Uncle Dave's Girls

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Uncle Dave ‘s Girls


Christy Hopper

After arriving in Miami Dave checked them into a beachfront hotel. Dave made sure that he got only one room with one bed. He made it quite clear to Julie that ever chance he got that he was going to fuck her. As for Julie she had no problem knowing that she was going to be his fuck toy, as a matter of fact she was looking forward to more of her sexual adventures with new lover.

Once they were in the room Dave asked Julie to strip for him, He knew that she was beautiful but he felt like he didn’t get the full effect of her beauty on the plane. Dave sat down on the bed watching as Julie slowly and purposely stripped for him.

She started by untying the white tank top removing it, not wearing a bra; he smiles as he sees her beautiful brown round thirty-two inch tits for the first time. She turns her back to him and unzips the black cut off shorts, letting them fall to the floor Dave finely got a good look at the ebony beauty. Wearing a black thong she slowly turned to face him.

The look on his face and the bulge in his pants said it all. “My god you’re flawless.” he said as he walked towards her. Dave began to caress her beautiful brown tits. Her small frame quivered with excitement of a young girl’s first time. Dave continues to be amazed by his black lovers’ body. Like a well-trained physician he explored every inch of the twenty-year-old.

Her smooth brown skin felt and tasted like a rich creamy chocolate, her young tender body was one of god’s greatest creations. Dave scoops Julie up into his arms and laid her on the king sizes bed, Dave’s cravings for the young girl was nearly beyond his control. Once on the bed Dave was overpowered with lust for her.

He slowly began with a deep full kiss slipping his tongue deep inside her mouth, The taste of her full lips made his heart race with desire. Julie lay perfectly still on the bed while he did whatever he wanted. Once Dave got undressed he returned to the bed where he began to massage her young coach. Pulling the black thong she was wearing to the side exposing the sweet juicy pussy that was waiting for him. Dave couldn’t wait any longer as he buried his face between her thighs. He was sucking and eating pussy at a rate that made his head span. Julie moans as she enjoys the pleasure that her lover was given. Dave sucked her pussy so hard, so good that she could barely keep from cumin. The taste of her young black pussy was intoxicating.

There wasn’t a spot on Julie’s body that Dave hadn’t touched. As soon as he was done pleasuring her, it was his turn. Dave pulled Julie up from the bed, grabbing her head he forces her down to her knees, waving his six-inch dick in her face he orders her to suck it. Just like before it became apparent that Julie loved sucking dick.

After Julie had finished she went in to take a shower, while standing under the steamy hot water she wonder what her family and friends would say if they could see her now. She was always thought of as the good little girl, the girl who never did anything wrong. She was the pride of her family; her mom and dad always expected their only daughter to do great things. So she wondered as she wrapped a towel around her, what they would say if they knew that she had been screwing a man that she had known for only a day. She sat on the side of the bath tub and thought of Roger her old boyfriend. She wondered what he would say if he could see her now, after all they had gone together all though high school and she had never give it up for him But then Roger had said that he wanted to wait until they were married.

As far as her family was concern she was still the sweet little virgin that left six months to study art in Africa. Little did they know that the day she arrive in Africa her art professor informed her that if she wanted to pass the course that she would have to give up the pussy.

That night her professor and two of his colleagues took turns as Julie lost her virginity not only to her professor but to two men that she had never seen before that night. As Julie apply body lotion she remembers her first time. Professor Stevens had been one of her favorite art teachers, as well as being an old friend of her father. Julie had been taken art classes since she was in ten years old. After she graduated high school she decided to take some college courses in art to see if she had any talent. Her father told her about his old friend Jack Stevens who was an art professor at the local college. From their first meeting it was obvious that there was a fire between Jack Stevens and his new student. Jack was a good art teacher, but the only reason he wanted to work at the college was for the young snatch he could get.

Julie returns fresh from her shower, Dave tells her that he would like to take their adventure to a new level. As he was about to explain a knock on the door interrupted them. Dave walks over and opens the door to fine his sweet little Anita.

Anita was so happy to hear from her favorite uncle. She had thought of little else since the last time she saw him, except for how much pleasure he had given her and the fact that she couldn’t wait to see him again. She walks in looking as lovely as every, wearing a red mine skirt with a white halter top that showed every inch of her gorgeous body. With her beautiful white tanned skin and her long red hair that was held up a hair clip, Dave welcomed his young niece.

Closing the door behind her, grapping her and pinning her back up against the door. Kissing her as he ran his hands up and down her long lean body stopping only to caress her soft firm white tits. Reaching under her skirt pulling down her black thong exposing the mount of thick red pussy hair. Spreading her legs open as wide as she can, Dave was about to help himself to he niece’s sweet young kitty when he heard Julie clearing her throat.

