A pet 1

The vinyl blind gently swayed in and out of my bedroom with the low gusts of spring air. I pulled the blind shut and flicked the ceiling light off. A dim light was cast from my small crystal lamp on my bedside table that I’ve had since I was a little girl. Scarf’s are draped along the lamp shade tossing a few colors of light along the back wall.

Standing in front of my bedroom mirror I slid my jeans down , pushing them past my shapely hips. I ogled at myself in the mirror while I unhooked my bra. I watched my breasts pour out of the cups my nipples began to protrude from the spring air. I hung my 34D padded pushup on the doorknob spun around and folded my stonewashed jeans then laid them into the drawer. I ran my finger on the inside of the elastic of my thong and pulled it out from my folds seems it was getting a little eager.

I lifted my lace teddy off the bedpost and pulled it over my head. Then I sat on the edge facing the dresser mirror. I checked my armpits to see if they’re in need of a shave. I reached toward the dresser and grabbed the handle of my brush and began combing through my long blonde hair. I looked at the pimple that started sprouting itself on my chin and shook my head.

Next to my makeup were the dreaded piles of bills. I lost my job a couple of weeks ago and unemployment hasn’t kicked in. And even if it had I would still be short money after the utilities were paid.

There was a feverish scratching at my door that startled me for a second. Trevor, my Irish wolfhound, he is a persistent lug but makes for a great security blanket. At two years old he was as big as this dresser. He made me look like a child, however everything did, I was only 5’-2” and 106 pounds soaking wet. I opened the door a smidge and Trevor shoved it the rest of the way with his snout.

If Trevor stood up he would tower over me, I believe he is almost a hundred and twenty pounds and thirty inches high, but if he stands on his hind legs he clears six feet easily. His food bill was a small fortune. He reminded me of my grandparent’s farm that’s why I keep him. Sounds sort of cruel having an animal this size in an apartment, but the main reason was because he is an imposing form of security.

It was a warm night, so I only put a sheet over me; my nighty was lace ribbons on the shoulders and almost see through. Good for the eighty-degree heat and the stifling humidity.

What happened that night was totally unexpected, and if I thought about it I would have barfed. But it was one of those things I never thought could ever happen, not to me anyway.

I was lying asleep Trevor was panting at my bedside. I kicked the covers off and drifted off. Then I felt something between my legs it scared me then shocked me, Trevor’ snout was rooting around in my crotch. He must have been there a while because my panties were dripping with saliva. I pushed him away and I went back to sleep, but then he woke me. I scolded him and he got off the bed and lay back down and I fell asleep.

The next day I looked at Trevor and he looked like he was sad.

So I gave him some dog bones and went on a job interview. When I came back home the treats were gone and I went into my bedroom to find the dog. He wasn’t there but I found my dirty clothes all over the place, and there he was with my panties in his mouth. I yelled at him again and was wondering what I was going to do as I pulled my high-end fashion panties from his mouth, which are not Walmart specials, unnerving me even more.

So again that night when I went to bed I put Trevor out of the room. I was in my teddy with nothing on underneath no thong, panties anything. It was an unusually hot night and I like sleeping in the nude anyway, besides Trevor was out of my bedroom. So I’m asleep and I hear this scratching at my door. I open it and Trevor is almost eye-to-eye with me, so I wag my finger and yell at him. Telling him to knock it off. He barks which nearly knocks me over then pants. I close the door and layback down and what happens he starts howling. I’m like what the heck. So I’m figuring I’m going to have to get rid of this dog in the morning.

But then I remember when he was a puppy and I fed him and loved taking him for walks when he was so small and cuddly which seems like years ago. So for the night I opened my door and let poor Trevor in. He sat at my bedside; his head was at pillow height. I fell asleep but was awakened by Trevor rooting around between my thighs again. They were all sloppy with saliva, I pushed him away but when I did for a quick instant his tongue darted and stroked my clit, I was stunned, like someone knocked me upside my head, then there was a buzzing that coupled itself with the pleasure of his silky tongue. His pink whip caused me to bite my bottom lip then I let out a slow gasp. I put my hands on his head and tried to push him away but he kept nosing into me. My hands were growing weak fending off his advances exhausted my elbows gave. His tongue drove deeper inside me. his nose pressing my enlarging clit.

Trevor repositioned, slapped his mitt like front paws onto the bed, like he was drinking from a bowl. His nose shoved me into the corner of the room. I was a statue of tainted ecstasy. I tried to get away but there was that moment of bliss that was so dirty I couldn’t help myself. I kept hearing myself say I’m a good girl doing some very naughty. It sort of turned me on in a sick way.

