In A Trance

Sitting on the stage, with the audience watching and the hypnotist droving on about boundries and the barriers of the mind, Mandy decided that tonight was definately a night she should have left the phone off the hook. Her best friend Lucy, now sitting next to her after stupidly volunteering them both to be hypnotised, practically dressed her up and put her make up on before dragging her out the door. “It’ll do you good, get you out the house for a while, besides I have two tickets and I’ll be damned if Im going alone.” So Mandy agreed, not like she had much of a say in the matter.

Watching the hypnotist whisper in Lucy’s ear, Mandy was shocked to see Lucy’s head loll forward suddenly onto her chest. The hypnotist carried on whispering before tapping her forhead softly, Lucy’s head shot back up and she turned to smile at Mandy. “Theres no way he’s going to put me under,” thought Mandy, “It’s all a load of crap.” The hypnotist walked towards here and started to whisper in her ear, “Think of yourself in a large ball of pink pulsating light, this is a soft place, a warm place, a safe place……” with that Mandy’s head rolled onto her chest and she was under, the man beside her still whispering gently in her ear. When the instructiosn were given, he nodded at Lucy who got up and went back to her seat in the audience. She was never under – all a sham to get Mandy up to the stage.

The hypnotist turned back to Mandy and tapped her forehead gently, her eyes opened and she took in the scene before her.

She was sitting on the edge of a large bed in a large, bright and airy room. Tiles decorated the floor along with the hot sunshine pouring in from the balcony, the doors open and a soft breeze blowing the soft muslim curtains into the room. She heard a door close softly behind her and she turned her head to see who had entered the room.

Mandy got up and walked straight into the arms of Leo, her secret lover. He scooped her up in his arms and kissing her hard on the mouth laid her down on the bed. She sat up long enough to catch her breath, pulling Leo’s shirt up over his head, her own dress off, leaving only her panties on and fall back down. He moved down her body, trailing small kisses and nibbles from her throat down to her large firm breasts.

Taking her breasts in his hands, Leo licked Mandy’s nipples, slowly flicking his tongue over the tips. She grabbed the back of his head letting him know how good it felt. He continued to burn his path of kisses down to where she needed his tongue the most. He settled inbetween her legs, pulling them gently apart and exposing her moist pussy to the air.

Onstage the audience watched as the hypnotist pulled Mandy’s legs open and begin to stroke her pussy and lowering his head, begin to lick.

Leo bent his head and started to lick at the delicious pussy before him. Running his tongue up from her tempting hole up to her waiting clit, listening to Mandy moan with pleasure. Flicking his tongue slowly back and forth over her throbbing clit, feeling her body jerk he pushed his fingers into her waiting snatch. Pushing them in and out, he carried on licking and sucking Mandy’s pussy while she pulled at the back of his head and squeezed her nipples.

Pulling away from her, Leo laid on his back and pulled Mandy up onto his waiting cock. Lower herself down, she implaled herself on his rock hard member, she began to ride him, leaning forward to brush her nipples against his mouth. Loving the feeling of his cock sliding in and out her hot tight wet cunt, Mandy started to ride faster and faster, a deep urge insistent inside her. She needed to cum, could feel it like an itching in her belly. Leo reached up and grabbed her breasts, pulling her down and she rode him, he clamped his mouth around her nipple, squeezing the other with his fingers.

Onstage the audience watched as Mandy screamed in orgasam.

Leo pushed her off him and sat on the end of the bed, his cock stood to attention and glistening with her juices. “Take me in your mouth, come over here and lick my shaft.” Getting down inbetween his legs, Mandy grasped the base of his shaft, held her lips just above and then plunged her head down, encasing his whole cock in her mouth. Sucking hard, she flicked her tongue over the tip of his shaft. She took his balls in her free hand and gently cupped them, carassing and squeezing them.

Leo watched her as she licked and sucked on his cock, tasting her own juices. He wrapped his hands in her long dark brown hair and pulled her head towards him, pushing his cock further into her mouth. Mandy quickened her rhythm, sucking as much of his manhood as possible til she felt his time was close. Pulling back she rested back on her heels and enclosed his dick inbetween her breasts. Leo started to thrust his hips upwards – loving the feeling of her large soft tits on his cock. She bent to lick the tip with the top of every thrust. “I need to fill you, Im close”, he moaned.

But she wasnt ready to let him. She knelt down on the bed in front of him on all fours, widened her legs to give him full view off her cunt and ass, she reached down and stroked her clit. He reached for her, but she pushed him back, telling him only to watch. After wetting her fingers on her pussy she moved them up to her asshole and pushed one in slowly.

The audience watched as Mandy, rear exposed, finger fucked her ass for the hypnotists pleasure.

After watching her finger fucking herself, Leo could take no more. Positioning himself behind her, he grasped his hard cock, guided it to her asshole, and after placing his hands on her hips pushed himself in. She screamed with pain and pleasure as he thrust inside her ass, pushing in and pulling out slowly he felt huge. He thrust in and out of her ass, hearing her moan her delight Leo pused as deep as he could go, pulling all the way out to do it all over again. Mandy begged him to fuck her harder, to fuck her faster, he felt he should oblige.

The audience watched as Mandy came against the hypnotists cock.

Leo grabbed her breasts from behind, and squeezing hard to make her orgasm last longer he shot his load deep into her ass. Moaning her name over and over and pumping her full of his hot sticky cum and shaking in his own release.

The audience watched as the hypnotist pulled away from Mandy, leaving her naked and spent on the stage, thier cum now mingled dripping down her thighs. He cleaned himself and quickly dressed, leaning down to her ear he whispered then gently tapped her forehead.

Mandy awoke, feeling her pussy wet she trailed her fingers along her inner thighs. Sighing with pleasure, she laid back and prolonged the moment where she would have to get up to change the sheets on her bed.

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