More Subliminal Messages, Part 1

As you know, years ago I played with the idea of subliminal messages, burning a hypnosis session in four CDs. I used the CDs only once and decided to never use them again, but instead of destroying the discs, I stored them in a safe box I have in my studio. They were a dangerous thing to play around with, but well used were too much fun for me to simply destroy them.

When this episode happened, my niece Elena had been living with me for almost a year and our relationship was the weird mix of being relatives, business partners, and lovers. In a single sentence, it felt more and more as a couple’s life. We had sex often, trying new things with each other, but we had our separate adventures. Elena was exploring her bisexuality and I was kind of happy to be able to have partners my own age – keeping a horny teen satisfied is pretty difficult when you are in your 40’s!

Elena’s clothing line was a total success and besides us, someone else was extremely happy about that success: Elaine. Elaine was the owner of the boutique where my niece began to work when she moved with me and she became not only her first client and investor, but more recently she had become a good friend of the family.

Although I had known Elaine for almost 20 years, I could not consider her a close friend until just a few months earlier to this event. She is a very attractive woman at her early 40’s – she was a high-end fashion model that used to compete with the so-called super models – but her snobbish attitude had always turned me off. That’s a lot to say when you consider that Elaine is a tall natural blonde with hypnotizing blue eyes and a pair of melons that seem too big for her slender frame. In fact, I would say her figure now looks better and hotter than when she was modeling!

Besides her business relationship with my niece, there was another reason for the closer relationship we had now: her daughter Sareida. Sareida with her 18 years was a carbon copy of her mother at that age, and like her mother, Sareida – or Sari as we call her – had begun modeling Elena’s designs. Unlike her mother, Sari is a down to earth young woman, enjoying the things most middle class girls do. Sari and Elena clicked right away when they met and soon became close friends. I was suspecting that my niece and Sari had something else beyond a friendship, although Elena had denied it.

Well, one afternoon I got home after doing some errands and found Elena and Sari watching a TV show about hypnotism. Since I had nothing better to do, I joined them in the living room to watch it. It was one of those “street magic” shows where unsuspecting people get hypnotized by the magician to do some stupid act.

“I should take mom to one of those guys! She is so damned stiff I think she needs to be hypnotized to date again!” Sari said laughing. Both Elena and I looked each other, surprised about knowing that Elaine was not dating someone.

“What, you guys didn’t know? Mom hasn’t dated anyone seriously since she divorced Dad five years ago. At least, I’m sure she hasn’t seen any action in five months besides the monster dildo she has hidden in her nightstand. And I even have doubts about the dildo!” she continued saying, laughing out loud, making us laugh too.

“Sari, that’s too much info,” I said, trying to keep away the image of a naked Elaine impaling her pussy with one of the dildos I had designed in the past few years, “Besides, those guys cannot help your mom – the show is a complete fake! People cannot be hypnotized so easily and even if they are, they cannot be forced to do something against their will. They can only help you to feel better about something you want to do,” I said, remembering the research I’d done about hypnotism years earlier.

“Uncle, how do you know about that? Don’t tell me you know how to hypnotize people?” Elena asked in a tone I knew too well to be a tease.

“Well, years ago, I helped two college students with some research about it. Nothing special, but those guys on TV cannot hypnotize anyone for real,” I answered Elena using the same tone.

Sari interrupted the secret teasing between me and my niece. “Too bad, I would like to help Mom somehow. She is too young to throw herself to waste, and she really needs some dick, because her hole is getting rusty!”

“Too much info, Sari!!” both Elena and I said at the same time, changing the topic.

Later that night, after Sari had gone back to her own house, Elena and I were doing the dishes when the topic of Elaine’s sexual drought came into conversation.

“Uncle, do you think Elaine is that frigid?”

“Well, she is snobbish as hell – and that turns off most men. Shit, it turns ME off!”

“So, you had never fucked Elaine?” Elena said, totally surprised.

“Nope! Believe it or not, I have known her since before Sari was born and I have never done anything with her. The most intimate we have been in 20 years is the kiss on the cheek you have seen when we greet. Her ‘stiffness’ is a boner killer, at least for me,” I said.

“But do you find her attractive?” Elena asked with a trace of jealousy in her voice.

“Of course she is attractive, and Sari is a clone of her mother. The only thing she got from her dad was her character.” I said factually. “It is a shame Elaine’s personality is such a deal breaker. A little hypnosis could help to melt that ice a bit, so she could enjoy life again.”

“But you said…” Elena interjected

“I said those TV assholes could not do it, I never said it could not be done. In fact, I think we can help her,” I said, remembering the success of the CDs I had in the safe. “Don’t ask me how, just leave it to me. Invite both Elaine and Sari for dinner tomorrow and I will take care of the rest.”

Next evening, Elaine and Sari were at my house for dinner. I cooked some Italian food – my specialty – and then all four of us went to the living room to listen to some music. I turned on the sound system and played some lounge music I had stored in my MP3. Of course, the selections had the infamous hypnotic session I had recorded and tested six years earlier.

After fifteen minutes, I noticed the glassy eyes on all three women. I let the music play for thirty more minutes, then I started the fun. First, I did not want Elena to be hypnotized, so I instructed her to wake up from the trance, immune to the effects of the hypnosis. She woke up and became surprised when she realized she had been hypnotized with Elaine and her daughter.

“Holy shit! Are they going to do whatever we want?”

“No, they will do whatever I want. The hypnosis only works when I say the key word. So, do not worry, they won’t be walking around like zombies. Also, like I told you and Sari yesterday, I cannot force them to do something they don’t want to do. The only thing I can do is help them to achieve what they want, but are afraid of doing.”

“So what are you going to do?” Elena asked with sincere curiosity.

“Well, we are going to help them. I will try to lower some of Elaine’s fears about relationships and I will also check something about Sari.”

To Be Continued…


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