Who’s Your Daddy? Part 3


The two exhausted Eric Jays returned to their times and places in the present, while the young Twila Mae from the past went forth into the void… Meanwhile, in the belly of the light storm, another sweet young soul, a female, was taken up into the electrical void, too, this one from the future….


Many scientists in the international community had grown quite concerned about the increasing frequency as well as the growing intensity of the mysterious light shows affecting much of the region, especially along the outskirts of town. Civil authorities issued warnings for residents to avoid what many were now referring to as “wormholes” or “electro-magnetic storms (EMS).”

In the past week alone, including when she went to the lakeside beach to sunbathe, Twila Mae with her own eyes had sighted in the distance numerous bright, rainbow-like flashes above town. Then later that same day, she witnessed the same phenomena hovering over the coulee near the housing development not far from their house. In a few instances, odd electrical cloud formations lasted more than five minutes long, nearly double what the usual duration had been. It seemed that these “wormholes” were gaining in strength.

Along with that, she had noticed that her son Eric Jay’s behavior over recent days had become more anxious and pensive, imitating the intensity of the lightning phenomena. Indeed, she remembered that he always used to tease her about wearing too often the same sexy orange summer outfit, her favorite, a few times every week, but now he hardly said anything to her at all. If anything, she sometimes caught him looking vacantly at her—almost longingly sometimes, dare she imagine?

Like many local residents and onlookers in the area, Twila Mae could feel the growing electricity in the air all around them, but particularly on the edge of town. From the back bedroom window a few days earlier, she had watched Eric Jay mowing the back yard in his summer shorts when one of the big “wormholes” had flashed not far from the coulee. For some reason, she saw, her son must have fled to safer quarters, as he was gone following the massive lightning episode. He must have been seeking refuge and playing it safe. For a moment, she even feared that perhaps the electrical fog had swallowed him up! She later was relieved to find him back safe inside the house, sleeping soundly in his room. He finished mowing early the next day without incident, though he seemed more distant the whole day.

This morning, nearly a week later, the dawn broke with more such light phenomena, including some drifting, glowing orbs in the coulee. Twila Mae got up earlier than usual because of this strange light show. She looked out the window to behold the weirdness.

Sitting back down on the bed, she recalled dreaming of lying naked in the field as she had done when a young woman on special occasions, either alone or with John … when the whole area was undeveloped land. On the blanket with Eric Jay… she toyed with this illicit idea quite suddenly. Reaching over to the night stand, she roused herself with a fresh, handy cucumber picked the other day from her backyard garden, the garden which Eric Jay and she had planted in the spring. It was a wonderful, prolific garden, much like this grand cucumber in her anxious hand. She masturbated with the stoic cucumber, whose tip was a fine, wide smooth edge, resembling the head of a human penis. Her engorged clit and slick pussy lips enjoyed not only the smooth ridges of the long vegetable, but also absorbed the pin-prickly static in the cool morning air. Her dark nipples and areolas stood more erect than usual as she performed her secret bedroom ritual.

Twila Mae really wanted to cum hard this morning. It had been building for some time, much like the electrical storms. Determined, she pleasured herself on the bed with the ever reliable garden friend thoroughly between her smooth, soft, creamy thighs. The act led to a full orgasm, cunt juices flowing, her tongue licking her pouting lips. It was just then that she found herself recalling the other day when she had sniffed the crotch of Eric Jay’s shorts before throwing it in with the rest of the laundry. Vague, primordial feelings and spinning memory clips of the backyard had flooded her mind. At the time, she had almost creamed inside her panties when she sniffed his shorts, looking around embarrassed to make sure her son did not see her breathing in his fine musk. She had never done it before, and it had seemed nearly impulsive to do so. The male scent of tangy, natural sweat had put a pang of guilt in her heart, and a tingle in her slackening vagina.

This morning it was time to satisfy the physical yearning inside her. With this taboo thought racing in her mind and the cucumber deep up her cunt, Twila Mae’s naked body rolled on the sheets. Waves of pleasure burst forth, just as more lightning flashed outside the bedroom window, and her beautiful mature face flushed a deep red, almost matching her head of bronze hair and the mound of her trimmed pubic bush.

