A Pet 2

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I woke up in my bed with Trevor next to me. I went to the bathroom. I wiped myself and cum was still dripping out of me. I drained that puppies man sized sac. I shook inside and was feeling very guilty. Obviously because Trevor is a dog, then I thought I wasn’t worthy of human companionship. Like I have to step down to another species to be satisfied sexually.

Then the most terrifying realization was that if I cannot stop this dog from raping me I’d have serious problems. Immediately I got on the phone and called the animal shelter. Trevor was only two years old so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to find a new home.

I gathered his ball, rope, and his bone. I put them in a garbage bag. I emptied his water bowl and food, and that is when Trevor knew. He knew what I had planned. I threw the bag in my SUV and grabbed the leash. He started whimpering, I started crying. I tried to explain to him that this wouldn’t work. But the more I wanted to remove him from my life the more I realized that I loved him. I cared about this dog very much. Not because we had sex but because that I reared this animal from a pup, he reminded me of Corky, my Grandparents dog. He brought a ray of light into my life that I was missing especially after I broke up with my ex. He was there to sit on the couch with and console me by laying his head in my lap.

I sat on the couch crying; Trevor sensed my mood so he tried to stay close but not to close. I wiped my nose with Kleenex. I needed to clear my head so I went to take a shower. I locked the door and cleansed my body of the dog’s scent and jism. I rinsed myself and felt a sore deep within my belly. But it felt good, to good. A part of me continuously humiliated my conscience the other part the eviler side the one that was turned to the light of elated climax was asking when were we going to get fucked like that again. I was very confused. Like there was another person inside of me that wanted to be treated like that, to be fucked like an animal. But I couldn’t do that again, could I? My self esteem is damaged enough.

I put on my tight form-fitting panties and a sweatshirt and jogging pants. I went into the kitchen to clear my head.

I was at a crossroad. I had no idea what I should do. What do I say when I get a boyfriend? I stop fucking Trevor? I tell my new boyfriend and hope he understands. I can hear it now, “Honey, I love you, but Trevor has such a great package that I can’t say no. But I will not fuck another other guy, just my dog.”

I’m not ugly or anything, I mean I would classify myself as average, my ass and tits get looks all the time.

So I decided to have a glass of wine and call one of my girlfriends. Gail is an understanding friend but I doubt she’ll understand this but I need to get this off my chest. Actually I think she may think lesser of me. I really don’t have a choice I have no one else to talk to I have to do something. And for me I just need to vent about this whole thing.

After I poured Gail and I a glass of wine, I told her. I couldn’t look her in the eye.

“Gail, Gail did you hear me?”

Her brow furrowed as if she couldn’t believe it. “Really? I mean Trevor is big. But how could he rape you, I mean did he rip your clothes off? I don’t understand.”

“I know its difficult to understand but I was sleeping.” I said then gulped my wine.

“Yeah but couldn’t you just, you know push him off, well I guess he does outweigh you by a few pounds. I don’t know I’m having a hard time getting this.”

“I know you probably think like I’m a…”

“A what sweetheart? Never mind all that. Look maybe if you showed me,” she said and held my hands on the kitchen table and looked at me with sullen eyes.

I looked at her for a second, but I really thought she didn’t get it.

“I just don’t understand, how an animal can do that?”

So I walked her into the bedroom, as she ran her thumb under one of the straps of her top.

I laid there on the bed, okay I had no underwear on,” I finally confessed. “It was a bit hot but the breeze was just right.”

“Oh so Trevor smelled you, you probably kicked the sheet off because it was hot out right?”

“Yeah that’s it.”

“Then what happened?” Gail asked sipping her wine, holding the goblet with two hands.

“Well I got wedged in the corner,” I pointed where the corner of the bed met the corner of the room.

“Oh really?” she queried with a pointed glare.

“Yes well he uh – he licked me,” I said blushing.

“I thought you said he raped you,” Gail said putting her hand on her hip.

Can you believe this? I tilted my head and cocked my eye with a hand on my hip and said. “He did me in the bathroom,” I said pointing into the adjacent bathroom across the hall. “You don’t believe me do you?”

“No, no, I didn’t say that, show me,” she said walking across the hall wine in hand.

I stood there and pointed where my ecstasy had taken place, I felt flush recalling how deep he went. Trevor walked down the hall and looked at both of us. He spied Gail and started to sniff her cautiously.  I was getting a little nervous because Trevor sniffed Gail up her leg then he sneezed, and his four legs languidly traipsed into the front room seemingly not caring who or what she was.

