Lucy the Juicy Midget

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Ever know something was destined to happen.  It happened to me the day I saw Lucy.  She is in the payroll department of the company I work for.  I am in the call center part of the building which is on the floor below the administration offices.  When I saw Lucy I knew she would be mine and I was not going to stop until she is.

Lucy is a dwarf.  She is four foot nine inches tall.  I have never thought about a dwarf this way but there is just something smolderingly sexy about her.  She has long fire red orange hair she keeps it up in a bun most of the time showing off her long thin neck.  She has amazing violet eyes and her body is normally proportioned like a regular size woman.  What is not in proportion however are her breasts.  She is sporting large b cups.  Does not sound huge but on her they are a nice size.

The day after I met her I actually ended my engagement to another woman.  I knew she was not the woman for me anymore and I needed to chase my little girl.

The hard part has been finding a way to talk to her.  Cannot just leave my post and wander into another section and chat her up.  So I had to play a waiting game.

It was my lucky day when I was outside on my break sitting on one of the benches by the back doors.  I was drinking my coffee when I heard this sweet kitten like voice beside me.

“Is it okay if I sit there?”  It was her.  My chance had arrived.  She had her hair up as usual wearing a grey skirt and white tank top covered by a red blouse.

“Sure sit down take a load off”

As I watched her hop up on the bench and open a lunch bag and take out an apple.  I was trying to come up with an opening line when I heard her snap me out of my thoughts.

“Why are you staring at me Josh?”  She looked uncomfortable.   “It makes me feel like a freak when people stare” she growled.

“Sorry Lucy I was just thinking”

“Oh bout what exactly?”  I decided just to lay it all out for her.

“Wondering what colour your panties are and what it would be like to fuck your brains out “

“Ah I see, well that’s a little uhm”

“I think you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen and I want to have sex with you”

She looked really uncomfortable so I tried to make her feel easier.

“Look” I slide closer and began running my finger along her arm.  “I think you are the girl of my dreams, I would be thankful to get to bed you, but if you are not interested I will understand, I will not take it personal and I will move on.  So here is my offer.  We finish work around the same time, I will meet you right here.  I will wait until 5:30 if you have not shown up I’ll know you are not interested and that’s that.”

I got up and walked away and did not look back.  I went on with my day and tried not to think about it.  When quitting time came I went out and waited.

She did not show up.  Oh well, I guess I need a softer approach.

I did not see her at all for the rest of the week, and the beginning of the next until Wednesday night.  I was on my way to my car when I saw her standing at the door looking like she was waiting for someone.  She was stunning as usual.  Hair up, but some was falling around her oblong pretty face, black skirt, white blouse and she was wearing a pair if purple horn rimmed glasses that gave her a sexy accountant look.

“Hey Lucy”

“Oh, Hey Josh”

“everything okay darlin’”

“Yeah just waiting for the bus, but since it’s raining I thought I would wait here.”

“I can give you ride if you like if you live close.  No strings, I swear”

“Gee thanks but”

“Let me be your knight in Hyundai armour watta ya say?”

She was hesitant and I asked her a couple of times before she said yes.  It was raining really good and we had to run to my car.  We got settled in and as I was turning on the car I realized she looked really nervous.  I made small talk as we pulled out of the parking lot and she directed me to her apartment.  It was not far, about a twenty minute drive, but it would only take me ten to drive back to my house from there.   I stopped at a stop light and went to turn on the radio when she finally spoke.

She apologized for not showing up after work last Tuesday.  She mentioned having some personal stuff to take care of.  I told her not to worry about it and I probably came on too strong but when I know something is there that I want I go for it.  She understood and was actually flattered by the offer.

“Josh is your house close by”

“Yeah just up here and five minutes to the left”

“We should go there, take me to your house”

I did not say anything at first but turned left and drove to my house.  I pulled the car into the garage and we sat in the car for a second and she looked at me.  She smiled and took off her glasses and put them in her purse.

“I need to get out of these wet things”

“Follow me”

Round 1

I led her to the house through the garage and showed her to the bathroom.  I gave her a blue towel to wrap up in and she took off her clothes and passed them through the door and I took them and put them in the dryer.    I then took off all my clothes and through them in too.

When I came back from the basement she was leaning on the wall beside the bedroom in the towel.   It was the first time she saw my eight inch long cock.

“Hey naked man” She said as I knelt in front of her.

