Having Her Way 4

Miranda hated Christmas parties because everything was just so fake. There were those who were trying to be nice and even those who genuinely were but those were the little people and Miranda didn’t care about that, and then there was always that one person who seemed to think that a year’s worth of temperance had to be made up for in a single night. At least the antics of that one person would make for some interesting stories around the water cooler, but it still didn’t make Miranda like Christmas parties.

This year was different though.

For one thing, the Christmas party was an open affair. Employees could bring their families. This, it was thought, this and shame would keep people from getting too rowdy. It wouldn’t, Miranda knew, but that was the thought.

The other thing that made this one different was the device that Miranda held in her hand. To the unknowing eye, the small cylindrical device might have looked like a pen or some other kind of innocuous device but that wasn’t what it was.

Miranda had her eyes fixed on Helen Mumphries. Just like her, Helen was a manager in the firm and just like her, the two of them were up for the lead position of an important new project. Miranda wanted that project and she was determined to get it.

At that moment, Helen was chatting with some other people. Unlike Miranda, she was always so amiable and friendly and that gave her a tremendous heads up on the new position. Well, that was just fine with Miranda, but if Helen wanted to be friendly, then it would be she, Miranda, who chose who Helen would be friendly with.

Miranda was just waiting for the right moment and when Helen finally broke away from the group she was with, Miranda rushed up to her. “Hey, Helen, do you mind if we have a talk?”

“I’m kind of busy…” Helen’s voice trailed off as Miranda sureptitiously pointed the device at her. Helen’s face became as blank as her mind.

Miranda smiled even as she continued to point the device at her rival. “So you’re too busy to talk to me,” she said. “Well, with all these lovely pussies here just begging to be fucked, I suppose that’s understandable. Don’t you agree?”

Ordinarily, Helen would not have agreed but under the control of the device in Miranda’s hands, the best she could do was numbly nod her assent.

Miranda smiled. “Come on, let’s see if we can’t find someone here for you to fuck.”

Helen was powerless to resist as she faithfully tagged along in Miranda’s wake. Under the power of the Miranda’s mind-control device in Miranda’s hand, Helen really could do little else.

Although it might have seemed that Miranda was engaging in some haphazzard search, Miranda, in fact, had a specific person in mind and she knew exactly where that person was.

Emily Dryer was only eighteen and if it had been left up to her, she would have chosen to be just about anywhere else other than the Christmas party for her father’s company. In fact, the only reason she was there was because her father had dragged her and her sister along.

Well, that wasn’t the only reason Emily was where she was. Earlier that evening, Emily had been drinking a glass of egg nog when a woman had come up to her. She didn’t know who the woman was or even if she worked at the company but the woman had something in her hand, something which she had pointed at the girl and suddenly, Emily had begun to feel really stupid.

She wasn’t sure why. She knew she wasn’t stupid, or at least, she thought she wasn’t but suddenly, nothing at all seemed to make sense. Everything was confusing. She tried to make sense of it all but the more she tried to think, the stupider she seemed to feel. The very thought of just how stupid she felt might have even scared her but then she felt too stupid to be scared even by that.

But then the woman started to speak and what she said made perfect sense. She told Emily to go outside and wait on the balcony. She told Emily that she would return soon with another woman and that Emily should wait for the both of them. She asked Emily if she understood what she needed to do.

Well, of course, she understood that. Thank goodness someone was making sense, the teenager thought. She should go out on the balcony and wait. That made perfect sense. She could do that and she would do that, and that is exactly what she told the woman with the thing in her hand.

That had been some time ago and the effects of the device were not permanent. The girl was still on the balcony, still waiting for the woman’s return, but already, she was starting to wonder why she was doing that. It was cold out here, and the thoughts which had compelled her to come out and wait no longer made as much sense as they had made before but still, she waited.

“Ah, there you are,” she heard someone say.

Emily turned to find the woman who had talked to her earlier standing there with another woman. She was confused. “Why am I here?”

The woman’s hand was moving and then Emily saw it, the device in the woman’s hand and then it was being pointed at her. Almost as soon as she saw it, she could feel her mind going blank. She just felt so stupid. If she was told to wait, then she should wait, wait for people who were smarter than her, wait for them to tell her what to do.

Miranda still held the device on the motionless girl. “You’re here because I told you to stay and you’re here because you’re going to do whatever I tell you to.”