“I bent over to get the towel off the bathtub and he jumped up and landed on my back.”

“So he jumped up on your back then what.”

“Because he is so damn heavy I fell to the floor besides from being disorientated.”

“Disorientated? From what?”

“From um its hard to say,”

“Go ahead, I won’t tell.”

“He gave me an orgasm in the bedroom. And when he landed on me after I bent over I hit my head on the bathtub.”

“Oh my God really?”

“Gail this is hard to explain but he is bigger than I’am and at first I was freaking out but I tried to get away and he just kept coming at me I couldn’t get away you have to believe me.”

“There, there, it is hard to comprehend but…what was it like?” she asked as we walked down the hall toward the front room.

“Gross at first but then it turned.” I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. We sat on the couch and Gail looked over at Trevor. He had one leg up and his head in his crotch licking his balls. His cock started to become erect. I looked at Gail she couldn’t stop staring. His tongue weaved around the tip every few licks.

“There’s something a man cannot do,” Gail said with a snort.

“You can say that again.” Now Gail is divorced and has boyfriends now and again but she said Mister right hasn’t come by yet. But after a few glasses of wine the truth comes out, and she says that she has ADD when it comes to relationships. But what I think is she gets bored quickly or she isn’t interested in men.

I could see her heart skip a beat watching Trevor lick his cock. She kept looking over toward my canine studying him stroking his cock with his tongue. Gail approached me and sat next to me. I could tell that she had a look in her eye that was full of naughtiness. Gail placed her wine glass on the end table. She reached out and held my hand and petted it and said.

“Sweetheart we’ve known each other a long time and we all do things we don’t want to or had no idea we liked unless we try them no matter how wrong they may be.” She said then Trevor came over and stuck his nose in between Gail’ hand and mine. Trevor’ wet gum drop nose worked in between our hands and her thigh.

“Trevor,” I yelled.

Trevor kept going, he went past Gail’s thigh and in between her legs and the cushion of the couch.

“It’s okay, my he is strong, and persistent,” she said in a standoffish tone with her eyes twitching.

Trevor pulled his snout out from the cushion and sat down near our feet and panted. I looked down at his cock, all pink and popping out of his wirehair. I looked at Gail and she appeared to be mesmerized by my dog as well.

“Does he always do this?”

“Sometimes,” I said in a hushed tone. We watched Trevor rooting around his balls then snorted as if bored. I started to stir within my womb and felt my desire resurface like an old habit that I thought I could deal with come back to haunt me.

Then something strange happened. I seen a side of Gail I never knew she had. It was like all this talk made her obsessed, and intent on getting at something. Whatever that was I had no clue but when I looked into her eyes it was like they held the key or answer, they were mesmerizing. She appeared to almost have turned into someone else. This made me nervous. “Tell me did his cock fill you up my dear?” she asked in a stern tone as her nylon-clad foot crept over and touched my painted toes then they began to pet them.

Her foot caught me off guard. Then she inquired with a demeanor that was not going to take an answer that was off key, nearly demanding, “his cock, what did it taste like?”

The way she asked me made me gasp, I felt violated and then for a second with the thought of my lips around his cock and said. “I don’t know.”

“Hmm we should do something about that, shouldn’t we?” Gail asked in an authoritative almost disciplinary tone.

Her foot still petting the length of mine I started to feel weak and tingly. She moved closer to me. “Look at your poor dog, that is all he wants is some attention. He wants to please you. That is all. And for all he provides you how could you not? Lets face it dear this isn’t a great neighborhood. Plenty of hard cocks around here that would break in here and rob rape then murder you. This poor animal provides a deterrence for that lewd and vile behavior.”

I had a tear in my eye I started to feel ashamed of myself. I felt my judgment slip from me, and that was all I could hear was Gail. Then there were the effects of the wine also aided in loosening my judgment. We drank another glass together. And Gail kept talking about his needs and what I should do for him. Make him happy it is the key to my happiness. As wrong as it may seem the intensity that it provided made it so right. She made sense I felt my inhibitions loosening from her thoughts.

Trevor was on the floor sniffing himself. I became lost in my mind as Gail’s words echoed like a lost beacon of reason disarming me further. I watched his long pink tongue run along the vein’s of his shaft. I remembered that pink strap of flesh my pussy moistened. “Laurie,” Gail said snapping me out of my naughty thoughts. Then she demanded in an authoritative but sultry tone. “Look at me.”

