"Your secret's safe with me"

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It was the first Friday of the summer break and Lisa and her friends had lots to celebrate.That morning she found out she receved a swiming scolership to Carling University.Lisa had wanted this her entier life.She was perfect for swiming at only 5’4 109 pounds.She had short spikey blonde hair and was a very social girl.Her boyfriend Rob had an amazing year as well.They had been seeing eachother for about 4 months now and Rob lead the defenceve end to there highschool football team’s first state final.

Everyone had made it to Lisa’s party and there were all kinds of people there.Lisa knew everyone at her school.Even Kelly Lisa’s little sister had 2 or 3 of her friends over.Rob and a few of his teamates were taking a late night dip in the pool and throwing any poor girl brave or drunk enough to walk by.Lisa sat with a few of her girlfriends from school and joined them in a game of cards.Erin was playing bartender for the night and she had alot to work with.Ally and Jeff were drinking martinies,Christeen as always was sipping her rum and coke and steph drank her smironff ice like water as she dealt the cards for a game of rummy.Even melisa finally had a drink with the girls.

Rob and Dave had finally had enough of swiming and grabed a couple of beers from the cooler beside the pool.When Anny came by and tackled dave back in the pool.And so Rob stumbled around his girlfriends backyard.Just as he was about to go find another beer he smelt pot comming from the far corner of the yard.To Rob’s suprise he walked in on His girlfriends little sister Kelly and two other 16 yearold’s smoking a joint much to big for kids there age.One of the three girls was laying on the grass.Kelly and her friend Kim looked up at Rob shocked at first untell Kim burst out laughing and heald up the joint and asked “want some?”Rob laughed back at her as she swayed in the lawnchair almost falling out.”Looks like you’ve had enough.”Joked Rob as he took the joint from the girl.”And what about you?”Teased Rob.”How much have you had?”

Even though Kelly was only 16 she got along well with all of her sisters friends.She had long blonde hair and blue eyes just like her sister.However she had a much better figure then her skiny sister.She was about 5’6 120 and was just starting to fill out a c cup nicly.

Kelly slowly lifted her head and gave a confused stoned stare at Rob before giggling and demanding she get her joint back.Rob laughed as he passed it back and kelly couldnt help but take notice at his dimples when he smiled.That wasn’t the only thing she noticed on her sisters boyfriend.Rob was still in his swim trunks and was standing a little over a foot away from her to keep out of sight of everyone on the back poarch.She finally confermed her guess that he was well equiped as she liked to call it.And after a few nights of him staying over when there dad was away on trips,she knew he knew how to use it.After a short silence kelly noticed she was caught staring at his crotch.”Your not going to tell Lisa are you?”She asked giving him a worried look.Rob smiled once again.”Your secret’s safe with me.”He said before giving kim and her friend who were both passed out a sad look.”You better take care of your friends.”He said before heading back to the house to get a beer.

Lisa was doing well in the card game.Maby because she was the only one not compleetly over her limit.Erin and Ally had teamed up and were so drunk by now they were randomly accusing everyone else of cheating in the game,including eachother.Christeen wasn’t even trying to hide her cards anymore and melisa still wasnt back from getting a drink of water.Once a few more hands were played Erin and Lisa were the only ones sober enogh to play half right.”Where did Christeen end up?”Asked Erin as she leaned back in her hair to peak into the kitchen.Unfortunatly Erin leaned back too far and ended up on the floor holding her spining head.Ally jumped up and helped her to her feet.”Ok time to get that one to bed”Suggested Lisa as she was cleaning up the empty bottles and half drank glasses of drinks.

As Ally helped Erin through the house and upstairs Kelly and her friend Jacky went running by and into the bathroom almost knocking them both over.Erin was getting harder to carry so she helped her into Lisa’s dad’s room.He wasnt due back for 5 more days so she thought it would be ok.Erin floped on the bed as soon as Ally let her go.Then she searched around for somthing for Erin to wear because she spilt rum and coke all over her shirt.Ally rummaged through his closet untell she found a box full of dirty magaznes.”Ewwww grose”

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