After pulling them selves together Dave lead Anita over to the bed
where Julie was sitting, still wrapped in a bath towel. Sitting there looking at this young Julie wondered who she was and why in the hell was she there for.

“Anita this is Julie” Anita looked down at the black woman sitting there. She knew that she was probably her uncle’s lover. Since he had been gone Anita’s mother had told her daughter stories of her uncle’s sexual escapades, not knowing that her daughter had been one of his conquest.

“How do you do”? Anita asked, never taking her eyes off of Julie.

“Who’s she” Julie asked with a touch of jealousy in her voice.

“This is Anita, my niece.”

Julie was shocked to say the least, it was obvious that Dave wanted to fuck her. Dave sat on the side of the bed, putting his arm around Julie, rubbing the back of her shoulders he began to explain the reason why Anita is there

He tells Julie that from the first time he laid eyes on her that he had only one fantasies and that was to fuck her and Anita at the same time.

“But Dave didn’t you say she was your niece?


” And you say you want to do us both.” Julie said

Just as Julie was trying to come to gripes with the fact that Dave was fucking his very own niece, and that he wanted to fucked the both of them together. Anita walks over to Julie and began to check her out.

“You were right Uncle Dave she is lovely”. She said, as she pulled Julie to her feet.

The white towel that was draped around Julie tumbled to the floor. The sight of Julie’s exquisite young black body turned both Dave and Anita on. Anita approached Julie with great excitement, placing her hands on Julie’s shoulder she slowly started moving her hands down until they reached Julie’s harden nipples.

Julie wanted to scream but when she looked over at Dave who seem to be loving every moment watching his young niece seduce his new young lover she decid
ed that it would be best just to play along. Anita continued as she explored Julie’s beautiful body, her rich sable skin still g
listening from her shower turned Anita on. Anita had never thought of herself as gay, but the sight of this exquisite woman standing before her made her unsure. All she was sure of is that she wanted her, and it had nothing to do with pleasing her uncle.

Dave orders Julie to lie down on the bed, while Anita undresses. Dave tells Anita that she can do whatever she wants, he just want to watch for now. Anita crawls onto the bed where a very nerves Julie was waiting. Anita quickly takes charge by telling her uncle to tie Julie’s hands and legs to the bed. Dave obeys Anita’s request by taking four of his neckties from his suitcase and tying Julie spread-eagle on the bed.

Anita was now in control, as she had full access to the lovely Julie. First Anita fingers fucks her in and out as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her body. Uncle Dave’s fixation on the two girls was intense to say the least as Dave sat in a chair playing with his dick. By now Anita had buried her tongue deep into Julies sweet young pussy. Julie’s pleasurable moans excites Anita as Dave eggs her on.

“That’s right baby you eat all that sweet little pussy. “

The encouragement moved Anita to the next level. Asking her uncle to hand her the gold handbag that she brought with her. Reaching in to what she calls her goodie bag, she pulls out a long black strap-on dildo. Anita could see the excitement on her uncle’s face as she strapped on her tool. Anita climbed on top of Julie’s lovely young body, guiding her long black dick deep into Julie’s love hole, Anita felt Julie give in to the passion she was feeling. Julie started to rotate her hips in rhythm to Anita’s thrust her black dick into her pussy.

As his girls did their dance of passion, Dave was finding it impossible to hold back. Dave had been masturbating for over an hour, and couldn’t believe just how hard he had gotten. He joint the two girls on the king sizes bed, running his hands all over Anita’s gorgeous young ass, pushing aside one of the stripes exposing her delicious asshole.

Dave mounded her ass driving his perfect six inch dick into her asshole. As Dave pumped her ass, Anita continues to pound Julie’s tender body. As Uncle Dave pulls out of his niece’s ass, he throw her on top of the bed, removing her strip-on and spreading her legs apart Dave mounds and fucks his kid sister’s baby girl, while at the same time he finds his black lovers who is still tied to the bed, with his fingers giving Julie maximum pleasure.

After a few hours of intense rough sex Anita was send home very grateful for the time that she got to spent with her favorite uncle and his friend. As for Dave and Julie they both went their separate ways after a week. When Julie returned to New York she never talked about where she was or what she did that week, but when she read Today’s World Magazine there would always be a smile on her face.

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  1. great story, really really great.
    turned me and my GF on beyond belief the best i read in a long time

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  2. spycechyc

    very nice…thoroughly enjoyed! thanks

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  3. ricks3119

    good story

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  4. soultrain1

    i sit here readin ur story and strokein my dick iloved it

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  5. freewolf

    Its been a while since you wrote this story. I found it after reading Christy’s Home Coming.

    Its sad you didnt continue on with this serries. Its absolutely amazing.

    I think you should do at least one other story about Dave. One where Dave gets a little mother daughter action. Just an Idea from The Wolf 🙂

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