Sex with my Aunty

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Aunty sex

My Aunty has given me permission to tell everyone of you what happen next! It is not unusual but it was, and still is, the most exciting part of my life, if you are a Transvestite, like me, then you will enjoy our experiences.

It all started when she asked my mum if I could do some work for her, just the usual painting and a little decorating, I jumped at the chance because like most young men, or girl, in my case, would love to get into my Aunts panties, you can all relate to this during your life time, anyway, I went there, my stay was going to be only two weeks but I knew two weeks would be enough for me to see her at least in some sort of undress, on the first day it went much as I expected, she greeted me with a kiss and a cuddle which I was not to shy about, then she showed me to my room followed by a tour of the house and then supper, so good so far, the next day started that changed my life as a transvestite, it was morning, I could hear her down stairs doing something, I got up, slipped my short and tee shirt on and then went down stairs to get breakfast,  my heart nearly stopped as I came into the kitchen, all she was wearing was her night slip, It showed her lovely curved body as the silky white material clung to her skin, she didn’t looked surprised at the sight of me in the door way,  she didn’t even try to cover up or make a dash for the door, no she carried on doing what she was doing, I noticed that the white satin softly caressing her breasts and her nipples were erect and hard, I was thinking this stay was going to be better than I  could ever  imagine, all through breakfast I kept glancing at her breasts, particularly her nipples braking the surface of the material, wow, she did look good, all I wanted was to have her on the end of my dick but I knew that was not going to happen, however, I will not be the want of trying, after breakfast was over she went upstairs and I could only imagine her slipping out of her nighty, after a hour she came into the living room, she was dressed in a skirt suit of dark blue and I could have jumped her there and then, she looked gorgeous, make up was immaculate and she had done her hair, she announced she was off to work and she would be back at 5pm, as I already knew what she wanted me to do I wished her good bye, I started to paint, trying to take my mind from my lovely aunts body, it didn’t take me long before I had finished which was about 3pm, 2 hour, I thought to myself, so I done want every girly boy would do, have a look at her clothes and lingerie, as I was not disappointed to say the least, many pairs of stockings and suspender belts of many colours, bra to match, panties also in abundance, she had some lovely things that I wanted to wear but time was against me, I did managed to get into a lovely pair of white panties and matching bra, I paraded in front of the mirror caressing my body as I took in the feel and quality of her underwear, soon I slipped my hard cock from the side of her panties and started to wank, as you can expect, it didn’t take long before I was coming, shooting all over the place as the sperm became a little out of control, it took me some time to clean myself up, gladly I had not shot over her underwear.

When she came in she looked really shagable as she put her coat on the hanger, I said to her I had finished the painting and even made some dinner for us, she did reply that I was a dream come true, but I did have an motive for doing such a task and it was not money, after dinner she went upstairs to get into something more comfortable and I sat waiting, when she came down she was in a white silky robe which was open and a matching night slip which was just above the knee, I could only imagine that all she was wearing and I could feel myself going a little hard.

Next morning I was a woken with a knock on the door and was greeted by my aunt, by the way, I need to call her Jane,  rather than aunty as she preferred, who was only in her bra and panties, well you could have blown me down, all I could do was look at her beautiful body, her tits nestled in her cupped bra and her white panties looking so sexy on her, I sat up and then realised that maybe I should’nt have, because she was now looking at me in a strange way, then it clicked what she was a little surprised at seeing, as a TV I have been enhancing my breast, as well as a machine that sucks the breasts out I have also been taking pills to make them bigger, now she was looking at them, by now it was a little late to cover up so I sat there while she put the breakfast try down beside me,  sleep well, she asked and I nodded,  I was very aware of her now, more than ever, and it felt good, I was more than pleased knowing that she had seen my breasts, something I didn’t have to hide any more, she left the room and I tucked into the drink and toast, once I had finished I got out of bed to take a wash but before I could make it to the door it opened and she walked in, she looked over my naked body, from top to bottom and without a batter of an eye lid she asked if I had finished, I passed her the tray, she disappeared out the door, I could have come there and then so I decided that a wank would be the next best thing, I sat on the edge of the bed and started to caress my naked body till I was completely hard, let her come in now, I was saying to myself, she would get such a shock,  and as I finished thinking of it she came back in, I sat there naked and hard, I didn’t even cover myself up, she smiled and said, you look like you are enjoying yourself, I will come back later, then she was gone again, I was so excited that she had caught me naked, from now on I knew she was alright seeing me naked, something  that I would be doing more often.