I kissed her on the neck; she still had her hair up.  Her perfume was soft and floral in scent and she giggled as I began nibbling her ear.  I hooked one finger into the top of the towel and undid it.  It fell to the floor around her feet.  I took in her round firm breasts with tiny nipples on the end already getting hard.  I used my thumbs and gently circled her areolas.  She put a hand around my dick and began jerking.   We were fondling each other and French kissing as we got more and more excited.  I picked her up and carried her to the bed.  I stood her on the bed so we were face to face.  I finally got to see her whole naked body her amazing tits, her flat stomach and navel ring, and her triangle pubes.

I flicked the navel ring and bent over and licked it.

“You like that baby?”  I said as I licked her nipples.

“I am putty in your hands”

I went back to kissing her neck as I kneaded her ass with one hand and started rubbing her clit with the other.  She was slithering to my strokes as she put both hands in my hair and stuck her tongue down my throat.

I drove three fingers into her soaking wet twat.  I kept my thumb on her clit and fingered her wetter and wetter.

Her pussy was dripping so knew it was time to give her my swollen member.  I took my fingers out of her to her disappointment.  I slapped both hands onto her ass and lifted her up.  She knew where I was going and wrapped her legs around my waist as I lowered her onto my cock.  I was now standing up and she was riding me using her leg muscles.  Her arms now around my neck I used my hands on her ass to guide her rhythm as she bounced up and down like carousel pony.

“I am coming, I am coming soo oh go uh ooood” I felt her come running down my leg as she continued to buck.   Her pussy constricted around me like a metal vice.

Slowly she stopped as she was still convulsing from the orgasm.  I pulled her up off my dick and threw her on her back on the bed and she landed with a bounce.  I pulled her back to the edge of the bed and grabbed her ankles and held them high as I reentered her.

I fucked her hard and fast jackhammer style.  I love the sound of flesh slapping together during sex it gets me going.  So it was not long between her constant and continuing orgasm and the pornographic sound of my balls slapping off her hot little ass I came.  It felt like string after string filled her tight little pussy.

After we caught our breath and she stopped shaking I ordered a pizza as we had both worked up an appetite.  In thirty minutes we had our pizza and when I answered the door in a bathrobe I got a knowing congratulatory nod from the pizza guy.  We ate our pizza and had a beer sitting on the couch.  After she ate she snuggled up to me on the couch laying her head on my lap still just wearing a towel.

“So wanna know why I was not there the other day”

“If you want to tell me”

“I was breaking up with my boyfriend”


“Because I really wanted to fuck you, but did not want to cheat on him”

“I see” She stuck her hand into my robe and began stroking my cock. “What now then”

“Well” she undid my robe and straddled me and began licking my nipples. “You and I are a couple now, so until the sex gets stale we are together”

Round 2

Within no time I was hard again as she was rubbing her clit on my hardening cock.  I ripped the towel off again and grabbed her tits and began sucking on them.  She was coating my dick with slick fresh lubrication from her slit.

“You are going to find I am pretty horny all the time” she gasps as her nipple hardened in my mouth.

She stood up and put her pussy slit in my face.  I gave it a few quick licks as she turned around and knelt down sinking on to my dick.  She moaned in delight as she sunk right to the bottom of my dick.  I hooked my arms through hers and grabbed her tits again pulling her back against my chest.  She was kneeling so she could get a good groove going as she rolled and rotated her hips.  She sat forward again putting her hands on my knees.  I put my hands on her hips and guided her rising and falling.  I got more and more into it as I began hard thrusting up into her causing her to bounce.

There it was again her sticky come running down his balls and into my ass crack.

“Fuck, you come like a river!”

“Yeeeesss,” she gasped.   Again her cunt clamped my cock in a vice like hold for at least two minutes.

I pushed her off me and put her on all fours with her elbows on the arm and her hot little ass in the air.  Slowly I pushed in.  She dipped her head as I gripped her sides and began throttling her again.  We were swaying back and forth and feeling really good.  I reached out and grabbed her hair pulling her head back and arching her back.

“I need to feel you come inside me again” she breathlessly spit out.

I did not need a second invite and put both hands in her hair and slammed her hard and fast.

“Jesus your pussy feels so good.”

“Feels better full of come though”

She pushed back with every thrust I put into her.  Finally I felt the coming climax and it was building to be huge.

“You want it honey, you got it” as I slapped both hands on her lower back as I flooded her with another endless stream of semen.

I collapsed on top of her as we kissed and kissed and kissed.

“You know what” as she licked my lips


“This is going to be a fun relationship”

“Fucking right”

“Especially after I get my tongue stud”

So that is how I seduced my midget girl.

I did not think life could be better, but……..

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