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Clarice grew up not knowing her mother. Due to the circumstances that took place when Clarice was younger, her father and mother lived hundreds of miles away from each other. Her mother, Anna gave her daughter up when she was a baby. She knew that she was not fit to care for her. She became pregnant when she was very young. Anna gave birth to Clarice and she couldn’t help but notice that she was the most beautiful creation. Months had gone by and Anna had grown unhappy with her current relationship with Clarice’s father, Sam. He was a good father and provider, but something was missing in their relationship.

By the time Clarice was six months old, Anna was at her wits end with Sam. Something that Sam will never forgive Anna for was the fact that she waited until the house was silent. When she was certain that everyone was in a deep slumber she slipped away into the night. The only note she left was for Clarice. Sam was to give the note to her to read when she was of age and could understand why her mother left her.
Through the years Clarice had to grow up without a mom. She found it extremely difficult when she was experiencing things that girls go through as teenagers. It made her irate that all she had was a father. There are things that occur in a girl’s life that a father just does not understand. Every Christmas she would make a wish to the stars above that her mom would show up, and every year it was the same disappointment over and over. This went on until she was eighteen years of age.

A month before Christmas, Clarice was not going to wish upon the winter stars. She was going to go directly to her father and tell him that she wanted to find her mother. She explained to him that every year she made a wish and every year she was disappointed when it didn’t come true. Sam had seen the hurt in her eyes and knew that it was time to bring out the letter that Anna had left that terrible night.

Sam handed Clarice the letter and told her that it would be best if she read it in the privacy of her bedroom. As she took the letter from him she knew that some of her questions might finally be answered.

The letter still had her scent on it. Clarice was so nervous that she began to shake. All the years of wishing on the glacial stars has ended in a letter from her mother. This was a start and as she sat on her bed she began to open the envelope. As she pulled out the letter she noticed that her mother’s handwriting was particularly neat. The letter was written as followed:

My Dearest Clarice;

You are so young and innocent. I know that you may never be able to forgive me for leaving you. I was very young when I became pregnant and I knew that I could never raise you the way you deserve. I have loved you since you were born. In fact, I will always love you and I know that you will grow up to be a beautiful, bright young woman. Someday you will want to find me, and just so you know, I will be waiting with open arms. I love you my precious, Clarice.

Love Always,

After reading the letter she became more determined to find her mother. She thought all these years that her mother never loved her, but it wasn’t true. She just had to find her and Sam was her first stop. If anyone would be able to help her it would be her father. Sam had known from inside sources that Anna had gotten married and was residing in Tennessee with her new husband, Glen. He was so afraid that Clarice was going to be hurt if things didn’t work in her favor. But since he loved his daughter he was going to do all that he could to reunite her with her mother.

Sam was able to obtain Anna’s information and he turned everything he had over to Clarice. He informed her that her mother was living hundreds of miles away and that she was married. None of this mattered to Clarice because she wanted to meet her mom and find out the truth of why she deserted her. She kept thinking that how can a mother that claims she loves her child, just take off? This is a question that played out in her mind many years and it ate away at her soul. There were many ranges of emotion that Clarice kept bottled up. She now had all of the information that she needed to reconnect with her mother. She just needed to work up the courage to pick up the phone. What would she say if her mother actually answered? There were so many things that she wanted to say to her. She just held her breath and made the call. As the phone was ringing she was shaking and at that very moment she heard a soft, female voice on the other end. Clarice immediately freaked out and hung up on the caller.

Clarice could not believe that she chickened out. She had waited for this opportunity since she was a little girl. She knew that she could not go through another Christmas full of disappointment. She now knew that her mother was never going to come looking for her. Her mother, Anna was residing in Tennessee with her husband. She wondered that since she had a husband could she have other children. “Who knows I could have other brothers and sisters,” Clarice thought.

The night went by very slow. When Clarice tried to clear her mind she was not able too due to the constant mind boggling thoughts that were running through her head. Why couldn’t she make that phone call? What was stopping her? What was the worst that could happen? These were the types of questions that played in her mind until the witching hour. Then out of the blue it came to her of what she needed to do. A week before Christmas she was going to take a flight to Tennessee and go see her mother in person. If her mother would not come to her for the holidays then she would go too her. One way or another they were going to spend this Christmas together.

The next few weeks were mind racking to Clarice. She knew what she was trying to accomplish and no one was expecting the events that were about to unravel. She mentally prepared for the meeting between her mother and herself and knew that nothing could go wrong if it was done according to plan.

It was a week before Christmas and Clarice was due to get on her flight to Tennessee. Her nerves were in a complete uproar, but she knew this was the only way that her wishes would ever come true. As she stepped on the plane she could not even think of looking back. This was the future of dreams to come. The plane seemed to be in flight for eternity. Just as she was getting ready to doze off the pilot announced that the plane was descending and they would be landing shortly. Again, Clarice’s nerves gave her a bout of jitters.

