Tallulah’s Tales Part 3

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Ever since my first fuck with my brother, it felt like my pussy was ready for fucking 24/7! I’d wake up and my hand would immediately slide down my stomach to find my cunt lips already damp with my juices. Most days I’d just pump my fingers into my hungry hole until sweet orgasmic bliss rushed over me, but if I was feeling extra horny, I’d cross the hall to Benjy’s room and wake him up by wrapping my lips around his morning wood. I loved to see it standing straight up, tenting the bedclothes like my own personal fuck pole, and pulling off the sheets to see the little drop of precum glistening on the tip was like unwrapping gifts on christmas morning.

It was Benjy’s favorite way to wake up, and he let me know by his groans as I sucked. He’d tangle his fingers in my hair and push my mouth down on his pulsing member, muttering “Good morning, baby sister!” I’d work my lips around the engorged mushroom head, then sink as much of his cock as I could down my throat- I’d been practicing hard on my deepthroating. With my juices dripping down my thighs, I’d hum around his cock until he came, splashing streams of brother-cum into my mouth. I’d lick my lips to make sure I’d caught every delicious morsel-my favorite kind of breakfast.

Then, it was my turn. I’d lay back on his bed and spread my legs wide for him, showing off my starving pussy- probably soaking onto the sheets below me! He’d grin widely at that, seeing me all hot for him like that. Sometimes, I closed my eyes to wait for that first touch of his fingers, stroking along the tender lips of my cunt. Some mornings he’d tease me for ages, running his fingertips up and down until I begged him to touch me properly. He’d comply eventually- what big brother doesn’t want to make his little sister happy? I’d moan and buck my hips as he circled my tiny clitty with one fingertip, shivering as I felt another finger at the entrance to my flooded hole. He’d slide one in at first, slowly pumping it in and out, then add another until he had three fingers massaging my slick inner walls. By then I’d be in heaven, a-humpin’ and a-moanin’ so loudly he’d cover my mouth with his other hand to stop me waking the whole house.

When my pussy was flowing like a waterfall and his cock was at full-mast again, he’d pull out his fingers and sink his prick inside me in one stroke, pushing the air from my lungs and making me gasp. There would be no teasing then; he’d piston himself in and out like an engine, blowing my mind and setting a fire in my belly. The bed would be rocking, I’d be holding in my screams for all I was worth. Finally, when both of us were nearing the edge, he’d reach down and push his finger hard against my clitty, sending shockwaves through every nerve in my body. I’d clamp down on his cock with my pussy, and both of us would spiral into orgasm, our bodies shaking.

These morning escapades had such an effect on me that my best friend Loreen asked me why I smiled so wide all the time. I told her I had a really delicious breakfast and a good talk with my big brother, which was almost the truth!

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon after classes, Benjy and I mucked out the horses together. We’d chat, and since we’d become so intimate, our conversations would always turn dirty. On this particular Thursday, we were putting away our boots in the storage shed when I felt his hands grip my hips from behind, his breath hot on my ear.

“Hey, ‘Lula. All that hard work has gotten me all hot ‘n bothered, how ’bout you?”

My cheeks flushed, and I pushed my hips back. As I suspected, his cock was pushing against the denim, and the feel of it touching my ass made me smile.

“Sure, Benjy, I guess I am all hot and a lil bit bothered too!”

“Mmm, I thought so.” One hand migrated up my waist to my titty, where he stroked the nipple. It stiffened visibly against the fabric of my shirt. His other hand slid down across my thigh to cup my mound over my jeans. “How about we have a bit of brother-sister fun to relax?”

“What, here? In the shed?”

“Well, sure! Don’t you fancy a change from playing in the bed all the time?”

Damn, how nasty! The thought of us fucking on this shed floor should horrify me, but the dampening in my panties betrayed how turned on his words were making me.

His fingers pressed against my crotch. “So what do you say, ‘Lula? Want to play in the shed?”

I ground my hips into his growing cock, and gripped the hand that toyed with my nipple.

“So that’s a yes?”

“Yes, Benjy! Please, I want to play with you!”

That was what he wanted to hear. His fingers pressed into my mound as he ground his crotch into my ass. We both scrambled to undo the buttons on my shirt, and dropped it with my bra in a pile on the dusty floor. He grabbed my breast and squeezed. I moaned softly.

“Here, let’s get these off too.” He popped the button of my jeans, and I shimmied out of them faster than a bolting horse. I hooked a thumb into the waistband of my white lacy panties and shook them off too, picking them up to show Benjy the huge wet spot. “Damn, little sister, have you got a cunt or a faucet down there?” I tossed them onto the pile of clothes, then turned around to face my brother.

