Having Her Way 1

The device really did not look all that impressive in Miranda’s hands but what it could do more than made up for its rather insubstantial appearance.

What it really looked like was on of those hand-held laser pointers. Its body was just a little thicker than the average pen’s and the business end of the device was snub-nosed. It was clearly designed for something other than writing. The device did not emit a visible beam but that didn’t mean it didn’t emit something.

To Raylene Reynolds, being a receptionist was a dull and pointless job, but it paid the bills and it helped her earn a little money for college. It was 4:30 and Raylene was gathering up her things. Another day was done and she was ready to go home but then there was someone at her desk. “Could I have a moment of your time?”

Raylene Reynolds sighed even as she put her things down again. Why did these things always have to happen at the end of the day, she wondered. She noticed the little object in the executive’s hand. It was the last thing she noticed.

Miranda watched the young receptionist’s face go blank as she looked at the device in her hands and as she looked at absolutely nothing at all. The girl’s face continued to grow even more and more blank as the device bored into her mind.

“You want to come back to my office with me,” Miranda told the girl. “You want to come back to my office with me. You want to show me your body. You want to lick my pussy. You want to lick my pussy and you want to make me cum. You want to make me cum really hard. You want to make me cum and you want me to make you cum. You want me to strap on a big, hard cock and you want me to use it on your cunt, You want me to make you cum and you will beg for me to do just that. You will beg for me to make you cum.”

Miranda’s words continued to bore their way into the deepest recesses of Raylene’s mind and the girl accepted it all. Finally, Miranda switched off the device. The young receptionist blinked as the device finally released her from its thrall. “Will you come with me,” Miranda asked.

The receptionist merely looked at the executive and then she pushed back her chair and she stood, came around the desk and followed Miranda back to her office.

Miranda smiled. It was just wo easy. She pointed the device at the young receptionist and the girl’s face once again became blank. “If you want to show me your body,” she said with a laugh, “then I think you’re going to have to lose some of those clothes, don’t you?”

Miranda once again pointed the small device away from the receptionist’s body and once again, Raylene’s face lost that blank stare, but already her hands were moving. The girl quickly began unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse and Miranda leaned forward as she watched the girl let the blouse fall to her feet.

Next came the skirt. The girl was already kicking off her heels even as she stepped out of the discarded garment and then she was standing there in just her bra and panties.

The girl reached behind her and as she undid the clasp on her bra, Miranda leaned even closer. Then the ends were coming loose and Raylene was pulling the straps off of her shoulders. Her hands seemed to cup her tits for just a moment before they pulled the bra free and then her hands were moving again. This time, they had a hold of her panties, and then moments later, they were pushing the panties down her legs, and then there was Raylene, standing there in all her naked glory in front of a watchful Miranda.

“Oh, that’s good,” Miranda purred, “but I know what you need. Already the device was moving again, reinforcing the desires that had already been imposed upon Raylene. “You want to lick my pussy and you’re going to do just that. You’re going to do it right now.”

Already, Raylene was coming forward and she knelt before the other woman. Already, her hands were reaching up under Miranda’s skirt and already they were pulling down the panties that they found there. Hands worked the zipper at the back of the skirt and suddenly, that garment was also falling free, and suddenly, Raylene had access to the pussy that she now craved.

Miranda could feel the young woman’s hand as it stroked her between her legs and she moaned. She knew that the woman kneeling before her was normally not interested in women but if her hand was any indication, she was plenty interested now. Miranda felt the young woman push a finger up inside her snatch. Yep, the young woman was plenty interested now.

The young woman pushed the executive back against her desk and then moments later, her hands were eagerly prying Miranda’s knees apart and her face was pressing up between her thighs. The tongue that had never touched a pussy before leapt from the young girl’s mouth and buried itself in the warm, wet cleft between Miranda’s legs.

The executive gripped the edges of the desk as the young receptionist voraciously attacked her slit. She moaned again as the young woman’s tongue probed her pinkness, and then she moaned again as that tongue worked over her clit. “Oh yeah, that’s it. That’s it. Come on, baby, make me cum.”

The young receptionist could not have stopped even if she wanted to. Her tongue continued to stroke the clit that was waiting for her and the more she stroked it, the louder Miranda moaned.

“Oh geez, that’s it. That’s it. Come on, baby, that’s it. Eat my pussy just like that.”

Miranda moaned incoherently as Raylene continued to attack her pussy. Her tongue worked the folds and the slit only to come back to that clit over and over again.

Miranda’s hands tightened on the edge of the desk even as Raylene’s tongue continued to attack that clit even harder. “Oh shit, yeah,” she screamed. “Oh shit yeah. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh shit. You’re making me cum so fucking hard.”

Raylene could no more pull her tongue back from Miranda’s cunt than she could make her heart stop beating. Even as the older woman continued to cum and continued to moan, he young receptionist was there, hoping to get another dose of pussy juices for her eager mouth.

But Miranda was pushing her back. “You sure are hungry for cunt,” she told the other woman, “but I think I have something you’re going to like even more.”

Raylene’s tongue tried to attach itself yet again to the other woman’s pussy. What could she like more than that?

Again, she was rebuffed, but this time, Miranda opened the drawer to her desk and brought out a long, hard cock.

Raylene’s eyes opened wide at the sight of that cock in her lover’s hands. Her mouth began to salivate at the sight of the plastic phallus and her hands slid back between her legs. Her eyes were locked on the cock in front of her. “Oh geez, come on. Please make me cum. Make me cum, ple-e-e-ease.”