My head waned and I looked up, I couldn’t tell you what I saw but I knew what I felt and what I heard. I felt tingly and aroused, I felt like I began to swell with lust. Her foot continued to pet mine but it started to move up my jogging pants but still petting.

I looked at Trevor lick his cock one long stroke after another. I wanted to kiss it. I want my tongue to taste his cock. But Gail is here and I can’t…. I shouldn’t.

Helplessness surrounded me, isolated me. Like I was on some sort of sedative. My self-esteem was being held hostage by my integrity or ego I can’t figure it out either way I can’t find a way out of this. But there was something I needed, a life raft, an oasis… approval like a little girl that wanted someone to say it will be okay, your good, wholesome. That was bullshit all of it I shattered all of that never to be returned to me because I fucked an animal in some countries they stone woman like me. But Gail she was the one that could give that back to me I entrusted her to give me acceptance. She was the one I wanted to give it to me I needed her to. After all this isn’t something a girl calls her mother for. Gail she wasn’t family she only knows them from my pictures and social media. And we shared a lot of our deepest darkest moments together. I thought of her as a confidant. And I believed she would help me dig myself out of this, this guilt trip I put myself in. I trusted her with my life basically. She made sense; I could hear it over and over. I still can’t get over the fact of what happened, that I did it, and now I fear that I like it, too much. Like a drug, mesmerized, hooked.

“Laurie, listen to me. Shit happens. I don’t think any less of you. I want what is best for you.” I could hear her say this not only outside but also inside my head. I know that sounds weird but I felt it she made me feel accepted, wanted. In no other way I felt before. Then it happened.

She put her finger under my jaw and guided my head craning it in her direction. She put her hand on my thigh and rubbed her soft petal-like fingers giving me electrical charges all over my body. I wanted to pull away; this wasn’t what I wanted, it was odd but right. I wasn’t sure what to do. I sighed, or it was more like a purr, I was frozen in place; unable or unwilling to act. I was confused which made me look at her deep brown eyes, and study their color. The brown became distorted and turned into a black then they erupted into a fiery red. The explosion in her eyes turned into a gooseflesh epiphany. My muscles began to loosen like straps on a belt being unbuckled. I melted at her touch it felt like butter being spread all over my smooth skin; she unlocked my inhibition freed me of judgment, and what she would do with me. I wanted to please Gail, I needed her approval to continue.

I would die if I could not. I would do anything. I needed someone at my side to get through this. Her words echoed in my ear. I will make her happy at all costs.

I wasn’t sure if my thoughts were mine anymore confusion reigned as to who or what was talking from within me or if I was being told. I knew deep down Gail was a good friend I knew her for ten years and went through some really bad times from money to men and family. We had many a night talking on this couch but this was a first.

I needed her to be here with me. So I convinced myself that it was all or nothing with Gail I hung on to Gail’ every word out of control, my mind had surrendered, it was sick of the confusion of going back and forth about what was right and wrong. Right now at my most vulnerable time in my life I needed to listen and do what she wanted. I needed her in my corner.

“Sweetheart, come closer,” Gail said in a longing tone using her finger.

I did as she said and brought my head close to hers. She reached out and held my jaw stroking it longingly. I could smell her perfume it was an intoxicatingly sweet aroma. Then she said “Kiss me,” initially I was like no way then I don’t know… she said something like a magic word and I obeyed. I felt my head being forced but I never resisted and I fucking kissed her, her moist lips aroused mine, I tasted her lip gloss like a strawberry, sweet and full, our tongues intertwined. My mind kicked into over drive.

Its okay it’s just this one time like a phase, yeah a phase, like when two post pubescent girls discover a kiss for the first time that’s all she wants is attention just go with it. Don’t judge… like others would judge you, its not worse or better that what you did, is it? You know what you did and it was wrong. Humor her. She isn’t going to hurt you.

She sucked on my bottom lip, she was in control I just sat there like I was watching a movie.

Out of the corner of my eye I seen Trevor Gail whispered in my ear I felt a tingle in my groin, then she gently kissed my lips and looked into my eyes and that was it, that look, that kiss, that whisper or all the above combined into one happy sexual moment made me want to get on all fours I wanted my belly to feel that sensation once more.

Then she reached under my shirt, I started to pull back but she said, “there, there, my girl I want you to realize your true pleasurable prowess. Or I can go? I will fucking leave you here to yourself.” So I stopped, she pulled me near to her from the small of my back. I was numb, I felt like I was in a dream. I had to be, she would never talk to me like that even though it was sexy to me.