“Ohhh, forgive me … mmmm,” she groaned with a knowing smile, pretending that her son was on top of her…again. Her head pushing back into the pillows, she slammed the lucky cucumber up another inch or so, touching her tight cervix, before withdrawing in relief. Her other hand’s fingers rubbed her tingly clit in a mad rush. Her feet curled and her tanned chest and belly heaved and contorted.

Twila Mae slept a short time after that, the tingles slowly subsiding in the marrow of her bones.

Later in the morning, she stepped into the master bedroom’s bathroom and took a satisfying shower. Still early in the morning, the house was quiet. Eric Jay likely was still sleeping in his bedroom.

Twila Mae toweled herself off as she paced the room and stared out the window, watching the odd lights erupt with the fiercest intensity that she had ever witnessed before. Despite the summer sun, this light made shadows dance upon earth around it.

“My God,” she whispered, transfixed by the incredible sight in the coulee beyond.

She shook her head to break the spell. Slipping on her sexy orange summer shorts and tank top that morning, she heard a shuffling noise in her bathroom…someone in there? How could that be? She had just showered a few minutes ago in there.

“Eric Jay, is that you?” she asked, peeking in.

She almost fainted when she saw the reflected mirror image of the young teenage girl with the long, straight reddish-blond hair and blue eyes, and a wonderfully tanned and pert body. Her hair was wet, and she was wrapped snugly in a white towel, apparently having just stepped out of the same shower. How could that be, Twila Mae thought?

The girl had at first seemed disorientated, then gasping, glanced up into the mirror to see Twila Mae’s reflection. She turned around and cried, “Mom! Don’t scare me like that!”

Twila Mae froze, seeing an odd, younger version of herself before her. No, upon closer consideration, it was not her younger self. No, it was not, of that she was certain. Almost like one of her younger sisters.

“Mom!” the girl said again. She shook her head and stared more closely at Twila Mae. “What did you do to yourself?


“Your haircut. And you dyed your hair?”

“What are you saying?” Twila Mae touched her hair. The girl looked so much like her.

“Mom, you look twenty years younger. My God!” And with that sudden shock, the girl fainted into her mother’s arms.

The maternal soul she was, Twila Mae lay the girl on the bed and stared dumbstruck at the sight. The girl’s towel had fallen off, revealing a beautiful young body, smooth, tan, just mature enough for all to appreciate fully. She started to resuscitate her to learn who this girl claiming to be her daughter was and how she had mysteriously appeared in her bedroom.

Meanwhile, the eerie orbs and lightning only magnified the electrical atmosphere.


Eric Jay awoke that same morning, greeted with a healthy hard on. This was the first night in almost a week that he had not dreamed about the odd encounter of fucking his younger mother in the past with his doppelganger. He drifted to the desire to fuck his mother in the present day, a delicious taboo. He was still confused about what had happened, and that his mother did not seem to recognize him. But he, too, had come to feel since last week that he did not look the same in some strange way in the mirror either.

With the thought of his older mother now in his mind’s eye, dressed in her sensual summer two-piece orange arrangement, his cock slipped out of his briefs as he stretched and yawned. He turned to notice the powerful flashing lights outside the window again, despite the lifting summer sunshine. Never before had he experienced such intensity of the “wormholes.” The static in his mind and body almost overwhelmed his senses.

He did his morning routine. That was when he heard the excited voices of two women talking in the living room. Getting dressed, he stepped out into the living room to behold his mother in her familiar, but ever sexy, orange summer outfit and the young beauty dressed in Twila Mae’s blue halter and short shorts.

Both ladies were sitting on the sofa. Twila Mae glanced over at him, pointing with a smirk, “That is Eric Jay.”

The girl again gasped when she saw him. “…so young…! Oh my God!” Sweet sweet joy graced her refined face, taking in his divine image.

Immense lightning flashed in the living room, electrical charges running through them all.

Eric Jay stood there, frozen.

“Eric Jay,” his mother said, “this is VeNietta. Our daughter, she says.”

He gawked at them, a thin smile rising.

It appeared that, to his supreme delight, Twila Mae also had just painted their sexy and tanned daughter’s fingernails and toenails bright orange.



(Image Source: Forbidden Fruits Films)

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