The Dance Part Three

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Macy watched the pretty girl and the man head for the lift. The girl’s very pretty lacy camisole showed clearly through her sheer and silky chiffon shirt. Her petticoats frothed lacily and sexily out from under her very full skirt and she felt so special and sexy and pretty. Macy had just been talking to a friend about the new pettis she was wearing to the dance and how they turned her boyfriend on. She loved her silky white four-layer petticoat of glistening chiffon with lace bands. She and Tony were staying here tonight, although there would be very little sleep if she could help it.

Over the white chiffon, the pretty girl wore another older petticoat of two layers of completely sheer baby blue, also ending in cascades of lace. The effect of the white frothy lace showing through the sheer blue nylon and the transparent polka dot nylon of her black-and white skirt was amazing. She casually rubbed the two layers of her skirt together and petted all the chiffon and lace underneath. The lavish lace hems felt lovely brushing her very silky nylon stockings. She thought how she loved to be fucked by a man who was driven almost mad by her sensationally girly petticoats and lingerie.

Now Tony came back and she could see his lustful gaze as he once again took in her prettiness and the loveliness of how she was dressed. She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply and then whispered, “Look at my erect tits under my lacy camisole and silky sheer nylon lacy blouse. I want to undress you and then hold you close so your cock can feel all the cool silky nylon of my petticoats.” He loved her to wear the blue nylon lacy petticoat under her full-skirted double-nylon nighties when they made love in bed.

Ten minutes later, the amazing silky girly froth of her lovely nylon petticoats long ago having made his cock huge, she lay on top of him on the bed, still wearing stockings, suspenders and stilettos, her layers and layers of the laciest silky nylon massaging both their bodies as she plunged her cunt down over his cock, then withdrew it, plunged and withdrew, always stopping just as either of them almost lost control.

“I love to dress in the silkiest nylon and chiffon and the prettiest lace for you,” she told him. “All this just for you!”

Then, much later, just as she gasped, ‘I can’t help it! I’m coming!” she felt his semen rushing into her vagina and, kissing wildly, both yelled out their ecstasy.

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