Tony Part I

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I couldn’t contain myself for much longer, I had to feel him inside of me. He had been playing with my pussy for what felt like forever. “Please fuck me, I need to feel you in my pussy. Fuck me now baby!” I was begging him to put his hard dick in me. The more I begged him to fuck me the more he would smile and continue kissing just above my slit. It felt as if he would drive me crazy from sexual frustration. His kissed became more forceful, and he began to work his way down to my awaiting hole. As he looked up at me with a wicked smile, and one final kiss to my pubic region he plunged his tongue into my cunt. I moaned and raised my hips to meet his mouth. “Oh, baby don’t stop lick my pussy make me cum.” As he licked along my labia I could feel my clit begin to tingle. Slowly he licked up the center of my wet hole, and latched his lips onto my clit. The feeling was too
much I came instantly. Bucking my hips up and grabbing him by the hair I pushed him
further into my wet cunt. I came all over his face. Finished sucking on my wet pussy he
slid up my body kissing a trail along the way. Once he made his way to my lips he gave me a wet passionate kiss. The taste of my pussy on his lips renewed my sexual drive. I had never wanted a man as much as I wanted him. I whispered in his ear that I wanted to feel his nine inch dick in my cunt. Rubbing the head of it up and down my soaked pussy he
began to push the head in my awaiting pussy.
Just as he was about to fuck me, my alarm went off. Damn it just when my dream
was getting good I have to get up for class. This is the second time I have had this same
dream this week. And neither time was I able to see this guys face or feel him fuck me.
Talk about frustrating, I had it all right here. Stuck in a dorm room with some prissy little bitch in the next bed, horny as fuck, and no way to relieve myself instantly I was in a pissy mood. Life couldn’t get much worse than this. As I looked over I could see that my room mate Gwen was awake with her headphones on. I sat up and asked her how long she had been awake, and she said that I woke her up when I began screaming out fuck me. Now a normal person would have been embarrassed, but not me what did I care what she thought of me. I smiled and walked away thinking to myself if she wasn’t there I would have finished the job off myself. Oh, well fuck her, I had class in 45 minuets, and I had to take a shower.
As I was in the shower room, I began to think about how frustrating it was to not
have any privacy in this place. Then my thoughts began to drift back to my dream, who
was this man I had dreamt about for the past two days. I never did see his face, but I knew he was tall, and he had dark hair, with a tan that matched his deep brown eyes, but still I couldn’t see his face. Every thing about him made my body tingle, it was almost like I could feel him, taste him, and smell him. I and to find out if this man really existed. Who was I kidding, I’d never find a man who turned me like this, the guy I wanted only existed in my dreams. As I came back to reality I found that I was no longer alone in the shower. Another girl had come in at some point and was staring right at me. I couldn’t figure out why at first then it dawned on me that I had my hand between my legs. “Don’t worry, I like to get in her early to do the same thing.” She said to me with a smile and a wink. “By the way I’m Tesha, and you are…” She reached out her hand to shake mine. “Oh, sorry I’m Nina, nice to meet you.” I said extending my hand to her. After we shook hands she brought her hand to her face and smelled it. Oh-my-God!! I just shook her hand with the one that I had between my legs. “Mmmm, nice to meet you too.” She smiled and walked over to the showers. Huh, maybe she’s looking to fool around, I thought to myself. I’d fucked around with a few women, ok more than just a few, I loved to go down on a good looking woman. Maybe I should take a chance and see if she’s interested. As I walked over to Tesha, the shower room door came open, and guess who came in, yeup none other than Gwen. Damn this bitch had a way of fucking everything up for me. Pissed off to no end I smiled at Tesha and walked out. That just made my fucking day, now I had to go
to class horny and pissed.
Sitting in class I became very anxious, I couldn’t concentrate on a thing that was being said. Luckily I sat to the back of the room. I snuck out and went into the bathroom. I didn’t care who came in those doors I was going to get myself off no matter what the case. As I closed the stall door and pulled up my skirt, I slid my thongs down to my knees and sat on the toilet. My pussy was already wet and I knew that it wouldn’t take long to cum. I began to rub my clit in small light circles, it felt so good to touch myself. It was
even better knowing that at any moment someone could walk in. I began to increase the pressure on my clit and slid two fingers up my hole, I was about to cum. I rubbed harder when it happened, my pussy spasmed, the muscles in my cooch contracted and I
spewed white cream all over my hand. Finally I was able to release all that tension in my
body.It would have to do for now, but I till wanted more I needed to have the real thing, but, oh well. Pulling my hand out I licked off every bit of cum off of my hand. I loved the way I tasted, sweet, yet tangy. I especially loved to suck a guys dick after he blew a load in my pussy, but right now I had to concentrate on getting my cloths back together and go back to class. Luckily we only had about twenty minuets left of class. Once we were dismissed I was done for the day.
