfortable place to sleep; and it was better than sleeping on the floor.

After being there almost 2 weeks my girlfriends mom tells me, “I have seen you sleeping in that chair every morning when get up for work and you look really uncomfortable. I have been thinking about this over the past week, and if you want, you can sleep in my bed with me.”
“That chair is not as bad as you think.” I said.
“But still,” she replied, “That chair can’t be doing your back any good. My offer is open if you change your mind.”
I thought about for a couple of days and decided to take her up on her offer. Afterall, a bed i way more comfortable than a chair, right??
“There is only ONE rule,” she told me, “You have to stay on your side of the bed.”
“OK.” I replied.

That didn’t last long. A few days later, I woke up to Stacy’s mom snuggling with me. And her hand was laying in my crotch. Another day I found myself laying extremely close to her with my hand feeling her ass. Or we would be spooning, with me cupping her breast. There were also nights that Stacy’s mom would awaken and realize that she was snuggling, cuddling, or just had her hand in my crotch. She would apologize and move back to her side of the bed.

Stacy & I had been dating off & on for about a year and her mom & I had become drinking buddies when our days off of work would coincide. A couple of days before halloween, we had been drinking at home together and we had gotten into a conversation about everything from the relationship between me & Stacy to sex.

During our conversation, Stacy’s mom started to feel down because she had been divorced twice and was not seeing anyone exclusively; And she often felt that she was losing her sex appeal.
“Girl, There are plenty of guys that think you’re HOT and would love a chance to go out with you.”
She replied, “Yea right. No one wants to go out with this old lady.”

I am 33, Stacy is 26, Stacy’s mom is 47 and looks DAMN good. She has a body that. . . .WOW. Shoulder length red hair, 5’9, 120lbs. Her boobs are like. . . . .BOOM, her ass is like POW.

As we kept drinking, she would tell me over & over how no guys find her sexy.
“Are you kidding?? You are a MILF. And if I was given the opportunity, I would do you in a heartbeat.”
“Shhhhhh. Stop that. You shouldn’t be talking that way, you are my daughters boyfriend. And besides, its the alcohol talking anyways.
“No,” I said. “It’s not. I think you’re sexy and HOT as hell.”
“Well thank you,” said Stacy’s mom. “Your comments are much appreciated and you made me feel better.”

On halloween night, Stacy, her mom, & I took Stacy’s kids(from Stacy’s previous marriage) trick or treating. At the end of the night we went back to Stacy’s place to check all the candy we got. I helped Stacy put her kids to bed and then Stacy’s mom & I decide that we are gonna head to our place.

It was late when we got home so we decided to head off to bed. As we are laying in bed, Stacy’s mom rolled on to her side, propping her head up on her elbow.

“Did you really mean what you said the other night??”
“What did I say the other night?” I asked in confusion.
She replied, “That if you were given the opportunity you would do it with me.”
“Oh yea, Like I told you before, I think you’re sexy and HOT as hell.”

She started to fidget underneath the covers (unbeknownst to me she was removing her pajama bottoms and panties).
“OK this is your opportunity,” she said, “Show what you’ve got.”

I leaned in and kissed her. Then I rolled on top of her and we started making out like a couple of teen-agers. She helped me remove my bottoms as we made out. With my bottoms gone, the head of my cock was rubbing against her pussy and clit. She was very wet, so with a gentle thrust, my shaft slid deep into her love box, We has sex until she had to leave for work the next day.
We started having sex over the next 8 months on a regular basis and we knew Stacy could never know we were having sex 2 or 3 times a week.

As I told you before in part 1, Stacy & I had been seeing eachother off & on for about a year and were making love 2 or 3 times a week on a regular basis. At the same time, I was fucking Stacy’s mom just as much and didn’t know that her mom and boyfriend were anything more than roommates and drinking buddies.
On Christmas Eve, Stacy’s mom & I were having sex. I was fucking her pussy doggy-style when she told me to stop and that we needed to talk. She never let me take it out of her pussy.
She looked back at me, “I want you to know, I don’t want to be the other woman.”
I ask,”Does that mean you wanna stop having sex?”
“No,” she said as she pulled me from her dripping cunt. “But I don’t want to be the other woman.”
“Do you want me to break up with Stacy?” I asked.
“No,” she said again. “Truthfully, I just wanna be your piece of ass.”

As she said that, she glided my shaft to her poopchute and pushed back against me. The head of my shaft pierced her anal opening. She was so tight. . . . .I wondered if she ever had anal sex or just how long had it been?
“Go easy,” she told me. “It has been a long while since anybody has been in there.”
I thrusted in & out of her slow & easy until I was buried to the hilt inside her tight, sweet ass. With each thrust, her mom moaned & groaned.
“MMMMMMMM, easy baby. . . . .that’s it. Yes. OH GOD YES!!! You feel sooooo good in my ass.”
I moaned in pleasured acceptance, “MMMMMMMMM baby, you have a nice ass.”
After fucking for several hours, we both had multiple orgasms and fell asleep in eachothers arms.
Springbreak came and I spent the majority of that time at Stacy’s place. I fucked Stacy as much as I could that week. During the time I was there, Stacy & I discussed marriage and decided that it was time for to either get married or break up and go our separate ways.
Well, our wedding date was set for June. We decided that I would continue to live with her mom until we were married. Then I went back to my place with Stacy’s mom; all the while looking for a place for us.
As summer came, Stacy’s mom & I started to spend more & more time at Stacy’s. I just loved being around two of the hottest women I knew. Her mom, on the other hand, loved to get into her bikini and go poolside and tan.
The days drew closer & closer to our wedding date. Stacy was counting down the days. The night before Stacy & I were to be married, her mom and I were at home going over the plans for our honeymoon.
“Since you won’t be here, I need to give you your wedding present.” She told me.
I thought to myself, “You shouldn’t have gotten us anything. You’ve done so much already.”
She motioned for me to stand up. I did. She pulled me close to her lifted my shirt and unbuttoned my jeans.

She started licking my rod and the underside of my head. Instantly, my cock was hard. She slipped it in her mouth giving me the most unbelievable blowjob I’d ever had. When I came, she swallowed the first few loads of cum that my balls pumped out; Then she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let rest cover her face.
“Has Stacy ever dneo that for you?” she asked. “We should take some pictures so she can see how a real woman pleases her man.”
I chuckled as I looked at her cum-covered face.
“If she only knew.” I said.
The next day Stacy & I got married. I moved out of her moms and into her place. But that didn’t stop the extra curricular activities between her mom & I.

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