“Hey, Benj, how come I’m the only one butt-naked in here?” He smirked, and lifted his shirt off in one smooth move.

“Why don’t you help me out of these jeans, ‘Lula?” I immediately obliged, sinking to my knees and unbuckling his belt. When I pushed the denim down, his cock sprang up to greet me, nearly sticking me in the eye.

“Hey! Watch what you’re doing with that! It’s supposed to go in my mouth, not my eye!” With that, I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked on it like a lollipop. He bit his lip and hissed, closing his eyes with pleasure. I dipped a hand between my thighs and stroked my sopping pussy, spreading my honey up and around my clit.

Benjy’s hand reached down and pushed my head away suddenly. “That’ll do, kid. I don’t know if I can hold out much longer, and I want to feel that tight lil cunt of yours wrapped around my cock before I blow.” Then he grabbed my hips and lifted me to sit on top of Daddy’s work bench, next to the tools. It felt so naughty and wrong, and I loved it. I held my breath as he nudged my swollen nether-lips with his mushroom head, and gasped as he slid it up to rub against my clitty. “Ready for me, baby sister?” I could only nod as the sensations on my throbbing bud rippled through my body. He spread my lips open with his member, and strands of my juice oozed down and began to pool on the bench below. I felt him at my entrance, and then he eased his hips forward, pushing himself into my tight, welcoming tunnel.

He was moving so slowly I couldn’t bear it. “Please, Benj, go faster!”

“Say what, ‘Lula?”

“Fuck me, damn it! I want you to fuck me hard!”

That made him smile so wide, to hear me talking dirty. He pulled his cock out until only the head remained, then slammed his hips in, pressing his pubic bone into my clit and making me howl like a banshee. I covered my mouth with my hand, but he pulled it away. “S’ok, ‘Lula. There’s no one near to hear us, you can make all the noise you want. Let me hear how good my cock makes you feel.”

And make noise I did! As he pounded his fuck-meat into my steaming cunt, I let rip a seemingly endless stream of curses and moans, hollerin’ and whoopin’ loud enough to wake the dead. He groaned along with me, grinding his dick into me like a bull at mating season. His thrusts were so strong that the bench was thumping against the wall and my legs were shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. He’d never fucked me so hard before, and my head was up in the clouds- it was like my brain was directly hooked up to my flaming pussy with nothing else in between, and all I could feel was unimaginable pleasure radiating from my clenching walls and pulsing clitty. I heard him gasp, and knew he was about to come. My lil cunt was squelching around his cock, squirting juices across my thighs and dripping off my bright pink lips. I hoped to god it wouldn’t leave a stain on Daddy’s workbench.

As Benjy stiffened and moaned, I felt the spark ignite in my clit, and we both came together, his cock shooting deep into my pussy. I howled and howled until I was hoarse, and flopped against his chest to catch my breath. As we both panted together, I heard a sound. I looked up in time to see the shed door open.

“Benjy?!” Oh, shit! It was my older brother! I ducked my head down as Benjy whipped his head around.

“Uh, hey Kyle.”

“Are you seriously fucking a girl in Dad’s tool shed?”


“Shit! I’d never thought of that! Who’s the lucky chick, then?”

“Well, uh…”

I leaned around Benjy’s shoulder and looked at my eldest brother, standing tall in the doorway. “Hey, Kyle.”

“‘Lula??! What the hell?! You’ve been fucking our baby sister?”

Benjy flushed. “I can explain, Kyle, it’s just that, um…”

Kyle, rather than looking angry though, looked impressed!

“Damn, little brother! I didn’t know you had it in you. Fucking our little ‘Lula!” He stepped into the room. “Let me get a good look at you, kiddo.” Benjy stepped back from the bench, pulling his cock from my cunt. A mixture of my honey and his cum oozed out of me. “Shit, baby sister, you look so hot right now, like one of those girls in porn movies! Damn!” I could see the approval on his face. I should feel embarrassed, but there was a buzzin’ going on deep inside me and I felt nothing but pride. I could see a tent appearing in Kyle’s pants, and he smirked when he caught me looking ¬†at it. “Is one brother’s cock not enough for you, ‘Lula?”

“Well, I’ve only ever fucked Benj, and maybe…it would be nice to see what another cock feels like in my cunt.”

His eyebrows shot up at hearing me talk so dirty. “Shit, you talk just like one of those porn stars too! How about it, Benjy? Fancy sharing our ‘Lula?”

Benjy grinned. “Sure do, Kyle.”

Kyle picked up my clothes. “I think we should take this to my room so we can spread out a bit, hey? I want to enjoy this.”


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