Having Her Way 6

“I got fired today.” Those were the words Miranda heard when she returned to her office.

“Did you now,” Miranda asked warily as she looked at the woman sitting behind her desk. At one time, Helen Mumphries had been a rival but now she was a nobody. Miranda very much doubted whether anyone would even give her a reference.

No, the reason for Miranda’s wariness was the device that Helen held in her hand.

“Did you think I was stupid,” the other woman said as she toyed with the device. “Did you think I didn’t know what you were doing?”

Miranda just shrugged but she just couldn’t take her eyes off the device in the other woman’s hands.

“You must think we’re all just a bunch of idiots,” Helen continued. “That’s the only way you could have done what you did. You had to have known that the same report that came across your desk also came across other people’s desks, too. You had to have known that and yet you acted as if you didn’t.”

Miranda thought guiltily about the report that had indeed crossed her desk and what she had done with it. She really hadn’t thought anyone else would be as bold as her to take advantage of what it contained.

“You know,” the other woman continued, “I built a device of my own. Would you like to see it?”

Miranda was curious so in spite of a feeling of deep foreboding, she nodded her head.

The other woman pulled a device from her purse. Where the mind-control device that Miranda had built was about the size of a pen-sized laser pointer, the device that Helen now held was bigger and heavier, looking more like a small flashlight than anything else.

“It’s not as elegant as yours,” Helen said almost apologetically, “but it does have a few advantages, but perhaps the most important of these is that it takes a stronger power source meaning it creates a more intense beam. You know what that means, don’t you?”

Miranda licked her lips nervously. She knew exactly what that meant. If the findings in the report were right, a more intense beam meant–

But then Miranda saw the other woman point the device in her direction and suddenly her whole body seemed to go numb and it wasn’t just her body. It was her mind, too. Her mind was numb.

The other woman was speaking but under the power of the mind control device, her words seemed to make no sense to Miranda, but that didn’t matter. Her subconsious mind heard the words, and her subconscious mind converted those words into thought.

Miranda had always found women attractive. There was nothing new about that. She had tasted more than one pussy in her time and she had liked it. But now there was something new in her mind, something that had not been there before. She looked at the woman sitting in front of her and she knew she wanted to taste her. More than that, she knew she had to taste her. It was imperative.

She could feel the need growing inside her, growing bigger and stronger. She needed to taste that pussy. She needed it bad.

So engossed was she in her own thoughts, Miranda never even noticed the woman sitting across from her pulling the device away from her. She still needed to tast the other woman’s pussy.

Helen just grinned at the woman who had at one time been her adversary. “I sense you want something,” she said in a dry voice tinged with humor. “Why don’t you show me what it is you want.”

Miranda felt herself moving around her own desk, moving around her desk and facing the woman who was seated there. She found herself sliding down to her knees and then her hands were stroking the knees and then the thighs of the woman in front of her.

Those hands slid even further up Helen’s thighs and then they slid under Helen’s dress. They could feel Helen’s panties and Miranda moaned. Her fingers stroked the panties of the woman in front of her, pressing the cotton up against the pussy she now craved.

Miranda’s fingers reached even further upward and they hooked themselves in the waistband of Helen’s panties. They tugged at her adversary’s panties and then finally, they managed to pull her panties down.

Helen was laughing at her but Miranda didn’t care. She just needed to get at the other woman’s pussy. That was all that mattered to her.

Helen was laughing even harder now and even though she already had Helen’s panties down around her ankles, Miranda was trying desperately to push Helen’s dress up past her hips.

Helen laughed again even as she inched her hips up and let Miranda slide her dress up past her hips. She laughed even harder as she felt Miranda push her knees apart and then she let out a low moan as she felt the woman on her knees slide her tongue between her thighs.

Helen stroked Miranda’ hair as the other woman’s tongue went after her clit and she moaned again. “That’s it,” she said. “Lick my pussy. You know you want to do it. Lick my pussy.”

She was right, Miranda realized as she pressed her tongue even harder against that clit. She needed to do this. She needed to lick this woman’s clit.

Miranda knew the feeling was artificial but she didn’t care. All that really mattered was that cunt in her mouth.

Helen just kept on moaning as Miranda’s tongue took her pussy higher and higher. Her hand stroked Miranda’ hair as the other woman’s tongue took her cunt. “That’s it,” she told her. “You just keep on doing what you’re doing just like that.”

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Miranda heard what Helen was saying but her words were virutally meaningless to her. All that mattered to her was that pussy in front of her. All that mattered to her was getting the juice from that cunt. To be told to keep licking that cunt was almost laughable. Of course, she would keep right on doing that. What else could she do?

Her tongue just kept cumming after that pussy and her tongue just kept taking the other woman higher and higher. Helen moaned again as the other woman’s tongue probed her clit. Her body tensed and then relaxed again. She was close. She was very close. Again, that tongue probed her clit and this time, Helen’s whole body went tense and she just stayed that way as she screamed.