Once I got back to the dorm I was hoping that I would run into Tesha, but no
luck. However, I was in luck that Gwen wasn’t back. She had classes till about 4:30 p.m., and it was only 11:30 am, so I had plenty of time before she came back. Guess what that ment, I had time to fuck myself with my dildo. Goodie, I get to have something up my pussy other than my fingers, if only it were the real thing. Oh well beggars can’t be chooses. As I took off my cloths and laid back on my bed my mind began to drift back to that man I had been dreaming of. Just the thought of this stranger touching me made me hot. I began to slid the dildo up and down my pussy. With each stroke up and down I could feel myself getting wetter. I ran it up around my clit. With the head of the dildo on my clit I began to buck my hips up, it felt so good to be able to lay in my bed and explore
my body. I had about enough of this playing, it was time to stick this bad boy in my cunt.
But first I needed to lube it up, so I lifted it up to my lips an sucked on the head of it letting my saliva drip on it. I then took the whole 8 inches in my mouth and sucked it as if it were a real cock. Satisfied it was wet enough I stuck it in my pussy with renewed passion. Wasting no time I slammed the whole 8 inches up my twat. Oh that felt sooooo good up inside of me. As I began to pick up the pace I heard someone fumbling with the door lock, at this point I didn’t care if Gwen did come in I was about to cum. As my orgasm came to it’s height the door came open and I let out a lout moan and came with a rush. Almost in a daze, I saw someone standing in the door way, only it wasn’t Gwen. It was a fine ass man. He must have stood six four, dark hair, and very chiseled features. Only after a few minuets I remembered that I was naked and my legs were spread with a fake dick between my cunt lips. “Oh, don’t stop for me. I’ll jut go sit over on my step daughters bed and wait for her.” He said looking directly at my now wide open pussy. I had pulled the dildo out and remained motionless. Shutting and locking the door behind him he walked over to Gwen bed and sat down. “Please continue, I don&#821
7;t mind!” He said slyly sitting back
on the bed. As if I had just come out of a trance it hit me, that my room mate’s step father was looking at me naked. Hell he had to be at least forty. I grabbed my sheet and covered myself. “What’s your name, Gwen never told us she had a room mate so beautiful.” He asked me as he rubbed his hand over his mouth. “I’m sure she didn’t tell you about me because her and I don’t get along. But my name is Nina. And your name
would be what?” I said beginning to relax. “Tony, Tony Mills. I’m Gwen’s step father. Her mother sent me over here to drop off some money on my way to work.” He stood upand walked over to me “Gwen is quite the high class girl, no one and I do mean no one is good enough for her. She takes after her mother in that respect.” I smiled and asked a
question that was inappropriate but I wanted to know. “Why do you stay with her mother
if she’s just like Gwen?” “Simple money, she’s loaded, and the only thing she wants from me is to fuck her once a month. I’d be a fool to turn that deal down, don’t you think?” He said to me as he tugged on the sheet. “Yes, a fool, and only once a month she fucks you? what a dumb cunt I’d have your dick up in me all day long. You’d never get any sleep.”
With that comment he grabbed both my arms and lifted me to my feet. “You sure are
beautiful, and it looks like you need a good fuck from a real man. So why are we wasting
time talking?” No more needed to be said with that he kissed me hard. As our tongues
twisted together I could feel his dick growing under his neatly pressed pants. I squeezed his growing erection. With the touch of my hand on his member he kissed me even harder pressing his hands on the small of my back to draw me closer to him. I couldn’t take it any longer I had to see what was under his cloths. As if he were reading my mind he pushed me down on the bed and unzipped his pants. “Stop, let me treat you. You need to let a younger woman show you what you’re missing by fucking such an old tight ass.” with a smile on my face I got on my knees and pulled at his belt, and unfastened his button. To my suprise he had no underwear on. “Well, this is a treat!” I said as his semi hard dick sprung out at me. “Not as much of as suprise as what I saw when I walked in this room.” Wasting no time I placed my lips on the head of his dick sucking ever so gently and began to draw him into my mouth. I could see that he was yet to get fully hard, and already he was seven inches and about two around. I could feel him growing as I drew him further in my mouth. Mmmmm, I began to moan on his dick which seemed to make him grow even harder. “Damn baby, you sure do know how to make a man hard. I do hope you plan on
taking every bit of my cum in that pretty little mouth of yours.” I couldn’t answer because for one I had a dick in my mouth and just the thought of having this guy cum in my mouth made me want him even more. As I was busy sucking on his dick he took his shirt off and began to push me back on the bed with his dick in my mouth. I could tell Tony was going to be one hell of a fuck. I took his dick out of my mouth long enough so that I could get a good look at this fine man, oh fuck he’s got to be one of the most fine men I have ever seen. Gwen’s mother had good taste. As my eyes ran over his tone body I couldn’t help but wonder if I should be doing his. With the thought not even finished Tony took his shoes off and kicked his pants in a heep on the other side of the room. I pushed myselfback on the bed and spread my legs. “So, Tony do you fuck all of your step daughters friends?” I said running my fingers along the little pubic hair I had. “Thought you weren’t friends with the Princess.” He said eyeing my slit with lust in his eyes. “Oh I’m not, but I was just wondering if you made it a practice of picking up girls your step daughters age.”