“There there, that’s a good girl. SSShush, come closer sugar, you taste so good. I want you close to me, that’s my girl,” Gail said petting my thigh.

“I can’t this…this isn’t right,” I said breaking free from her spell and started to squirm from her hand.

“Shhh my dear, what could be more right about this? It feels good doesn’t it?” then she stuck her finger in my mouth and I opened and she toyed with my tongue. With her nail, then she leaned in and said, “That’s my girl. You’re my girl aren’t you slave? My little whore…Your cunt, your ass, these beautiful titties.” I faded into that she wouldn’t talk to me like that oblivion again.

“Yes,” I concluded trailing off like a robot answering a question, and Gail circled my areola with her fingertip my saliva coated them.

I looked away from Gail and at Trevor as he got up. And like in slow motion his penis dangled while his tail wagged. He sauntered to Gail as if sensing something. His cock was near Gail she pulled from my breast and said. “Look at him Laurie he is lonely my dear Laurie, let me watch you. I’m intrigued.” Gail said in a soft but excited tone. “Show me.” she demanded.

“I, I, I,” I stammered.

“You can. I give you permission. It’s all right it is just you and your dog,” Gail said. “I’m not here, understood.” I was watching Trevor as Gail reached in my pants and started to rub my pubic bone through my panties, she used her fingers to part my folds through the fabric and make circles. Then I started to breath heavy, saliva backed up in my mouth, I swallowed but felt it moisten my body.

I eyed Trevor, and his cock was dripping, or so it appeared to me. I could feel my defenses crumble, was it the wine, or what Gail was doing to me? Or saying? That was all I wanted was someone to talk some sense into me and tell me everything will be all right.

“You know what I could leave.” She demanded in a now forceful tone that echoed in my head.

“No,” I trailed off, in that scared girly voice brought on by stinging rejection.

I tried to hang onto my sense of better judgment but then it evaporated. She said something and I couldn’t figure out what, it was like she was speaking in a foreign language. Or it was in her eyes; they were like beams that made me do whatever she wanted. That was when I felt the feeling that I was a puppet. Like some sort of showpiece, I had lost all control. She had used what I told her against me. I couldn’t fight it either. She was inside my head and I basically did whatever Gail said; it went past wanting approval for my deeds. Gail was running the show. I was her slave she controlled me from within my head and there was nothing I could do but watch.

Gail took her hand out of my jogging pants, “lick my finger before I go. You’re making me sick you cunt.” I did as she asked working my tongue along the webbing of her fingers up to there tips tasting my natural lube.

She got up and grabbed her purse. “until you get your priorities straight don’t call me bitch. I came over here as a friend to help you and this is how you treat me? Do what I say.”

I felt like I was about to lose my friend, my life. I panicked, it felt like I had a leash on and she was pulling me in the direction she wanted. I bowed my head and my lips waned and I looked to the floor like I was a mute or something.

Gail understood, she turned putting a hand on her hip and with an evil eye she looked at me and said, “Show me, and don’t make me tell you again, strip.” she demanded and her crinkled up face told me to do it now. I wasn’t sure if it was her glare or her tone. So I pulled my jogging pants down, then my thong. I stepped out of them, and lifted my tank top up and over. My edge of the shirt caught my tits and made them flop back down onto my rib cage.

“That is more like it…. show me girlfriend…” She set her purse back down and said. “Come here whore.” I walked to her with my head down. She liked how she talked to me I could see it in her malicious smile, then she grabbed my hair which in a painfully pleasing way made me hot in my belly and brought my ear to her mouth she licked my lob and with a hot breath and a curt tone said. “This is a new dawning in our relationship my dear. I knew when I first met you that you were my type. So I waited, patiently, besides being intrigued and when I’m curious it’s like an itch I will have it scratched. Understand me?” I wasn’t sure what it was she muttered something then everything went blank again. She ripped my hair in front of her and said “Get down and heel at my feet bitch!”

So with my head down I obeyed, I lowered myself to the floor. It was like I was watching this from the outside of my body.

“That’s a girl how’s my dog? How is she? Bark, bark girl.” So as commanded, I obeyed, and got on all fours, and barked. I lifted my ass in the air and wagged it then opened my legs. I felt a tongue, it wasn’t long but it was expert in the way it ran up and down my slit. Then I seen a flash of fur and Trevor stood right in front of me so I know the tongue on my ass wasn’t his, because his red engorged cock dangled in front of my face, while that tongue darted in and out of my crevice. My mind was racing, I heard someone talk. So I licked Trevor, he grew nearer to my face. He stood and put his paws on my ass. His cock and balls were right there in front of me. I could see his veins running all over the long thick shaft, his black ball sac clenching as he flexed his asshole.