As soon as she stepped off the plane she called her father to let him know that she made it safely, he informed her that he had made arrangements for her to have a ride to Anna’s house. On her way to her mother’s house she went over everything in her mind. In her mind everything just had to go according to plan.

The car pulled into a driveway. It had to of been the longest one she had ever seen. She thought “who are these people?” After driving up the long drive, the car had come to a stop in front of a beautiful home. This house was the biggest one she had seen. Homes like this were seen only on television and your average person didn’t own anything this extravagant.

As she got out of the car she noticed a few vehicles in the drive. One of them must have belonged to her mother. She walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. It seemed like it took forever for anyone to answer the door. That very second a beautiful, woman that was around her father’s age answered the door.

“Hello, I am looking for Anna. Is she home?” said Clarice.

“I am Anna, whom wants to know?” she said.

“Anna, I am your daughter, Clarice. My father gave me the letter that you wrote me.” Clarice explained.

“Clarice? Oh my dearest daughter, please do come in.” said Anna.

Clarice walked through the door to her mother’s castle. The interior was absolutely stunning. Her mother’s beauty was what made the home that much more astonishing. As they walked down the hall and into a room that was as big as her father’s house, she noticed a man standing there. He was very tall and shockingly handsome.

“Clarice, I would like you to meet my husband, Glen.” Anna said.

“Very nice to meet you Clarice, I have heard about you.” Glen said.

“Nice to meet you.” She said.

“I do have to say that I do apologize for barging in like this, but it was the only way that I could find appropriate.” Clarice said.

“We understand and always knew that this day would come.” Anna said.

Anna offered to go get a snack and this way everyone could sit down and talk. She felt there was years to catch up on. She had not seen her daughter since she was six months old and now her baby was eighteen. As Anna walked out of the room, Clarice noticed that Glen looked at her in a way that stepfather should not. She didn’t seem to mind since he was quite attractive. She figured she reading too much into his actions.
Glen sat next to her and put his large hand on her thigh. This made Clarice tense because she knew that her mother would enter the room at any moment and she didn’t want to cause any problems since she just got her. What would her mother think?

“Clarice, you are as beautiful as a lotus flower.” Glen said.

“Thank you, but you are married to my mother and one may find this to be inappropriate.” She said.

“No one will ever know, and I can make sure that your mother never finds out about anything that may happen between us. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that a little naughty touch is bad.” he said.

Before Clarice could respond to what Glen had said to her, Anna came into the room with lemonade and some snacks. In a way, Clarice was a bit relieved because she didn’t really want to have to respond to his advances. The rest of the day was a blur as the conversation between Anna and Clarice was deep and soulful. Many of the questions that she had for her mother were answered and this brought much relief to Clarice. She was tired of blaming herself for what had happened. Even at one point she held her father responsible for her mother leaving. Before they went to bed Anna asked Clarice if she would please stay and celebrate Christmas with their family. She jumped at the opportunity. She was relieved that she was not going to have to wish on the bright, wintry stars this holiday.

Clarice crawled into her bed and got all snuggly with her comforter. Just as she was about to doze off she heard someone open her door and enter the room. Her eyes opened and she reached over to turn on the bedside lamp. Standing at the edge of her bed was the glow of a beautiful man. He was tall and his shirt clung to his muscles. It was Glen and he looked more delightful then he did this afternoon. He walked around to the side of her bed and sat on it. She went to say something and he gestured her to be quiet. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms. This sent chills down her spine. Everything about his touch seemed so wrong, but it felt so right. His hands cupped her divine C breasts. His thumbs were making circular motions around her nipples. They became erect and Clarice could see the smirk that Glen gave her. He knew that she was becoming intensely excited. She grabbed his hand and moved it down to her plush box. She wanted him to feel how excited his visit had made her. His essence was alluring and she could not help but to get drawn into his web. Something about this man was powerful.
Just the smell of Glen alone was enough to make her want to take him. As he was exploring under her nightgown she stroked his penis through his pants. He became very hard and she could hear him moan. As he slowly entered her with his finger she could feel her breath escaping. She wanted this feeling of eroticism to last and never stop. They began to passionately kiss each other. His breath smelled so good. He stopped kissing her and just gazed into her eyes. It was like he could read every thought she was thinking.

“Clarice, you are so beautiful.” Glen said.

“What will my mother say if she knew this happened?” She said.

“Well we will get to that when the time comes, until then we will continue our nightly escapades.” He said.

As Clarice watched Glen leave she was so confused. A lot of the same questions were popping into her head from earlier. She admitted to herself that he was gorgeous and just maybe she had a slight crush on him. Oh fuck, who was she kidding? She had a huge crush on him and she could not wait until the next night when he would greet her again. Clarice kept thinking of the most recent rendezvous and she became wet all over again. It seemed like his essence never left the room. Her comforter was devoured by his scent.