From the first time she had ever seen the young woman manning the front desk at her company, Miranda had known what she had wanted. The girl had blond hair and brown eyes. Her face was cute enough but what really got Miranda’s attention were her tits, nice and full and able to stretch her top just right. Miranda had idly wondered what size they were but it really didn’t matter. All that really mattered was that they were big and full, just the way she liked them.

And they were even better than she imagined. Not just nice and full, but also firm and round. Just the way she liked them.

“Please, fuck me,” the woman pleaded. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Miranda smiled. The only thing she loved more than a woman with big tits was hearing a woman with big, tits beg. That and sticking a cock in a woman with big tits. Yeah, she really liked that, too.

The girl was staring at Miranda’s synthetic cock. “I need you to fuck me with that,” she pleaded. “Give it to me please.”

Miranda was already fastening the synthetic cock around her waist and pulling the harness between her legs. If this girl wanted t
o be fucked, and even if it were Miranda that had imposed that feeling on her, then Miranda sure as hell was going to give her
the fucking she deserved.

The receptionsist’s eyes were locked on the cock in front of her. “Give it to me. Give it to me, please.”

Miranda stepped between the girl’s legs and she pressed the head of her cock up against the wet and waiting pussy. “So you want this,” she told the girl, and then without any further warning, she plunged her cock into the girl’s pussy. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned. “That’s what I want. The girl moaned as her pussy took that cock over and over again. Her hands grabbed her tits and she moaned again. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Come on, fuck me.”

Miranda loved hearing the girl beg almost as much as she loved fucking that tight, little cunt, so it was with not a little reluctance that she pulled her cock from between the girl’s legs.

“No,” the girl wailed. “Fuck me, please. Fuck me.”

Once again, Miranda pointed the pen-shaped device at the girl and once again, the young receptionist’s face became blank. “I’m going to fuck you,” she told the girl, “but first, you’re going to beg me to fuck those luscious tits of yours.”

The device was turned off and the blank expression slowly left Raylene’s face. She looked at the cock hanging between Miranda’s legs and she moaned even as her hands fondled her tits even as she pushed them together. “Come on, fuck my tits, please.”

Miranda smiled even as she seized the long, hard cock between her legs. “So you want me to fuck your tits.”

“Oh yeah, you know it,” the young woman told her. “I want you to fuck my tits. I want it bad.”

“Well, all right then. If that’s what you want…” Miranda straddled the young woman’s body and she pressed the cock between the young woman’s ample mounds. “Push your tits together for me.”

“Oh yeah,” Raylene moaned even as she pushed her tits together. “That’s what I want.”

The girl moaned as Miranda slid her cock between her tits and then she moaned again even as she pushed her tits together. She loved the feel of that cock as it moved between her tits.

“Suck on my cock,” Miranda told her and Raylene did exactly as she was told.

Miranda smiled to herself even as she slid that cock between the girl’s tits. She had never thought it could be as good as this. This was fantastic. She couldn’t believe how good this felt but now it was time to make this girl cum all over her cock.

“Turn your ass over,” Miranda told the girl and the girl did as she was told.

“Now get up on your hands and knees,” Miranda told her. Again, the girl did as she was told.

Raylene could feel the other woman’s hand as it caressed her ass. She could feel the woman slide her hand between her legs, and she could feel the woman’s hand as it rubbed her little, wet pussy.

And then the hand was withdrawn but then moments later, something even better was back to take its place.

The girl moaned as she felt the synthetic cock being pressed up against her cunt. The hands were back again, each of them gripping her hips and each of them puling her pussy back on that embedded cock.

Raylene moaned as her pussy took that cock but it was so fucking big. Instinctively, her body pulled away from the fullness that that cock provided her, but the hands pulled her back and she was once again impaled on that cock, and Raylene moaned as her pussy took that cock.

Miranda reveled in the feel of the girl’s ass under her hands. She loved the look of her cock as it slid in and out of the girl’s pussy. The young girl’s tits were so firm and big that they hardly moved at all.

“Oh wow, you look so beautiful with my cock in your cunt,” she told the girl.

“Oh geez,” the receptionist moaned. “Oh geez.”

Miranda pursed her lips. That wasn’t the response she had expected to get. She picked up the device and pointed it at the girl. “The next time I tell you how beautiful you look, you will tell me how glad you are. Do you got that?”

The girl nodded and then she grunted as Miranda again plyed her with her cock.

“Now, my dear, you look so beautiful with my cock in your cunt,” Miranda said again.

“Oh geez,” the receptionist moaned and then she grunted again. “I … I … I’m so glad you like the look of me.” She grunted again. “I’m so glad you like the look of your cock in my cunt.”

“There, now, that’s better, and now it’s time for you to cum.”

The receptionist groaned and grunted as Miranda continued to ply her with her cock. Her moans were coming almost continuously now and her body rocked with every thrust of that cock. Her head thrashed around and Miranda knew. The girl was going to cum. She was going to cum hard.

“There you go. Let it out. Let it out.”

Raylene moaned as her pussy succumbed to that cock. She was cumming hard and fast and as her cries finally died out, Miranda let her go. Miranda sat there in her office and stroked her synthetic cock. This was more fun than she could have ever imagined and the best part was the fun was just beginning.

to be continued …

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