Jane left for work at 8.30, she had said that she would be home about 18.00hrs because she had a meeting which would go on till late, I had plans of my own, the first thing I did was go and have a complete body shave top to bottom, leaving only the hair on my head, then a long and relaxing bath with all the trimmings like bubbles up to my neck, once I had dried myself I went into her bedroom and sat on the bed, I pulled a draw open and there in front of me was all her underwear in many colours, next draw down stocking and suspender belts, teddies and corsets, I ventured more, more lingerie, sexy see through tops and some griddles, I moved on and found a draw full of all different types of dildo’s, I touched several and it sent a tingle through me body just like electric, picking one up I rubbed it up and down my cock, knowing that it had been inside her at some point, but I was there because I wanted to put ladies clothe on, so I got out what I liked and what would suit me and laid them onto the bed, then I started to put them on one item at a time, first the bra, cupping my neat little breast into the soft and caressing material, then the suspender belt followed by the lovely white stockings, next the white, see through panties, I looked into the full length mirror to check that it all looked good, yes, I thought, that is nice, then I went to her wardrobe and opened it, there were many items on clothing but my eye caught several short skirts hanging, one particular was of interest, a white pleated skirt which was short in length, I took it of the hanger and slipped it on, it fitted like a glove, I glanced in the mirror again, it was so lovely, next I found a see through top, pulled in the middle and arms, I put this on and it was so sexy, that would do I said to myself, I sat back down on the seat in front of the dressing table and put some make up on, nothing what I would put on at home but enough that I would look like a girl, once finished there I went to the bottom of the wardrobe and found a pair of white half high heels, I slipped then on, it was like all her clothes I tried on were made for me, we must have been about the same size in clothes and stature, now I felt at home dressed the way I have dressed for many years, happy with my little exercise I went down stairs and made a cup of coffee before reading the paper, I was feeling so relaxed now I was a girl again, it had only been a week not putting on a skirt or dress but I was getting with drawl  symptoms, after reading the paper I decided that some house work would be good to do, Jane kept the place spotless so I should make an effort to do the same, I took the hoover up stairs and cleaned and polished the top floor, then I moved down stairs, I was just hovering the lounge when the machine conked out, I was looking down at it when I heard a slight cough behind me, my heart stopped as I realised that someone was there, I turned and Jane was standing there with her hands on her hips, I wanted to die, find a hole and crawl into, there was a whole lot more running about in my head,  she looked anger, it seemed ages before she said something, we will talk later when I come in, and I hope it is going to be good, she said going out of the door, I dropped to the floor out of sheer nervousness, my life had come to an end, I though, she is going to kick me out, should I do a runner, how was I going to get out of this one, these were all the thoughts running about my head, then it came to me after 30 minutes on the floor, I can only say it as I see it, and that was going to be the only way, be truthful and honest.