The next few nights were just like the first meeting in her bedroom. The more he teased the more she wanted to please. Daytime around the house was a bit tense cause she was in fear that her mother would find out about the naughty tease session that were taking place in the evenings. Clarice knew that she had to keep up the act so that Anna would not suspect any night action that was happening right under her roof. Glen often rubbed up against Clarice when Anna was in the same room.

Clarice didn’t know how long she could keep this up. It was getting to a point of being very exhausting. She was a bit relieved to know that Christmas was tomorrow. The day after Christmas she was due to fly back home. She planned on locking this whole experience away in her memory.

Christmas was very hectic with cooking, family, and presents. Everyone was running around and no one seemed to notice that Clarice and Glen were locked away in his office; which is also the study.

The study was what Clarice imagined. It had a couch, desk, books, etc. Glen was sitting at his desk and she could tell that he was luring her in with his eyes. Something about his eyes made her pussy flow with juices. Not only did her pussy become extremely wet, but her legs were like jelly. She walked over to him and sat on his desk in front of him. She straddled his lap and he moved himself to her. They started kissing passionately; she moved her pelvis towards him. As he moved her into his lap she could feel how hard he had become. To tease him a little more she grinded her wet pussy into his covered up cock. This was it, she had to have him no matter what and she knew that he felt the same way.

Anna knew something was up the very first night that Glen walked into Clarice’s room. He had a way with the young girls and she wished it wasn’t her daughter. Something about what she was seeing in his study was a turn on. Seeing Glen with another woman made Anna want to touch herself. Anna slid her hand down her lace, white panties and she made her way through the field of passion. She inserted two fingers into her saturated pussy. With her other hand she massaged her breasts; making her nipples hard. One thing that increased her mood was when she pinched those fully erected nipples. Glen and Clarice were completely unaware of their number one admirer.

Clarice unbuttoned his shirt and ran her tongue all over his chest. She was so excited that she bit him on his nipples. He laughed at her eagerness, and his punishment to her for biting was that he was going to fuck her so hard with his dick that she would not know what hit her. His nasty little bitch was going to know what it meant to respect her stepdaddy. He pulled her pants down and admired how well she took care of her pussy. The juices were glowing on her love box. Before the fucking would begin he could not resist the urge to taste her. Everything about her was so pink and he could tell that she had been barely broken in. She was as sweet as a nectar flower and he was determined to stick his stinger in her.

Anna was becoming more and more turned on as the events unraveled before her. She noticed that she was cumming down her leg. Glen had always told her that it was not nice to let her nectar go to waste. She gathered up her juices and licked it off her fingers. Even though she had just came she still felt the urge to stay there and watch the naughty pair.

Glen laid Clarice over his desk and entered her with such ease that she almost came just by his smooth technique. She wanted this moment to last forever. As he was fucking her he looked up and noticed that Anna was watching his fuck session with Clarice. He smiled cause he knew what he was doing was turning his wife on. He always loved an audience’s attention and his performance was outstanding. He fucked her harder and harder. She was moaning so loud that he took his cock out of her beaver and shoved it into her mouth. He ordered her to suck her sweetness off his dick. She sucked him to a point that he stopped her by stroking his own cock and cumming all over her pretty little face.

Glen motioned for Anna to come to the desk. This shocked Clarice because she didn’t know what was going to happen. But too much surprise Glen told Anna to lick his cum off her daughter’s face. Glen was so turned on by the mother and daughter interaction that he became very hard instantly. He told Anna to lie over Clarice and relax. She did as she was told and he rammed his massively swollen dick into her ass. He told her over and over how she felt like a virgin getting fucked for the very first time. As Anna took the ass fucking, Glen leaned over and kissed Clarice. Little did the ladies know that Glen had everything planned out from the moment that Clarice had arrived at their house. He was so excited that he shot his load all over Anna’s back.

The day seemed to go off without a hitch. Everyone was so impressed with Clarice. They asked if she was going to be spending a lot more time with Anna. In fact, she could not wait until she could talk to Glen and Anna about her next visit. Clarice was so happy that all of her wishing upon the Christmas stars finally paid off. Forget about locking these memories away. These were memories that she never wanted to lose. Whoever said that nice things only come in small packages? In this case sexy, big things come in huge packages. This was a gift that kept giving all year round.

The day had finally come to an end and as the three sat around the Christmas tree they talked about what the future would bring. Glen and Anna offered a place for Clarice to stay, but she wanted to remain at home with her father, Sam. She explained that she was getting ready to go away to college and that her father depended on her being at home. They understood and said that she would always be welcomed in their home. This made her very happy to know that her future holidays would be full of naughty surprises.

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