Yes, of course, thought Emily. How stupid of her. She was here because she was told to stay. Of course, it all made perfect sense now.

“More to the point though,” Miranda told the girl, “you’re here because you’re about to be fucked.”

Somewhere in the deepest recesses of her mind, the girl knew that there was a part of her mind that was rebelling at this news, but it was a very small part, almost imperceptible to her conscious mind, and besides, as far as the rest of her mind was concerned, she was too stupid to know what was right for her anyway.

“You’re here because you’re about to be fucked,” Miranda said again, and this time, there was no argument in the girl’s mind. If people more intelligent than her were telling her she was going to get fucked, then she knew she was going to get fucked.

Miranda could see the acceptance in the young girl’s eyes so she turned her attention on her rival. She pointed the device at her rival and watched the woman’s face go blank. She was really going to enjoy this. “Helen, my dear, you know what you’re going to do. You’re going to take this young girl’s body and you’re going to make her cum.”

Helen’s lips were moving as she looked at the girl but she wasn’t saying anything.

“You’re going to take this young girl’s body and you’re going to make her cum,” she said again. “Now, you say it. Tell me you’re going to make her cum.”

Helen looked at the girl and this time, she spoke without hesitation. “I’m going to make her cum,” she said in a feeble voice.

“Say it again,” Miranda told her.

“I’m going to make her cum,” Helen said again in a firmer voice.

“Excellent,” Miranda told her, “and one more thing. When you make her cum, I want you to make sure everyone sees you do it. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

Miranda smiled. “I don’t think you do. When you make her cum, I want you to make sure everyone sees it. I want you to make sure that when you make her cum, it’s very, very public.”

“I understand.”

Emily was confused. She understood the words that Miranda was speaking but she didn’t understand why she was saying them. Why was it so important that the other woman make her cum, and why was it so important that it be done publicly.

But then Miranda was turning the device back upon her and once again, the blank look came over her. Really now, how could she be so presumptious as t
o try and understand what was being said. She just knew she was just that stupid. How could she possibly understand what was said or why.

Miranda s
miled as she looked at the girl. Emily Dryer wasn’t just any girl. She was the daughter of the company’s president and she was his pride and joy. Just wait until the old man caught sight of what Helen was going to do to her. She’d be lucky to keep her job after this. “You understand what’s going to happen to you, don’t you. You’re going to get fucked in public and you’re going to like it. You’re going to like it a lot, and you’re going to want to make sure everyone sees you doing it. Do you understand?”

Emily wasn’t sure she understood but she nodded anyway.

Miranda looked at the girl. She had light, brown, hair and a cute, little face. She was still blossoming into womanhood. Her tits were small and compact, and she looked so innocent. Miranda almost wished she could take her, too, but she had a job for the girl to do, and that meant she had to keep her hands off her, at least for now.

Miranda looked at the two women. “So what are you waiting for?”

Helen looked at the girl and she smiled. She held out her hand and the girl took it. She pulled the girl to her and then she pulled her into her arms, and she kissed her.

In spite of what she had been told to do, the kiss still surprised Emily, but when Helen tried to kiss her again, not only did Emily receive the kiss but she threw her hands around the other girl’s body and she kissed her back.

Helen kissed Emily again and then she looked around the balcony. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s go back inside where it’s a little more warm.”

The girl let herself be led by the hand even as Miranda followed at a discreet distance. Miranda didn’t want to miss a minute of this.

The company had booked a hotel ballroom for its Christmas party and Helen was leading the young woman right into the lobby of the hotel. Helen sat the girl down on a divan in the very center of the lobby and then she proceeded to kiss her softly upon the lips.

It wasn’t long before the two women were doing more than just kissing. Helen’s hand stroked the girl’s tender breasts through her dress and then with the most innocent of motions, the hand slipped inside Emily’s dress and cupped her little, round breast.

Soon, Helen’s hands were pulling the dress down off the girl’s shoulders and her hands were cupping the young girl’s breasts. She kissed the girl again and then she reached behind her and unclasped the bra. Her hands pulled the bra free and finally, she had sight of the girl’s little, round tits.

“Oh my, you have such cute, little tits. Would you mind if I kissed them?”

“Please do,” the girl cooed. “I want you to. I want you to kiss my breasts.”