I heard her voice again, it praised me and asked me to do something so I took Trevor’s thick pink pointed penis into my mouth it tasted like wine, I ran my tongue over the lipstick point. His cock swelled in my mouth, I sucked harder it tasted more like wine, I was focused now I bucked as my breathing grew rapid, my stomach was warm, I felt empty, I needed to feel full like the night before and I arched my back.

Trevor started to howl, I nibbled on the tip, some of his watery cum came out I stuck my tongue on it the grabbed it with one hand and pulled it further down my throat and swallowed. His pre cum leaked down my throat it was a lot like water but then the cock was taken from me. I tried to look behind me but I was reminded of a surprise that was going to happen in front of me so I focused forward. I felt a tap on my butt cheek so I spread my legs wider to where my tits were almost hitting the floor.

I felt the long snapping tongue again; I pushed back onto that gumdrop nose. Trevor’ pink strap snapped into my crevice so deep, I heard Gail yell “yes! Get inside her big boy, lick it, bark bitch,” she commanded and I obeyed without hesitation pleased to do so.


I felt a hand pull my ass apart and knead my soft engaging cheeks with great care. Now that long tongue stoked my asshole, my tight hole flexed then let go with every warm lash. I wriggled, my spine contorted like a serpent but my ass stayed at the beck and call of that long tongue. I felt the tremor happening, “I’m going to come.”

“Not yet,” I was ordered, then I felt a sharp slap on my ass then another, “eeek” I squealed in between pants and well timed swats.

The tongue was digging deep into my puckered anus, stroking caressing, slithering up and down my tunnel, pushing my cunt making it jealous. I felt wet inside, my cervix flexed involuntarily with every warm lash Trevor gave me.

I felt warmth on my backside which I had only felt once before. It was prickly with hair. Then something was being wiped on my outer lips, it was pointed and somewhat hard. My labia parted then allowed Trevor back inside, “ahhhh,” I sighed as his cock unsheathed inside me, growing in size with every stroke injecting his watery seed inside filling me up.

What the fuck was I doing?

Then it happened.

Trevor pushed harder, my walls opened, accepting his cock while it inflated forcing his way to my womb. My pussy gripped him to where he couldn’t move. The rod was throbbing, growing, my walls fought but were opened as he grew slicker; his thrusting jabbed at my spongy flesh. With that combination my pussy couldn’t stop him any further. Trevor was off to the races his hips undulated in quick succession, faster than any man could. His front paws pulled me back to him, his back legs positioned then repositioned themselves. One, two, three, one, two, three, over and over, till I said, “HARDER.” His knot swelled Trevor jabbed, tearing at my cunt forcing it open making me serve his knotty loin.  To my surprise it hurt but when it got further inside me it felt blissful. I squealed in pain and lust I wasn’t me any longer I was a slutty bitch. “OOOhhhh AAAAaa” I moaned as shock and pleasure made me push back further. My mouth opened for a second and I gagged from his thrust. I felt his veiny shaft poke deeper tickling nerves that I never had touched. His knot swelled opening me further. I squealed. Trevor sat still now his cock pulsing shooting cum inside me filling me satisfying me.

My mouth was still open, drool rolled out from the cracks of my lips, my head was down my eyes were closed I lifted my head and I felt some warmth by my face. I smelled something in front of me, it was coppery, but with some sweet perfume I smelled earlier.

Trevor started to thrust again with well-timed jabs, he pushed me and with every thrust my nose bumped into some very soft flesh, my nose sank into it and was now wet because of it. I opened my eyes it was a pussy. The pink labia glistened because its hole had a puddle of pussy juice at its gateway. I cold see quite well, then I was commanded by the only voice that mattered at this point said, “lick it.” And as Trevor pushed me closer to the ass that lay in front of me, the cheeks expertly adjusted themselves toward my exposed tongue.

My long pointed pink slab slid up and down the already excited pussy lips. I flicked the hard wet clit then circled it in a repeated fashion. Strings of saliva dangled from the hot pink flesh and my tongue.

“Fuck the puppy, that’s a good girl. Lick my cunt,” those words tickled my eardrums. Now I never was with another woman but I thought if I was this is what I’d want done to me. So I worked my tongue in circles finding the folds- parting them digging at those tender crevices cleaning them of that sweet juice replacing it with my dripping tongue.