Jane came in at about 18.00 and I sat there nervously on the seat and waited for her to come in, she remarked that I had finished the hovering but I was not in the right mind to respond, she sat down opposite me and waited, well she asked, what do you have to say, I blurted it out how I was truly sorry and it would not happen again, I said it was wrong to wear her clothes without her permission, and I will go home today  if she wishes, she smiled and remarked not to be silly and she wanted me to stay even though she has seen a side of me that surprised her, then she said that this was not a one off and I shook my head, tell me everything she almost begged, so I did, I told her that I was a Transvestite and I had been for over 7 years, mum knew as well as my sister, I hardly wore boys clothes because I was always in girls clothes, mum and my sister always buy me underwear or a dress or a pair of high heels for my birthday ,not trousers or a sweater, I also told her that I had a girlfriend for a year or so but have split up last year, Jane seemed to be very interested in what I was saying to her, she even said that I looked very famine and she also asked if I went out dressed up and I replied thank you and yes, now I understand why you took to wearing my clothes, it is more than just a fetish it is a way of life for you and I replied yes to her question, I continued, I want to be as close to being a woman as I possibly can, ah, she interrupted, now I understand your breasts, they look great by the way, thanks, I am taking pills to enhance then and I am also using a suction pump to make them bigger, I replied, they look great, you are nearly as big as me, she smiled, in that one instance I realised that Jane was turned on by my cross dressing, she wanted to know all the details and I was gladly telling her, we talked in the late evening till it was time to go to bed, it had excited me a great deal talking to another woman about my cross dressing, I had relaxed so much, and that may have been the drinking, that I even told her about my sexual experiences with Isabelle which she was keen to know, when I got to bed it was gone 2.00am in the morning but I felt that now I could get dressed as a girl and my aunty would understand and except.

I was awoken by Jane coming into the bedroom with a tray of toast and a cup of tea, she only had a sexy nighty on that looked sexy because I could see right through it and her boobs were clearly visible, there was no pussy to see because she had a thong underneath, I sat up as she came closer and exposed my tits for her to see, I commented that they looked lovely, she looked at herself and smile and said, that she thought that I would like to see them in her nighty and  I agreed, she put the tray down and went, saying she had run me a bath, I knew where this was going to and I was not going to let the opportunity pass me bye, that is nice, I remarked, drinking my tea and then getting out of bed where she see me naked, she took my hand and lead me to the bathroom, I climbed in and she knelt beside the bath watching, I washed my face as she continued to sit there, then as if she planned it she took hold of the soap, let me, she remarked, she lathered up and took hold of my cock and played with me, it was so electrifying feeling her hand about my cock, wanking till I came she seemed to have everything worked out, she cleaned me up and then suggested that I got out of the bath, when she had finished drying me she took me to her bedroom and started to get some clothes out, she put panties and bras on the bed, for you to wear without any  strings attached if I wanted,, she was  browsing through the skirts, then out came the skirt that I had been wearing earlier, she passed it to me, I want to see you dressed as if you were at home, a girl, ok I replied, she was into the other side of the wardrobe, this is what I am looking for, she produced a hanger with a white  silk robe and a short little slip that was very much see through, she passed this to me, try them on she asked, I looked down at nightie, yes, she asked, the nightie would look good on you, you can put it on and I can tell you if it is nice, then we can do your make up and I have some wigs somewhere which would give you a good opportunity to be like a woman, she smiled, I picked it up and went to go but she gently held me by the arm, why not put it on hear, it would save you going back and forwards, you are shy, I got into the nightie and panties and paraded about the bedroom for her,  she like this, beckoning me to the stool I sat down and we put make up and a lovely blonde wig that suited me like a grove, there she said, sexy as hell and more than shagable, you have made me all horny and wanting it now, she said taking me aback, she was peeling her clothes off one garment at a time and I sat there watching, you like she asked and I nodded ,I thought she was going to stop and her bra but that came off soon followed by her panties, Wow, I said looking at her naked body all over, you like to see your naked Aunty, she asked, yes, I replied, then she straddled me, kissing me all the way about my neck, make love to me, she whispered, didn’t need a second invitation, my cock slipped into her grapping hole and she rode me for all she was worth, she came several times but her sex drive was very strong, she jumped onto the bed , and opened her legs wide open, do you like eating pussy, she asked, yes, well  eat away my lover, it was the first time tasting hot and raw pussy and it was a required taste but soon I really did want to eat her soft love lips, after 30 minutes she took hold of me and pulled me onto her once again, and I was happy to continue to fuck her, when I came for the second time she held me in her till me cock had ebbed, that was great, I needed some me love, and I hope you enjoyed yourself, I did, I replied, we my young girly love there is much more to come if you feel up to it, she said rolling me onto her back, I looked up at her breasts and wishing I had tits like hers, do you know Jane, I have always wanted to get into your knickers now I can say I have not only got into your knickers but even got inside you, well we both got out of it what we wanted didn’t we sweet.

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