That was all the confirmation that Helen needed. She leaned down and started kissing the breasts of the girl in front of her even as her hands continued to roam over the girl’s body.

Helen pulled back from the girl’s breasts and then she moved up and kissed her on the lips. “My dear, you do have such cute, little tits, but what I really want is to taste your pussy. Do you want me to eat your pussy?”

“Oh yeah,” the young woman gushed. “That’s what I want. I want you to eat my pussy good.”

Helen was already pushing the girl back and then she was kneeling in front of her and reaching up under her dress and sliding her panties down her legs. With a sly grin at the girl, Helen pushed her knees apart and slid her mouth in between her thighs.

The girl moaned lustily as soon as Helen’s tongue touched her pussy.

A crowd was beginning to gather around the two women so Miranda joined in with the throng, not wanting to miss one moment of the show she had created.

“Helen,” said one would-be rescuer. “Helen, come on. This has gone far enough.”

Miranda smiled to herself even as she made note of the man’s name. Even though Helen completely ignored the pleadings of the man, Miranda felt that something really unfortunate should happen to him for trying to upset the little charade that she had put together.

A couple of others were trying to get the girl to stop what she was doing. “Leave me alone,” she spat out irritably even as her hands played with her little, young tits. “Can’t you see I’m getting my pussy eaten.”

And then the girl would moan again, even more loudly than before.

There was no question about what was about to happen next. The crowd watched almost expectantly as the girl’s hands franticaly squeezed her breasts and as the woman on her knees eagerly pursued the prize she was craving. The girl’s cries got louder and louder. “Oh geez, that’s it. That’s it. Eat me right there. That’s it. That’s it. I’m … I’m … o-h-h-h-h-h-h shit …” Her body thrashed on the seat as that tongue pushed her over the edge. “I’m cumming,” she cried. “I’m cum-m-m-m-m-m-ming.”

The girl’s body continued to writhe under the efforts of the other woman’s tongue until finally, the girl seemed to collapse, her body spent from the exertions that had just been imposed upon her.

After cumming as hard as she had, she might have wanted to rest, but Helen’s tongue would not let her. It kept coming at the girl’s overworked pussy.

At first, it seemed as if the girl were begging the tongue to stop.

“No more. I can’t take anymore. Let me rest.”

But then as the tongue continued its assault on her pussy, her cries took on a different tone, a deeper tone, a lustful tone, a pleading tone. The young girl massaged her breasts even as that tongue went after her pussy and her body writhed in pleasure.

“Oh God, yes,” she moaned, “that’s it. Lick me right there. Oh God, yes.” The girl’s body writhed under that inventive tongue. “Oh God, yes.”

But rather than keeping her head between the girl’s thighs, Helen pulled back. Her hand stroked the girl’s clit and the girl moaned. “Oh dear, you do look so good with my face between your legs. Did you like that, dear? Do you want me to continue?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned as everyone in the assembled throng of onlookers was sure she would. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard and I want you to make me cum.”

Helen smiled. “Well then, I think it’s time we did just that,” and with that, the woman again slid her face between the youngster’s thighs.

The girl moaned even as her body thrashed under the woman’s tongue. Her hands played with her tits and she moaned again and again, and it was clear to everyone who was watching that the woman was about to make her cum.

Suddenly though, the crowd began to part, almost like the Red Sea parting before Moses. A man stepped into the breach and then he was standing before the two women. He looked down at them and then he took a second look at the girl. “Emily,” he said, “what are you doing there?”


The man looked down at his daughter. “I asked you a question. What are you doing there?”

The girl moaned even as Helen continued to lick her pussy. “I’m getting my pussy licked, daddy, and it feels so good.”

“Emily! Stop that right now.”

“I can’t, daddy. I can’t. I’m going to cum and I’m going to cum really hard. I’m going to cum. I’m going to–“

The girl’s voice suddenly broke off and she gasped as that tongue once again pushed her over the edge. “I’m cumming, daddy,” she screamed. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

The chief executive just watched his daughter continued to cum and then he looked at the people around him before he finally stomped off. Everyone there knew there would be hell to pay but for the time being, no one was moving because already, Helen was beginning to lick the young girl’s clit yet again and the assembled crowd all wanted to see the President’s daughter cum yet again.

to be continued …

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