There was no hair around the supple soft cunt, I was in frenzy, and I moved up and licked the puckered pungent asshole digging into it curling the tip of my now expert tongue. I tasted the bitterness of her hot hole and shoved the tip of my tongue in a little. Which in turn made me get closer to the hot lips. I could sense that they had gotten wetter because my chin was being coated with her hot lube.

I got in rhythm with Trevor, he pushed in quick succession, I pushed back further, causing Gail to push back on my face, my cheeks were wet, my chin was dripping. Her hand opened her ass cheek for deeper access to her ass. I dug further into her tight asshole. I pulled away and then placed my tongue to the entrance near the flap of skin that divides her asshole from her pussy. I ran it down and just touched her clit and massaged it lightly in small tight circles around the hardness of the little pink node. I flicked it then kissed it, “ohhhh,” and she began to come I could see the juice coming out of her onto my face. I kept going then I barked, “WOOF, Woof.”

“Ahhh, that’s it… ahh,” Gail said in between pants as she appeared to vibrate with ecstasy. Then she screamed and worked her clit with her fingers pushing on it, it looked like a jellybean with a swollen white tip almost like a small penis.

Trevor’ balls were slapping off my clit and pressing my ass cheeks, pulling my pussy lips then slamming them back into me. my face felt hot I held my breath. I pulled my ass cheek open. Allowing Trevor room to drive deeper into my walls. I let my ass go and reached between my legs and rubbed my lips, sliding my fingers in between his dog cock, spreading my pink lips open. I felt Trevor’ hot veiny cock in between my fingers. This made me so hot I dug my face into Gail’ ass. Her musk was all over my face now, it dripped down my nose, I started to get excited from her smell. I opened her up further, she moved her knees back to me, I suckled onto one of her lips I pulled it out from her slit, sliding the pink flesh in between my mouth. My tongue scathed the prickles of flesh inside her hole.

Gail started to whimper, her panting was quickened then she screamed “ahh, I’m coming, fuck, ahh,” then a flood of creamy liquid splashed on my face. I had to back away it was too much. Gail’ fingers kept working her clit. She kept spurting; it rolled down her crack and down her ass and legs. I licked it like a dog, “WOOF!” I bellowed. Trevor blew up inside me, I gagged from the pressure, he still was pumping, I felt his love drool inside me jostling around. His knot still swollen, I flexed my hymen, tenderizing the puppy flesh. I felt more inject into me painting my womb one pointed pulse after another. Trevor jutted forward as did his prick, dumping more into my hot cunt, my lips were very swollen, never was I fucked so thoroughly nor had I ever eaten a pussy. I’m not gay but it was the biggest turn on. Being drenched all over my face then my pussy being filled. A lot of unknowns were explored. Then I came one wave after another, my limbs went numb then another wave came washing my feelings away, needles stabbed at me in a ticklish way. I didn’t want it to end as I looked between my legs and watched Trevor finally able to slide out of me. I was breathing heavy and still coming one tremor at a time as his cock deflated, his warm cum ejected from my hole down my lips and onto my clit. Bathing in warm thick strands of canine DNA and human. I watched the drips fall from my clit to my thighs then cascade down to the carpet. I rubbed my groin with my fingers because it ached so good being, still thoroughly spread for what felt like a blissful eternity. Being hammered from behind like never before, with a primed pussy smothering my face. The film of the juices was all over my chin nose and cheeks.

After we all lay there for a few minutes I leaked all of Trevor’ cum onto my carpeted apartment front room floor. I felt stunned then shocked not from what I did, but Gail’ reaction and my total lose of control. What happened?

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  1. Amanda19

    Outstanding, well written and very descriptive. I’m envious to say the least.

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  2. Thanks for the kind words. Should be coming out with another soon.

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  3. Having come across this story some months after you posted it, I would like to know if Gail still has Trevor and the girl as pets? Very “real” type presentation that is almost as visual as if it were actually photographed. As a older man who tries to write erotic, sexually explicit fiction that I hope gives the reader a sense of reality, actual excitment, and satisfaction I must say your story achieves what I try to do with considerable more power than I’ve been able to accomplish so far. Hope to read more of your work soon.


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  4. First, thanks so much for the comments they help me on so many different levels. Second, I have been working on the next three submissions while attempting to line the characters up for sultry interactions as to include their emotional angst that they seem to encounter one way or another. Never photographed all mental thoughts from late nights of writing my friend. Keep up the fight, and continue to carve into the paper your legacy. Thanks again and take care.

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