Oriental Massage

I’ve been suffering with a lot of lower back pain recently and a visit to the doctor only resulted in the usual recommendation of taking pain killers. So, one Friday morning, I was working at home when I really was in pain. I searched for a local massage establishment and found one about 20 minutes away. I made an appointment for that afternoon, had a quick shower, and headed over there.

It was part of a Chinese medicine shop and an elderly Chinese lady welcomed me, offered me an herbal tea, and showed me through the shop into the massage room. I was pleasantly surprised to see a very pretty Chinese girl around 19 years old. The wall contained lots of certificates showing the masseur’s qualifications. She put on a very calming meditation CD and asked me to undress. Once she left the room, and I took everything off except my boxers shorts. She knocked on the door after a ¬†few minutes and came back in, asking me to lie on my stomach on the massage table and rest my head in the hole at the top. She warmed some oil and began massaging my shoulders. Her hands were so soft, it felt wonderful. Gradually, she worked her way down my body towards my lower back where I had all the pain. I explained this to her and she said it would be best to remove my boxers in case she got oil on them; I lifted myself up and she eased them off. I have to say, that at this point I was so relaxed my cock was still semi-soft, although as she pulled my shorts off I wondered if this would go further. She carried on massaging my lower back with firm strokes and although it hurt somewhat, it began to ease as I felt the knotted muscles relax. By now, her hands were starting to work on my ass and I naturally spread my legs a little. My cock was stiffening rapidly and began poking out downwards, between my legs. Her hands brushed against my helmet a couple of times, but nothing more than that. She carried on down my legs, occasionally working her way back up and touching my now solid penis.

After spending a while on my feet, which felt wonderful, she asked me to turn over. As I did so, I watched her eyes as she saw the full extent of my engorged cock. I honestly think she was surprised at how thick it was and also how solid it had become. She smiled and poured some warm oil on my chest, beginning to work on my shoulders. Again, the feeling was so good. Slowly she worked her way down, gently caressing my nipples as she did so. By now, I knew that precum was oozing out of my cock and I was feeling extremely aroused. She took some oil and poured the warm liquid directly on my cock head; I felt it run down the length of my shaft. She asked if it was OK to massage it. I can’t imagine anyone ever saying no! She then began to work on my cock, in the same was as she had massaged the rest of me. She certainly was not giving me a hand job, it was far more erotic than that. She worked one hand up and down my shaft while the other gently swirled around the helmet, which by now was so fat; she tried to pull my foreskin up over it but it was too swollen. She continued working the helmet while her other hand began caressing and squeezing my heavy hanging balls–which, by the way, had a week’s worth of sperm in them. Occasionally she rubbed between my legs, around underneath and towards my stomach. This was truly an erotic feeling. She was clearly becoming aroused herself as she began making gentle moaning noises. By now I was really close to cumming, she sensed this and eased off. I was dying for her to finish me, but she didn’t. Instead, she climbed on top, still fully clothed–but as she was wearing a short skirt, I felt her panties rubbing on my cock as she slid herself up and down on my body. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. She squeezed my nipples again as she rubbed oil all over my chest. I really was in heaven at this point. I told her I couldn’t hold back any more and she slid down the table, while both hands carried on the hand swirling around the fattest cock head I have ever had. Then she started to work my shaft really hard, up and right down. Normally this would have been painful but with all the oil it was amazing. Then, almost without warning, the thickest jet of spunk literally flew up towards the ceiling. It splattered in her hair on the way down, which I don’t think she noticed at first. She continued her amazing strokes as jet after jet after jet of hot sperm splashed everywhere. It’s true I am a heavy cummer but this really was a record amount. It just didn’t seem to stop flowing and it was so thick, like string. Eventually I couldn’t take any more, so she stopped and got off the table. I pointed to the spunk in her hair. She laughed and began cleaning us both up with copious amounts of tissues.

I gave her the extra twenty pounds that she asked for and began dressing. She wished me well and hoped to see me again.

I can tell you, I have been back three times now and despite the fact I haven’t see this particular girl again, the others have all been equally amazing in the erotic way they manage to empty my balls. My back? It’s better, but I think I should continue the massages in case the pain returns!


(Image Source: Jonni Darkko from Evil Angel Studio)


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