I said with a giggle. “To tell you the truth I’d fuck Gwen if she’d let me, but I’m sure
she’s not into letting a chick lick her pussy.” with that said Tony came over to the bed and took my nipple in his mouth and began teasing it with little bights. “So, you like pussy too, tell me what would you do to little Gwennie if you had her?” He asked as he lowered his head to my belly planting kisses all the way down to my pubic bone. “You do know she’s a virgin.” Wholly shit, I didn’t think there were any virgins left in this city. “No I didn’t but
now you just made me want to lick her crazy.” With that said Tony went down to my
pussy and spread my lips open with one hand. “What a cute little pussy, I think you need to shave the rest of this hair off. Maybe next time you’ll let me in there to shave it?” Next time, well now he’s thinking to the future. Slowly and gently he began to lick my pussy lips he started at the right side and made his way up to my clit where he jumped over it to the left side of my fuck hole. He ran his tongue down all the way to the bottom of my pussy. Feeling him made my mind race. “Tell me what would you do to her? Tell me baby, I want to know.” Gaining my composure I began. “Well, I’d have a lot of fun with her……….” I didn’t get to tell him much more for the simple fact that he began to tongue the inside of my pussy. His tongue must have been as long as his dick. I could feel his tongue up inside of my pussy, his nose was barely touching the end of my clit. I couldn’t take much more I had to feel him inside of me. “Oh, fuck me I need to feel you inside of my pussy, please fuck me I need to feel you.” That’s when it hit me this was him, Tony was the man in my dreams. In one swift move he climbed up my body, our eyes locked and we kissed I could taste my juices on his mouth, it was wonderful. I wanted this man so bad my whole body was crying out for him to fuck me. Finally he pressed the head of his
dick into my open, wet hole. Instantly I moaned from the pleasure, I had never had a man fill my pussy the way Tony was right now. He slowly pushed his way past my lips into my hole. As he slid in me inch by inch I began to arch my back so he could have full
penetration. Tilting my hips up and grinding hard on him he slammed into my hole so hard
and so fast that it took my breath away. My eyes clamped shut and my hands went to his
shoulders, at first to push him away then I pulled his body even closer to mine. He
responded just as I had hoped he would. He pushed further in and didn’t move. This
allowed me to grip his hard dick with my pussy. As my muscles tightened around him he
groaned and whispered in my ear “Baby you’re pussy is so tight if you squeeze me like that again I’ll shoot my load right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve had something so tight around my dick.” Not wanting this to end I relaxed my cooch. He began to pump in and out of me slowly, as he increased the tempo, I began to feel myself begin to loose control. Everything became hazy and the only thing I could do was moan with pleasure. “fuck me, fill me with your dick, ohhhhhhhhhhh, you feel so good, don’t stop, fuck me, oh baby, make me cum I want to cum for you!!!” I could feel it growing from my belly waves of warm pleasure swept over my body I was going to cum. “Don’t stop I’m going to cum, OH fuck I’m cumming!!” I dug my nails into his shoulders, as my orgasm came to a peak he fucked my pussy even harder, relentless he banged me so hard that I thought I would pass out. All of a sudden he pulled his dick out of me and shoved it in my mouth. I drank down every stream of warm cum as if it were the last time I wo
uld breathe. Letting some of it hit my
tits, Tony bent down and licked my cum soaked titties and then kissed me. “Well, I believe I’ve made quite a mess out of you sweetie.” Tony said with a smile of
satisfaction on his face. “That you have, but I sure don’t mind. That was great!” I sighed too weak to really say much. “I think it would be a good idea if we get dressed. Don’t need the princess walking in on this. By the way you never did tell me what you would do to her.” Tony said as he pulled his pants back on. “Well if you want to know what I’d do to her maybe you’ll have to come back another time and I’ll tell you.” I said as I pulled on my tank top and boxer shorts. With a smile I walked him to the door and gave him one last kiss good bye. “Tell my step daughter I was here, there’s a check on her night stand.”
“Oh, and Nina, here’s my personal business number and my cell, call me the next time you
need a good fuck baby.” As he patted my ass he walked out the door as if nothing had
“Hey Gwen, your step father was here, he gave me a check for you it’s on your
night stand.” I said to her as she walked in. “Oh that ass hole was here. I fucking hate him just about as much as I hate my mother.” “He seems like a good guy.” I had to keep my smile to myself. “Yeah, well that just shows how much you know. Just stay the hell out of my business and I’ll do the same.” Man now I knew why he’d called her Princess, she thinks she rules everything. Oh well what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

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