The Story of Us a tale of Daddy and his girl

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This is a very small town. Your typical small southern community. Everyone knows everyone. There’s a church on every corner. White picket fences around yards with a mother, a father, 2.5 kids and Spot. The typical all American family. Well, most families here are. Mines not. My family is anything but typical and I like that. As a matter fact, I love it
There’s music playing in our house. There always is, and dancing. Plenty of opportunities to entice Daddy. Its just the two of us. Has been as long as I can remember. My Daddy takes really good care of me. I’m His adored little nymph. In public we have to be careful. People talk. But behind closed doors, Daddy and I have the best time. I have such a wonderful time I hate to go to bed at night. I want to be with my Daddy all the time. Most nights I cant resist and I make excuses to sleep with Daddy and these are some of the best times.
In the mornings Daddy wakes with a stiffie, lol. Now, I know what this is and what this means. I decided that morning I would help Daddy with this problem. He was still half asleep. I touched Him. It is so big and hard. Just the very site of it made me feel all tingly in my private parts. I have since come to learn this is being horny. I was extremely horny. I wanted Daddy so bad. I wasn’t sure how he would react. So I touched again. This time rubbing Him too. He moaned. I thought I felt Him press against my hand. So I pulled His big hard dick out. I put my hand around it and stroked up and down as I had seen the girls do in porn movies. I looked at Daddy. Still asleep. He seemed to be smiling. I wanted so to wake Him. I was scared He’d make me stop. That was the last thing I wanted. I kept stroking. I felt my hand get moist. The girls on porn always licked that off. So, I tried that too. I took Daddy’s big hard dick between my lips. At first it was uncomfortable, but once I relaxed I found I could take Him all the way in. I could feel Daddy’s dick touch the back of my throat. Strangely exciting it made me want to try more. As I pulled Daddy in and out of my mouth I would run my tongue along His shaft. I took care to remember to lick the tip like Jenna Jameson did.
After about 5 minutes or so of this Daddy came awake with a start. At first I thought He was mad. He sat up so suddenly. When He did He grabbed me. He pulled me down all the way on His big throbbing dick. when He did this, He came in my mouth. Next He jumped up and ran for the bathroom. I was so scared I had done something wrong. I got up and went to my room.I got dressed and came back out to eat breakfast before school. Daddy was already at the table reading the paper like always.
We went about the morning as if nothing had happened. Then He took me to school. Now every morning Daddy always kisses me and says “break a leg, sweepea” or ‘”sugababy”, He has tons of pet names for me. As we pulled up to the school, I began to worry Daddy wouldn’t do that this morning. That would have left me heartbroken. He did though, He leaned in kissed me and said “I was awake the whole time.”
This dear audience as the start of a beautiful romance…..

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