Uncle Dave Returns

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Uncle Dave’s Returns


Christy Hopper

It had been four months since Dave Rogers visited his sister and niece

Anita. Dave has been very busy in his job as photojournalists, but the

memory of his homecoming still lingered. As he sat on a plane on his way

back from Africa, his eyes closed he remembers the lovely time he and his

sweet sixteen-year-old niece had that first day by the pool. The thought of

Anita’s young tender body hunted him. Her long red hair and soft green

eyes along with her long delicious legs made his mouth water, the thought

of her round firm ass, thirty six-d cup tits and her red hairy pussy was

making his perfectly hung six inch dick hard all over again.

Dave’s daydreaming was soon interrupted by a voice; “excuse me but

I think that’s my seat.” Dave opened his eyes to see a young black girl

standing before him. She showed him her ticket; she had the seat right next

to his, as he moved in order to let he pass he couldn’t help noticing what a

lovely ass she had. She stood five foot one, one hundred five pounds. She

wore a pair of black cut off shorts that showed off her beautiful shaped legs,

and round tight ass. A white tank top that was tied at the waist that accent her firm thirty two-inch tits. It was a perfect combination to her coco brown

eyes beautiful ebony skim and neatly shorts raven hair.

As photojournalists Dave has traveled all over the world and had

fucked many women from many backgrounds. However he had been in

Africa for six weeks with out sampling any of the local talent, he hoped that

this was about to change.

Once she settled in introductions were made. She said her name was

Julie, she was a twenty-year-old art major from New York. She had been in

Africa for six months studying and was on her way home for a long needed

break. Dave was quite taking with the young woman, not only was she jests

about the hottest thing he had seen since Anita but she was smart and funny.

For Dave the fourteen-hour flight from Africa to New York had

always seemed endless but Dave didn’t seem to mind the long hours sitting

next to this black beauty. Right before they served dinner the conversation

slightly change to sex when Dave asked her did she have a boyfriend

waiting back home. Julie said no, that she and the guy she had been with

since high school had broken up right before she came to Africa.

After dinner Julie complained that it was cold, the flight attendant

brought a warm blanket as the in flight movie begin. As the two settled in

the watch the movie it was very clear that the last thing on both their minds was Saturday Night Fever 2. Dave indicated that he was cold; Julie told

Dave that if he were cold she would be glad to share the blanket with him,

the two snuggled as the cabin grow dark.

It didn’t take Dave long to make his move when Julie felt his hand go

up her thigh. Julie just smiled as she unbuttoned her shorts, putting his hand

inside her shorts, feeling her little tight hot little hole was all it took. Dave

excused himself disappearing for a short time. When he returned he ask

Julie to follow him. She followed him to the back of the plane when they

got to a door of the handicapped restroom; Dave slid open the door he led

her in.

Once in the restroom they quickly lost their inhibitions. Dave pushed

her back onto the sank, pulling down her shorts exposing her black hairy

pussy, dropping to his knees he quickly started fingering her, first one then

two as he begins to shove his fingers deeper and deeper into her tight little

kitty, lifting one leg she drapes it over his shoulder as he sucked her sweet

pussy, she takes off her top as he reaches up to play with her hard little

nipples. Laid back she plays with his blond hair as he tries to suck her love

hole dry.

He pulls her to her feet she begins to unzip his pants reaching in

pulling out all six inches of his manhood. Julie dropped to her knees the

sight of his long strong cock sends chills through the twenty-year-old. As

she opened her mouth slipping her full beautiful lips around his long white

dick watching it disappear in her mouth Dave could barely hold himself

back as a sexual frenzy over took him as he fucked her lovely face.

Dave began to shoot his sweet love juice in to her mouth; the rush of

the first taste of cum made her body shake with the kind of excitement that

she had only read about in her romance novels. She lapped up ever drop of

his sweet sticky juice, like a dog with a bone she licked his cock clean.

Dave pulled her to her feet engaging her in a long slow kiss. Laying

her down on the restroom floor he spreads her legs apart plowing all six

inches of his white dick into her sweet black pussy. Julie let out a scream so

loud that they were both afraid that they would be discovered. He cupped

her mouth with his hand “Oh baby I sure do love me some black pussy” he

whispered as he pumped her pussy over and over again as the first waves of

orgasms swept through her body.

An hour and a half later they both emerged from the rest room, the

cabin still dark the two slipped back into their seats relaxed and very

content. After a few hours of sleep Julie awakes to find the seat next to her

empty. She looks around for her lover but Dave was nowhere in sight. She

begins to wonder if she had dreamed the whole thing. She sat back in her

seat trying to composes herself when she heard someone saying “Hey babe

are you ok?” Julie looked up to see Dave standing their smiling. “Oh ye I’m

fine.” She said as he handed her a cup of coffee.

The two sat back in their seats smiling from ear to ear at the thought

of their adventure in the restroom. Dave told her that they would be landing

in New York in an hour. As the light came on signaling them to prepare for

landing Dave tunes to his young dark and lovely lover and asked if she

would like to spend a few days in Miami? Julie never hesitated, after calling

her parents, Julie continued her adventure with a man she had known for

less then twenty-four hours.

To be continued

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  1. the big one

    hey good story love to hear more of your stories if you would like to im me im on ail AMER1KAN GANGSTA or on yahoo redrummurda187 hope to hear from you soon

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  2. the big one

    hey good story love to hear more of your stories if you would like to im me im on aim AMER1KAN GANGSTA or on yahoo redrummurda187 hope to hear from you soon

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  3. Kassie

    GOD! I just love your stories! Keep them coming, cause I am cumin every time I read them! God bless Uncle Dave!

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