Sibling Reunion At Sex Club

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Sibling Reunion At Sex Club

It was the summer after my freshman year in college that I gave myself to sex club.

An ex-boyfriend had introduced me to S&M and now I was hooked.

I’d always regarded the idea of a sex slave resort as being an urban legend. But I kept searching and searching until I finally found one. Its location was a big secret even from slaves and guests. All we knew was that it was in California.

Each year “The Villa” would accept hundreds of slaves. Young men and women picked from the finest colleges from across the world.

The Villa had very strict standards. All applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 23. This was because even with the strictest of standards they knew that inevitably applicants would lie about their age and people in their late 20s would somehow sneak in. If the age was raised even a few years pretty soon people in their early 30s would start sneaking in and that would ruin everything.

Looks were also very important. Applicants would have to submit a large number of nude photos and videos and appear for a personal interview.

For my interview I was asked to arrive at a large mansion which I learned was also a smaller scale sex club. There a master asked me to disrobe and he inspected my body thoroughly.

The master was very pleased by my long golden hair and 38DD natural breasts.

Next he placed a pillow on the floor and asked me to preform felatio on him. He insisted it was a requirement of the Villa to test my skills, most importantly my oral talents if any. Either that or it was just a casting couch situation. If I wanted to get into the Villa I would have to pleasure him. (I later found out it really was a requirement.)

After I swallowed he rated my performance as “acceptable” and reassured me that I would receive plenty of oral training at the Villa.

Next he took a blood test to check for any diseases and my chromosomes. The Villa didn’t want any “crying game” incidents.

I was so happy when I received my acceptance letter. I learned that far more boys applied than girls but inevitably the Villa would have a 75% female slave population since most of its guests were men.

My cover with my parents was that I was studying anthropology in a remote area without any telephones. Of course I would neither pay the Villa nor receive any money. That would be prostitution. Slaves aren’t paid even for their time.

The multi millions needed to fund the Villa came from its guests who would pay a small fortune a week for the ultimate erotic experience.

When we arrived in California we were transported in big bus with blackened windows to conceal the Villa’s location.

My human instincts told me to make friends quickly like the first day of school.

“Hi. I’m Christina.” I said to the girl riding next to me.

“Elisha.” she answered and shook my hand. “Your first time?”

“Yeah.” I answered. “Does it show?”

“Yeah. You can’t really make friends here. Slaves are property. They don’t have any feelings. They exist only to please their masters or mistresses.”

“Oh that sounds so divine. To belong totally to another person without the problems of a ‘normal relationship.’ So tell me, what can I expect?”

“Well, always play be the rules. Some kids think that by being naughty they’ll get some kind of kinky humiliating punishment. Wrong, they’ll get the worst thing possible, nothing. No affection or human contact of any type.

“The first thing that will happen is we’ll all get a very brief orientation. No slave would have been accepted if they didn’t already have a clear understanding of S&M and what is expected. But still there are those few S&M virgins who sneak in and begin messing up immediately. They are punished and then trained properly.

“You’ll probably be assigned to a guest very quickly. It’s almost like internet dating. You’ll be matched up with a guest seeking a slave with your body type. He or she chooses from a book of photos.

“At any time the guest can request a new slave. This happens very often. Not so much because the guest is displeased with your service but because he simply wants to try a new one and sleep with as many girls as possible.

“A guest can only choose more than one slave at a time if he pays extra.

“If you do a good job serving the guests you may be ordered to serve the staff themselves. It’s a great honor and that’s how you move up in the ranks.”

“Why is it better to serve the staff?” I asked.

“Well just think about it. They must be incredibly skilled sexually. They have all sorts of fun games as you’ll see. The guests only get to watch but the staff gets to perform.

“This year I’ve been asked to serve in the main house!”

“How can I move up in the ranks?” I begged to know.

“Well, give the guests the best sex of their lives. They’ll rate you at the end. But keep in mind you’ll be competing with other very talented and experienced girls.”

Before we were allowed to enter the Villa we were taken to hospital like building where we were separated by gender and then stripped of our clothing.

We all showered together in an outdoor area with hundreds of naked girls and were given our new uniforms, lace collars around our necks, wrists and ankles. Each piece of lace had a metal ring so we could be bound in any way necessary.

Just as Elisha had described our orientation was brief. Our mistress Erica merely pointed to a map giving us an overview of the Villa’s many attractions.

In my wildest dream I never imagined the Villa would be so massive. It rested on over 1000 acres of vast gardens and Roman style buildings. I couldn’t wait to explore it all.

Next, lower level mistresses broke us up into smaller groups. Mistress Erica looked over my body with hungry eyes. She eagerly prodded at my long legs and squeezed my full breasts causing me to wince with pain and pleasure.

“Hummmm. Come with me child. An arriving guest in room 319 at the Belmont House has requested you. You will be in his suite when he arrives. His name’s David. He’ll request a new slave in a few days. If you please him you will be assigned to the next guest who chooses you. If you do not please him you’ll be punished severely.”