“Fuck yeah,” she screamed even as her hand pulled Miranda’s mouth even tighter against her cunt. “Fuck yeah, that’s it, yhou little bitch. Lick my cunt. Eat me out. Oh fuck, yeah. Do it to me.”

Miranda’s tongue was insistent as it continued to lick the slit in front of her and as it continued to lap at her juices.

Miranda was still face-down in Helen’s lap so she never saw the other woman reach for the device she had used on her not that long ago, but she felt the effects of it when her mind suddenly went numb.

Her tongue had been wanting to make Helen cum again so she could again taste her juices. She needed that, but as soon as the device was focused on her, her mind lost its focus. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew Helen was speaking but she didn’t care.

“That’s it,” Helen told her. “You’re always going to love licking my pussy and in time, you’re going to love it even more.”

That and other thoughts entered Miranda’s mind, almost as if she had thought them up herself. The fact that those thoughts had been placed inside her by another did not make them any less real to Miranda.

Mentally, Miranda’s mind shivered with relief when the device Helen was using was finally pointed away from her. He mind gradually lost the numbness which had befuddled it and as it did, a new set of thoughts quickly rose to the surface of her battered mind.

The first and foremost of these was how much she adored Helen. No, she corrected herself, not adored. That word was not strong enough. She absolutely worshipped Helen. She would do anything to please her although in the back of her mind, she had the sneaking suspicion that she was not worthy enough, that she would never be worthy enough, but t
hat just made her resolve herself to try all that much harder. She would do whatever it took to please Helen.

The next thought that came to the
surface of Miranda’s mind was one that she knew she was unworthy of having, and yet, she knew she had to ask it. She had to try. She had at least tasted Helen’s pussy. If she died right now, at least she would die happy, but she wanted more. “Please,” she begged. “Please, can I take off the rest of your clothes? I just want to see your body.”

“What, are you talking to me,” Helen said disdainfully and Miranda cringed. Helen was right, Who was she, Miranda, to make demands on her?

But then Helen’s attitude seemed to soften almost as quickly. “So you want to see my body,” she asked and Miranda nodded eagerly. “Well, if you want to see my body, then you’re going to have to show me yours first.”

Miranda was ecstatic as another thought entered her mind. She had always wanted to show Helen her body. Somewhere in the back of her mind, in its deepest, darkest recesses, she knew that thought might not be true, but she didn’t care. If Helen wanted to see her body, then that was all that mattered. Her only thought was to please Helen.

Miranda could feel the lust rising up in her body as she hurried to divest herself of her clothes. She wanted to show Helen her body. Miranda’s hand rubbed her tits as she looked at the other woman. She wanted it so bad. “Can I see your body,” she asked shyly.

Helen smiled at Miranda. “So you want to see my body,” she said coyly.

“Oh yeah,” Miranda said. “I really do.”

“Well, if that’s what you want, then why don’t you take care of it for me.”

Miranda grinned and then she was leaning forward. She moved in forward and then she pressed her lips against Helen’s. She drew back shyly. It was so forward of her, she was thinking, so forward of her to kiss this woman who was so absolutely wonderful.

But then her hands were moving. She quickly had Helen’s dress unzipped and then she was pulling it from her body. Her hands fondled Helen’s tits and then she was pulling Helen’s bra from her body and then once again, her hands fondled Helen’s body, this time caressing Helen’s naked form.

Miranda could not help herself. Even as her hands continued to fondle those tits, her mouth slipped down and wrapped itself around Helen’s tits. She sucked on Helen’s nipples and then she kissed them and she sucked them again. She moaned to herself. She couldn’t get enough of these tits.

And then she was kissing them again, kissing them and sucking them. Her mouth continued to kiss those tits and as she continued to nurse on Helen’s breasts, Miranda couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to taste the milk from those tits. Something in her mind told her it would be great, that the milk from those tits would be sweeter than anything she had ever tasted before.

But then there was a hand under her chin, tilting her chin up and bringing her face to face with Helen’s face.

She stared into Helen’s face and she couldn’t help but think that this was the most beautiful face she had ever seen, and in that instant, she knew what she had to do. Her body was moving upwards and she was pressing her tits against Helen’s and then she pressed her lips against Helen’s.

Softly at first and then with ever more intensity, she began to kiss Helen. Her lips were just so scrumptious that Miranda knew she could never get enough of those lips.

Helen’s body was shaking, almost, Miranda thought, as if she were laughing at her. Idly, she wondered why Helen would be doing that, but then she knew, it really didn’t matter. She could do whatever she wanted just so long as she was able to continue kissing those wonderful lips.

But then even those were slipping away from her. Helen was pushing her away and Miranda felt hurt, scorned, rejected. Helen did not want her. She was unworthy and that was the cruelest cut of all.

“Do you like to masturbate,” Helen asked.

That question snapped Miranda out of her reverie. “What? Huh?”

Helen smiled. “I asked you a question. Do you like to masturbate?”

“Well, yeah, sure. Doesn’t everybody?”