My head was now firmly wedged; this allowed him to push further in while his tongue parted my lips lapping deeper inside me. My soft folds gave way to his long nose, my heart fluttered; I grabbed his ears and squeezed them. I was out of control I grunted, Trevor’ tongue lapped up my silky offerings. I was drenched… My heart was pounding, oh my god this was wrong but now I was panting like a rabid animal. I felt a thick sensation building inside me, my clit was buzzing then I came in quick bursts of glorious waves one after another, Trevor’ tongue darted inside my lips his nose would flex sucking in my juices, his tongue darted up inside me tickling my walls over and over. Then his wet nose came out of my hole I whimpered as his black gum drop pressed on my clit. My clit was so hard I thought I was going to explode. I thought of pushing his head away but I felt myself give into him, Trevor won the battle. I couldn’t help myself I lifted my leg and held it with one hand, Trevor wouldn’t stop, his tongue kept hitting that spot repeatedly, I jerked forward unexpectedly. I felt a trigger inside me released, like a gate was opened and then I came so hard I almost screamed. Gasping in short repetitive pants and when I was done I pushed his head away. I ran my hand through my hair and pulled on it as the guilt came over me.

What did I just do? I liked it, no man made me feel that. But it was wrong it’s an animal. Guilt quickly entered my ego. Flogging me with the mantra, did you really do all you could to get away. You wanted it all along. It was your fault rained down on me like fire.

Lost in these thoughts Trevor climbed in my king sized bed. The mattress gave to his weight. I told him to get down, but he didn’t listen he sat there with his tongue wagging. I looked at him and noticed his cock was sticking out. The poor dog was as hard as a rock. The bulging pink and purple rod was glistening, it appeared to have been leaking all over it. Maybe when he made me come he wanted to. More guilt, for whatever reason made me feel pity for the animal. I also was a bit turned on, and pissed off but mainly confused.

I got up and went to the bathroom, Trevor followed. I could feel his breath on my back. I went to get a towel to wipe the slickness between my legs.

I bent over to get the towel off the bathtub that was when Trevor, got on top of me. I fell to the floor because of his weight and if it wasn’t for my quick thinking of putting my hands on my face I would have hit the edge of the tub full force. Besides that I was still sort of buzzing from the multiple orgasms and the fact I tried to push him away really weakened me. I was blackening in and out from the blast on my head from the tub.

I faintly felt something wet and gooey flopping all over my back and ass. I tried to look behind me and caught a faint glimpse of his hips gyrating his cock stabbing into the air, I felt the slab of hard meat touch my puckered asshole.

I moved to get up on my knees and I wasn’t expecting anything I was dazed off guard you get the picture well that is when he skewered me, the cock slipped in with a lucky shot. I let out a unexpected yelp, because that large hard cock made my pussy burn, I wiggled gyrating my hips from side to side like a fish does with his tail, all in a vain attempt to get away. But Trevor would not be denied. His nail clicked on the bathroom tile, and the rug got bunched up as Trevors pulsating cock burrowed deeper and deeper into my thick drenched folds like a snake.

I thought I would’ve been appalled by this tactic but surprisingly I got wetter and wetter, I writhed and maneuvered to get away, but his cock inflated filling me up, making me pulse with greater wetness, the smell of my juices mixing with his canine aroma made me turn into someone I never knew. His cock hit parts of my body I never thought would be touched. I relented and like a dog on all fours I pushed back. Taking on this animals cock for my own selfishness, I could feel the rod moving inside me squirting his warm wet jism in slow successive bursts washing my womb it comforted me. Finding happiness in his own thrusts his pants in my ear as his cock made my cunt burn with eager desire. My pussy was pulsing with his hard cock- then he would ram in slow three stroke bursts I could feel on the pillowy flesh his balls slap my clit hitting that little nerve over and over zapping my inhibitions to oblivion. My little knob found its way out of the pink folded nest of labia and yearning to be tested. My eyes were rolling back inside my head, I felt heated and red. I pulled on my ass giving Trevor room to work in my crevice.

Fuck me harder.

I looked at my low hanging stomach almost touch the floor I glimpsed past my pierced belly button and seen my pussy split open being violated by an animal in heat. I fell into a rhythm with the animal I wanted more of his hot animal cum I wanted to come one more time. I rubbed my clit and felt his cock then I stuck my fingers into my mouth savoring my tang intermingled with his saltiness. I didn’t care that it was wrong now was not the time that will come later. So I arched my back staying in tune with the lustful jabs of the animal.

