The Art of Loving Softly Part 1

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If anyone had told Cherry that Jonny was a true romantic, she would have said, “He’s sweet and he’s mine, but romantic he ain’t!”

That was until she went to the Dance at the invitation of her friends Macy and Tony. The way the girls and women were dressed, and the doe-eyed attention their men gave them was almost unbelievable. Cherry loved the way they looked and really found the whole feeling in the hotel ballroom quite sexy. She saw Macy’s friend Candy’s husband, sitting next to her, put his hand on the chiffon layers of her skirt and the way they looked at one another when he seemed to massage the layers of petticoats underneath. Then she’d had Macey sharing really intimate secrets with her: “My white chiffon and lace feels lovely on these fabulous silky nylons. And I know the blue chiffon and lace makes Tony desperate for me. I love having a boyfriend who wants me to wear romantic silky nylon for him, and who’s so turned on by lace. He gave me two very pretty completely sheer lacy nylon vintage full slips to wear in bed, one shorter than the other, so its four inches of lace showed through the longer one. I wore them because the silkiness was sensational. I kept my French knickers on when we made love and he fucked me, so romantically, up all that lace and nylon …” Cherry was both amazed and turned on by how Macy spoke to her, more openly than ever before.

She had to leave quite early, because of having to catch a 5 am flight the next morning, but when she came back to work at her office in town, and to Jonny, she came prepared. It wasn’t just the glistening nylon petticoats and the amazing laciness of what the women wore under their very full dresses: when they danced, she – and their men – also got to see the provocative lacy camis they wore under sheer chiffon shirts, as well as their delicate lacy lingerie – knickers, suspenders and stocking tops, bouncing pony tails, stilettos, and the way these made the sometimes transparent skirts and all the petticoats dance. She’s loved then thinking how those petticoats must feeling sliding over sheer silken knickers, the lavish lace over each pair of glossy stockings. While she was away, she’d spent half-an-hour on the phone in girl-talk with Macy.

She and Jonny were meeting in town at a restaurant when he was homeward-bound from work. Cherry had all the time in the world to make the most of the beautiful romantic, and very silky, nylon lingerie she had bought. To start with, dressed only in the sexiest white lacy garter belt and lacy-top ivory nylons (Jonny did prefer her to wear stockings), with knickers and a single sheer silky plain white nylon petticoat of amazing fullness – and transparency – she just took everything out of bags and wrappers and laid it out, amazed at all the very, very pretty lace, the girly colours and the glistening sexy nylon, so, so soft and silky. As she moved, she was aware of the sensation of her slip moving freely over her panties, which this evening were the loosest-possible French knickers, consisting entirely of very, very sheer and silky white nylon and loads of lace. She’d gasped as she pulled them up, over her stockings, to rest around her waist and over her grateful pussy.

Now she put a few of Macy’s tips into practice. Thrown over the back of her bedroom armchair were two gorgeous, sexy Vanity Fayre full-slips, both incredibly sheer, A-line and with lashings of lace, one duck-egg blue and the other ivory. A totally sheer, but very lacy white nightgown, one single floor-length layer of nylon falling to 100 inches of hem, she left trailing off the bed from her pillow. And a drawer remained half, leaving a carefully laid out ‘pile’ of totally sheer silky nylon ‘full-bum’ panties, plain in five light pastel shades; Macy said those drove men wild.

Now she sat at her dressing table and made herself up, as she always did, subtly and yet sensationally. Then on went white gloves of similar nylon to her knickers (Macy said, “Men love anything that’s really girly”).  Now she walked into the most downright sexy Malco petticoat, at 31 inches, just the length of the dress’s skirts, and 4 heavenly silky layers of chiffon ending in so much lace! The feeling of its movement over her slip and knickers was like nothing she’d ever experienced, and so, so erotic. This evening, her dress (its skirt containing ‘enough taffeta to make a parachute’, the girl had said)’ was red and Betty Boo. It came cascading down over her petticoats.  Now, standing in front of the mirror, she felt a million dollars. The skirt was so evidently full of petticoats, shown by a bristling horizontal layer of glistening lace, giving anyone sitting down as she walked past – like her man, Jonny – the most erotic treat imaginable. She loved what she was wearing, she was excited at what she had planned for later in the evening, and she was off now, feeling so sexy, to meet Jonny ….

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  1. Jnoel

    I’m pretty sure every single story this guy writes has “doe-eyed” “chiffon” and “petticoats” in it. What even is a petticoat?

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