Thank You…continues

“I miss you Ray. Can you come and see me…please?”
He chuckled “I miss you too kid. I got some time off coming. I’ll set it up.”
She liked college and was very serious about her education. What she didn’t like was the living arrangements. The dorms. That’s why she called Ray. She gave some serious consideration to the situation
…ideas started to take shape.

It was easy to see that he had missed her. When she saw him she went running up and jumped in his arms…he swept her off her feet…spinning around several times. When he set her down she felt his bulge straining to be free of its prison. But she avoided it. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and backed away.
Then she looked at him to see his reaction…he looked disappointed for a few seconds…but as he looked her up and down he smiled. He is consumed by her…his lust knows no bounds.

It was clear that they had to keep their distance. She lead him to the dorm and her enthusiasm vanished. She appeared depressed. They made small talk.
“Whats going on kid?”
Jessie appeared to be holding back tears. She told him that the dorm environment was affecting her grades and her sanity. She wasn’t getting enough sleep. No privacy. Things disappearing. She was on the verge of a breakdown…
Ray was watching her…he had never seen her so upset. He wanted to hold her. Comfort her…
” Jessie…listen…I know a few people here. I am going to make some calls. Everything is going to be alright.”
She sat there hugging her knees rocking. Ray was on the phone for a while. When he approached her he said…
“Cheer up kid…I’m getting you out of here. Someone will get your things.”
“What do you mean?…I cant go…school is to important and…”
He put his finger up to her
lips…”Shhh!…no worries kid…you’re not dropping out… you’re just leaving this mess.”
She didn’t question any further…she collapsed into his arms. He then carried her away…she was completely aware of every moment…

When she finally opened her eyes Ray was sitting by her side holding her hand. She blinked her best wide eyed innocent look…
“Well…what do you think kid”
“Hmm…I think I am glad you came to see me. I feel better. I dont know what got into me.”
Ray laughed…”I was talking about this…” He turned and swept his hand out presenting the new apartment.
Jessie looked around…
“Where are we…?”
“This is where you live from now on.”
She seemed to be processing the info…but she was actually deciding how to handle her next moves…
“Oh…Ray…you mean I can stay here? No more dorm?”
“That’s right kid.”
She squealed and jumped up…
going from room to room.
“I love it but how am I going pay for it?”
“Your not…it’s all taken care of.”
She put her arms around him
…whispering “How am I ever going joto thank you…as she slowly backed away.
Jessie then started to take off her clothes. She made Ray wait until she was standing completely naked in front of him. She slowly turned around to reveal a butt
plug. He was both surprised and pleased. She undressed him…toyed with him…He grabbed her and pulled her close
“I want to fuck you.”
With that she moved slightly away…turning around so that her backside faced him.
She glanced over her shoulder as she pulled out the plug saying…
“So lets fuck…”
She backed up and rubbed lube on his member and as she lower herself down…gasped…”I’ve never done this before.”
Ray grabbed her hips and held them. He applied lube to his finger and to her virgin ass.He didn’t want to hurt her. Slowly he administered the soothing potion. She felt the second digit enter. She began to feel excited and was matching his strokes…when he put another finger in she gasped…
“Oooh!…that feels so fucking good. Put your cock in…Put it in my ass and fuck me now Ray.”
So he took her. (In the back of his mind the thought flashed then was gone *one down-one to go*)
Once he was well inside her she started to thrust…then rock…and bounce…It felt so good…
“Damn Jess…You are so fucking tight…” He got her on her hands and knees…pumping that ass from behind…she stroked her clit…when Ray started to cum she thrust back hard and he was deep when she felt the hot blasts fill her. She let her own orgasm ignite. Then she smiled and said…”Thank you…Ray.”
“Oh you aren’t done thanking me yet…”

He fucked that virgin ass all night long. Jess didnt mind…she now had her own apartment…besides ass fucking leaves her virginity intact. She has alot to be thankful for.

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  1. scar023

    This one is amazing. Short and to the point. Love it.

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