I started to feel the wave again this was more sinister though it had guilt all over it because this dog fucked me like I was his bitch and I liked it. I wanted to bark. I wanted to be ridden. His hind legs held onto my hips. He undulated jerking his meat into my pussy till pulsing his cum inside and my muscles wanted it they didn’t want to let go. I felt like I was being filled with every stroke. His cock felt like a balloon at the end pushing at my pussy. The meat of my body was being pushed to the edge. My soft folds against his hard cock, his muscular legs penned me in with his hot warm belly on my ass. His back arching over me while his tail wagged. His snout next to my ear, his hot pink tongue wagged next to my face.

I felt his steady pulses of coursing wetness filling my womb continuously puddling his seed within me satisfying my need to be full. I flexed my hymen and grabbed his swollen balloon cock with my muscle and squeezed, then released and squeezed again milking his cock. I felt a large gob of cum shoot out his inflating cock pushing my dripping pussy open. I wanted more so I pushed back harder to get a better hold, still with my back arched I pushed with my hands from the tub, I wanted more of that seed.

Give it to me, come on harder I want more of that come. I became a cum driven whore, lusting after the animal and his hard wet phallus. The wetter I became the slipperier he became. Our cum mixing together creating a slicker tunnel for him to jab at. Reaching deeper and deeper, causing me to tingle and cease control of my muscles. I was a heap of Jello.

The tip of his cock swelled pushing my once tight tunnel to its brink making me mew and gasp. His legs pushed further mine were limp he stabbed deep within my womb I rolled my wrist in a exhilarating yes leaked out from my mouth along with some drool. I pulled my ass open further with my fingers at my fleshy cheek piercing it with my French manicured nails. Feeling the crack of my ass touching the slick wetness of our juices. I brought them to my face and licked my fingers. I rubbed my clit and felt some more of Trevor and my mixed cocktail moisten the pads of my finger I stuck all four of my digits into my mouth and sucked then repeated the act.

I felt another pulse, a thicker jet of hot wet goo splash inside me. A sweet tang filled the air, my cunt now full began to leak small amounts of his come onto the floor it smelled good. I could feel the thick strands roll down my lips and off my clit warming it. I wiped the cum off the tile with my finger and rubbed it on my lips and licked them.

Yes, baby yes.

His back legs re positioned themselves I angled my ass up high allowing him the opportunity to violate me at an optimum angle. I wanted every last inch of his rock hard penis it was so wet it slid in and out with ease and comfort. At first his come was like water then it thickened. There was another milky shot then another pulse dripping inside me, filling my pussy. I wanted him to make me burst, but I wanted to taste his cock as well. I knew to have him pull out was impossible. His knot formed and forced open muscles I never knew I had he was so swollen if I pulled out the cock would tear me apart.

Oh yeah that’s it, fuck me, fill me.

I never held this position this long but the beast has me impaled by his member. My legs were so wide open my knees hurt, my ass stretched and jiggled as this animal pounded against my pussy lips and ass, he raped me and I really liked it.

I reached behind in between my legs and grabbed his balls and squeezed. Another splash of seed washed over me, as he slammed even harder, my cunt dripped with his semen. The cum ran out of my hole and down my thighs I slid my finger over the slick liquid goo and stuck my fingers in my mouth. The silky liquid tasted so sweet it was better than man cum. So I rubbed my clit as he pumped into me his balls were wet and sticky, then I stuffed my fingers in my mouth again I couldn’t get enough.

Now with the lubrication from his come and my wetness he was able to slam even deeper now, I never felt anything go this far into me before, it was slicker so he was able to ram it home, making my mouth open in a painful glee. Then my insides tripped the wave, it was released, my toes went numb and curled, I gasped for air. Tears formed in my eyes, drool fell from my mouth control was lost my asshole flew open and begged to be filled. Warm wet hair pounded my pussy. The dots of pleasure encompassed me, my foot lifted up off the floor and slapped down, my body wasn’t mine anymore I went numb, pins and needles swept over my body as I clenched at the bathroom rug with dog cock still pumping into me. I wasn’t sure how much longer this would be pleasure. I couldn’t get away. But at that moment I liked it. He yelped then I felt his cock shrink just enough and plop out. I collapsed and rolled over to watch his foot long shrink and felt cum leak from my lips to the tiled floor. A puddle formed around me. I tried to get up but I was too weak. My head buzzed, so I grabbed a towel stuffed it between my legs managed to drag myself from the floor waddle across the tile and fall into the awaiting sheets of my bed. Immediately I lost consciousness.

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  1. Amanda19

    oh yes baby now you are his bitch, he will take you any time he wants and anywhere, you’ll have no control of that and when he wants you which will be often you’ll give yourself to him willingly cuz if you don’t you’l never feel his cock knotting you as good as the first time, but you’ll still be his bitch.

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  2. Very well written and erotic. Thanks for the reply.

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