“Because it pleases you Mistress Erica.” I answered obediently.

The suite was lavishly decorated with satin pillows everywhere, even the walls and ceiling. There was a very large circular bed big enough for five people right next to an enormous bathtub, and a center room fireplace. French doors opened to a terrace which had a beautiful view of the grounds.

It was the perfect love nest.

Mistress Erica announced the guest. “David, meet Christina. She will serve your every need and desire.”

I stood in an obedient pose with my hands to my sides as to not conceal my nakedness. “It will be an honor to serve you master.”

As I looked up I saw a chubby man in his late 20s dressed like a tourist in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. MY OWN BROTHER DAVID!!!

Our expressions froze and we both looked away quickly hoping it was just a nightmare that would end as soon as we woke up.

My brother spoke first. “Umm umm umm, Mistress Erica I don’t think this is what I wanted. Umm ummm, this slave does not please me.”

Mistress Erica was confused as to why. He refused to look at me obviously because of my nakedness.

“As you wish David.” Mistress Erica looked at me sternly and ordered me back to the slave quarters.

I ran away in tears. What a nightmare. Of all the people, my own brother!

Although lavishly decorated the slave quarters was a miserable place. It was for girls only where unwanted or disobedient slaves were shackled to their beds unable to touch each other or even themselves.

Several hours later Mistress Erica arrived in an angry mood. “What did you do child?”

“Nothing Mistress Erica! Nothing!” I sobbed. “I guess I just wasn’t his type.”

“You have to make yourself his type. You will now be given the lowliest of duties. You will serve as a milk maid and milk the male slaves and collect their sperm until another guest selects you.”

I was taken on a leash to another large villa where dozens of males slaves were standing in lines as pretty young girls worked them with their hands, collecting their sperm in large jugs. What it was used for I could only imagine. And I could imagine a lot. I hoped even more to know a lot.

The young men stood patiently in line with their thick swollen organs all jutting straight into the air, pressed against their bellies. Their hands all obediently at their sides. They knew far better than to touch themselves. The male slaves were milked at least every two hours to relieve their tension and to make sure no sperm was wasted.

Their bodies were exquisitely molded muscles and most were well endowed. Of course slaves were strictly prohibited from speaking with each other, even to say, “Thank you.” But their ear to ear smiles said it all. They liked being milked by pretty girls.

I was set to work immediately. I eagerly took hold of the first organ and began working it. I tenderly massaged it into climax. All the boys came quickly, obviously stimulated by the sensual setting.

As each boy left grinning to return to his service, the line of boys was always added to. A never ending line.

After an hour or so I grew bored and my thoughts returned to my brother. I simply had to speak to him in private. We had to talk and make things right. We had no idea we both lived the same secret life.

As a mere slave I had no power. I simply hoped to be reassigned to a new master quickly.

That night I slept alone and whimpered myself to sleep chained to a bed. Sure it was sublime punishment to be treated like an object. But my own burning passions were going unfulfilled. I’d given myself to a sex club and I was sleeping alone.

In the morning I returned to milking the slave boys until Mistress Erica pulled me away. The poor boy I was working on winced in frustration as my hands were pulled away and he was denied his satisfaction.

“Wash your hands and return to suite 319 of the Belmont House. For some strange reason the guest from yesterday has changed his mind and requested you.”

Oh joy! I so needed to talk to my brother and set things right.

When we arrived at the suite Mistress Erica introduced me. “This is Christina, the girl from yesterday. She is here to make up for her lack of service yesterday. Please inform the main house the second you are displeased with her.”

The second we were alone I flung my arms around my brother and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “Oh big brother, how great to see you. What are you doing here?”

My poor brother almost had a heart attack and tried to push my naked body away but realized he could not do so without touching me.

“Me? What do you think I came here for? I just want to get laid. But you? My own sister a sex slave? You told mom and dad you were studying anthropology in a remote country for the summer?”

“And you told mom and dad you were going on a month long fishing trip.” I replied playfully.

My brother was dressed in a long silk robe. He still looked away refusing to see his sister naked. He sat on the circular bed and I lay down behind him so he didn’t have to see me.

“Oh my god Christina, how long have you been doing this?”

“A boyfriend got me into it. How’d you get into S&M?”

“I heard about it from a business friend. This is costing me my entire life savings!”

“Why are you spending so much money? You’re a nice guy.”

“Yeah, and nice guys finish last. Last night was the first time I had sex with a partner is over three years.” he admitted.

“Oh how horrible. I had no idea. I just assumed you had a at least a part time girlfriend.”

“Yeah right. Oh if mom and dad could see us now. I’m such a screw up. I spend all this money with 500 beautiful girls to choose from and I get stuck with my own sister.”

“But you chose me? You must have seen my photo?” I asked.

“Well yeah, I saw chose your picture but I didn’t know it was you.”

“How could you not know it was me?” I asked.

My brother hesitated to answer. “Well because ummm… well… it wasn’t your face I was looking at.”