Helen smiled again. “You got me there,” she said. “So tell me, when you masturbate, do you like to use your hands or a dildo.”


Helen smiled again. “Another good answer. Yeah, I like both, too. So why don’t you open the top drawer of your desk and tell me what you find there.”

Miranda did as she was told and what she found lying there was a worn sex toy. She picked it up and with a start, she realized this wasn’t just any old sex toy. This was her sex toy. “B-b-but how–“

Miranda smiled. “I took the liberty of breaking into your house earlier today and getting that for you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Miranda knew she should be furious at this admission but instead, she just answered meekly. “No, I don’t mind. Thank you for getting this for me.”

Helen smiled. “All right then. Why don’t you show me how you use that thing.”

Miranda didn’t immediately stick the dildo in her cunt. Instead, she used her fingers to spread her lips and rub her clit. Her breaths were coming in ragged gasps and her eyes looked out with a bleary stare, and then she was moving her dildo down, letting the head of the thing toy with her opening, and she moaned again.

Miranda moaned as the dildo separated her lips and then she was pushing it inside her and she was moaning again. It just felt so good.

“Keep it up,” Helen told her. “Let me see you fuck that little pussy of yours.”

Miranda found herself powerless to resist what the other woman was saying and the truth was she didn’t want to resist. She wanted to do what she had been told to do. She wanted to fuck her pussy. She loved the feel of that synthetic cock as it moved deep inside of her love channel. Damn, that just felt so good.

“Keep it up,” Helen told her. “Keep it up. Come on, make yourself cum.”

Miranda just kept on moaning. She was going to cum. She knew it. She was going to cum and she just didn’t care. She wanted to cum. She wanted it so bad.

But she wasn’t going to cum, at least not quite that fast because Helen was speaking and when Helen spoke, Miranda knew she had to obey.

“Turn your ass over and let me see that cute, little butt of yours while you continue to fuck your cunt.”

Miranda could no more refuse this request than she could make her heart stop beating, but truth be told, she wanted to do it. If Helen wanted to see her ass, then she wanted to show it.

Miranda moaned again, as much from the from the feel of that cock invading her cunt as from the feel of the hand on her butt. She moaned again. She liked the way that Helen was fondling her ass.

Miranda hunched herself over even as she worked her dildo up between her legs. She moaned again as she felt the dildo work its way up against her cunt. She moaned again as she pushed it deep inside her.

Miranda moaned again. She dould feel Helen’s hand stroking its way between her cheeks and pressing itself against her little puckered hole. Damn, that felt good.

She moaned as she felt the hand being withdrawn from between her cheeks. Even as that hand was being withdrawn, Miranda continued to push her dildo in and out of her cunt. She moaned again. She wanted to feel Helen’s hand on her butt.

But that thought quickly faded as Miranda felt something else.

At first, it was just the other woman’s hand that she felt and at first, she thought that meant she was going to feel that hand between her cheeks yet again, but that thought again quickly faded as she felt that hand pull her cheeks apart and instead of the hand slipping between her cheeks, she felt something else.

Miranda felt something long and hard sliding between her cheeks and then she felt it being pushed inside her butt. “Keep fucking yourself,” Helen told her even as she continued to fuck Miranda’s butt. />
Miranda moaned even as she continued to work the one dildo in and out of her cunt and even as Helen continued to work the other in and out of her ass. It felt good, so
good, so good. It felt so fucking good.

“Yeah, this is what you want, isn’t it? You want to be fucked in the butt, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Miranda moaned. “That’s what I want. I want to be fucked in the butt.”

“Yeah, I know it. In fact you’re going to always want to be fucked like this, but right now, why don’t you cum for me.”

Miranda groaned even as she continued to work her dildo in and out of her cunt. She pumped it harder. Helen was right. She wanted to cum. She wanted it so bad. She cycled that dildo in and oout of her cunt. It felt so … it felt so … oh shit, it felt so good.

Miranda gasped as her pussy finally succumbed to that plastic cock. Her pussy clamped down on that cock and she gasped again. She was cumming just like Helen had told her to. She was cumming so fucking hard.

Helen smiled at Miranda. “You remember what we were talking about earlier?”

Miranda’s face clouded over.

Helen ran her fingers over Miranda’s mind control device. “That’s a nice little piece of work there,” she said. “Mine is not as elegant as yours but it’s bigger and more powerful, and more powerful means something more. The effects of your little device need to be reinforced from time to time, but the affects of this one,” and here Helen patted her own device affectionately, “the affects of this one will last a lifetime.”

Miranda looked at Helen’s hands as they stroked her device and she nodded. She had seen the research, too. More power meant longer lasting.

Helen smiled. “You may have cost me my job but you’re going to be taking care of my pussy for the rest of your life.”

The thoughts in her mind were artificial. Miranda knew that, but already they were taking hold of her again. She needed to lick that pussy and she needed it bad, and she knew she always would need it. She needed to lick that cunt. She needed it bad and she would always need it for the rest of her life.

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