“Ohhhhh so you did want me for sex after all. You wanted to get in touch with your family.” I joked. I waved my long legs seductively across the bed.

“Stop it.” he said sounding really upset. “I’m such a loser. To think of all the girls here I like my sister best.”

Now I got in front of him and took him by the wrists. “Oh don’t feel bad. All guys think with their cocks. You couldn’t help it if you were aroused. Your cock knows best what makes you happy.”

“Oh stop it! Stop teasing me!” He stood up and walked away. I was trying to cheer him up but my brother was still really upset.

“I’m not teasing you. Like you said, you paid to have your deepest sexual fantasies fulfilled. And out of 500 girls you liked me best of all. I made you the hardest. Who better to service you than me?” I walked over to him still on my knees and took him by the wrists again. “Go on. Give in and look at the girl you like best.”

For the first time since our reunion he looked down at my body. I twirled my long golden hair flirtatiously. I stared him right in the eyes. “Don’t be afraid. Don’t look away.”

My brother stared back directly at me. He’d worked up some courage but was still nervous. I opened his sink robe exposing his swollen organ. “Oh big brother. I had no idea you were so… so… so big. And what a beautiful shape. Shape is more important than size.”

My brother blushed and looked away embarrassed. “Oh I’m serious, really. I saw organ after organ yesterday and none were as handsome as yours. And look how hard it is. Now you can’t deny what your body wants.”

I guided my brother to the bed and sat him down. I remained on my knees and molded my talented mouth around his very aroused organ. I took my brother in fully and sucked hard while my tongue lapped the bottom it.

“Holy shit!” he squealed in glee.

It wasn’t long before I heard his breath quicken violently and he released. I swallowed and continued to suck hard. He lay back and writhed and moaned on the bed. “The… the… the best blow… blowjob of my life… and it’s from my own sister.” I continued to suck hard at a steady pace. “It’s OK I already came.” I continued to suck away unimpeded. “No it’s OK. I already came. You can stop now.”

My warm mouth let go of his still rock hard manhood.

“Why were you still sucking after I came?”

“You never told me to stop. And I didn’t want to stop.” I answered. “Now that you’re a little more relaxed big brother, we can take a bath and get to know our bodies better.”

My brother and I eagerly jumped into the massive hot tub and took great pleasure in rubbing each other down. His curious hands explored my thighs and calves. But most of all his hands enjoyed returning to my DD breasts.

“I remember in high school when you started to grow. You kept wearing baggy clothing and sweaters to hide them. That time when we were on vacation in Hawaii I couldn’t wait to see you in a bikini. But you were still shy and wore a tee shirt over it.” he said.

“Yeah I remember in school when my friends would comment on seeing their brothers’ penises when they were little and would take baths together. We were too far apart in age to ever do that. It was an experience I missed out on. I used to sit in my room sometimes and wonder how big you were. Somehow I just knew you were well endowed. Now I realize I was right.”

“Oh go on. You’re just saying that because you’re my sister.” he blushed.

I grasped his organ under the warm water. “Well it’s just the right size and shape I like big brother.”

After over an hour in the bath we dried each other off and returned to the pink silk water bed.

“Would you like to cum inside of me, on me, in my mouth or on my face?”

My brother blushed again. “I can’t believe this is happening… On your face.”

I lifted my legs and we made love in the missionary position. I gave him some sisterly tips on how to improve his performance. “Move your hips from side to side. Yes, yes, yes, that’s it right there.”

After some time my brother still hadn’t cum. I didn’t mention it but he sure did. “I haven’t cum yet. I don’t know why.” He looked very frustrated. “This happened to me last night too.”

“It’s OK big brother. You’ll cum when you’re ready.”

Unfortunately I had to fake my orgasm. But I couldn’t give up on my brother. With enough practice and my guidance he’d improve.

After even more time he still hadn’t cum and was growing very tired and soft. That’s when I knew I had to step in and finish him off.

I wrapped my hot mouth around his organ and sucked and sucked, never letting go. A few minutes later he came. I positioned myself just underneath him so he could cum on my face just as he’d asked.

I lapped my brother’s creamy white sperm off of my face like a kitten cleaning itself. David collapsed in bed next to me, spent.

Later that night in bed my brother asked me, “You must really be into this whole S&M thing to sleep with your own brother just because they asked you to.”

I snuggled up to his chest. “Who better to please each other? I know you’ll never hurt me. Be cruel to me or reject me.”

“But you’re so beautiful. With your talents you could work your way up to the main house. I bet the guys there could put Olympians to shame.”

I kissed him tenderly on the cheek and massaged his organ with one hand. “They’d only want to please themselves. Together, I can mold you into my ultimate lover.” And with that my brother and I fell asleep naked in each other’s arms.

The next night we attended a fantastic sex show at the main house. My brother brought me on a leash on all fours.

Mistress Erica saw us and asked David, “How’s she working out?”

My brother responded with a big smile, “She’s the girl of my dreams. I’m glad I gave her a second chance.”

Happy endings.

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