Adventures in Jennifer's World ch. 8

Chapter 8

Jason was nervous. Friday came too fast for him. He had been invited to Angela’s house to meet someone tonight, and that time had come. He was just pulling up to their home on Sycamore Avenue.

The evening breeze mussed his long auburn hair. Jason walked slowly up the walk. He didn’t know whom he was meeting, or what to expect. All he knew was that he had had mind-blowing sex with Angela back on Monday, and he fantasized on a repeat experience.

When he got to the door, he hesitated for just a moment before knocking. In a moment, a slender brown haired girl wearing thick glasses opened the door.

“Hello,” she said. “May I help you?”

“Um, am I at the right place?” Jason asked, not sure. “Is Angela here…I mean, does she live here?”

“Yes…” then it hit her. “Oh! Yes, she’s here. You must be Jason.”

“I am Jason, yes.”

“Come in! Come in!”

Jason walked into the house and down the small hallway to the den. The lady who opened the door motioned him to sit, and then she went towards the kitchen.

Jason looked around. He liked the layout of the den, with the couches on one side, a furry rug between them and the fireplace on the other side. A dinner table and six chairs sat on the left. Glass sliding doors on the right opened to the back yard. He saw the edge of a trampoline, and the high hedges. Very secluded, he thought to himself.

Angela emerged fro the kitchen, carrying a beer. “Jason!” she exclaimed. “How are you tonight.”

“To tell the truth, a little scared,” he said, laughing a little.

“Oh, don’t be. You’ll do fine. Here. Drink.” Angela handed him the beer.

“Thanks.” Jason took a long swig of the beer.

The phone rang, and Angela excused herself to go answer it. She came back in a little bit and sat down.
“Eric and our mystery guest for you will be here shortly,” Angela said. “We have dinner almost ready.”

“And it’s smelling great, Angela,” the brown-haired girl said as she came out of the kitchen. “So, are you going to introduce us, or are we going to fuck as strangers?”

Jason’s eyes grew large at her statement, and he started to sweat. Angela looked sharply at the girl, relaxed, then winked.

“Jason,” Angela said, “this is Sherry, Eric’s assistant at the office. Sherry, this is Jason, a coworker of mine at the spa.”

“Nice to meet ya,” Sherry said, walking to him and extending her hand. Jason shook it.

“Same here,” Jason said.

“Sherry and I have known each other for about a year,” Angela explained, “and when I found out she worked at Eric’s office, I simply had to invite her here tonight. She tends to be somewhat direct, as you found out.”

“Mmmm,” Jason said noncommittally.

“Now, Eric doesn’t know she’s here, Jason, so don’t let on when Eric gets home, OK? I want it to be a surprise!”

“Okay,” he said.

Just then all three heard a car pull up. Sherry ran back into Jennifer’s room and shut the door. Angela got up and went to the door. Jason got up and stood by the sliding glass doors. Angela opened the door and let Eric and Jennifer in.

“Hi, honey,” Eric said to Angela.

“Hello, stud!” she said back as she grabbed his crotch and dragged him in for a kiss. Eric kissed her back and then entered the house. Eric was replaced by Jennifer, who kissed her just as deeply as Eric had.

“Well, hello, lover,” Angela said. “So, how was the Freshmen Orientation?”

“Hell. My schedule is hectic. I have freshmen English, algebra, business theory, French studies, poetry, and American History. It took my getting mad for the housing authority to understand that I would need a ROOM in the dorm. It took Eric to finally get one assigned!”

Angela laughed a little. Jennifer was a minor celebrity in town since her unfortunate rape a while back, and it turned out that the university thought they were acting in her best interest by denying her a room in a dorm that could not be adequately protected all the time.

When the two women made it to the den, they found Eric and Jason conversing. Jennifer looked at Jason and whistled softly.

“You work with this hunk?” she whispered to Angela.

“Yup!” smiled Angela, whispering as well. “AND…he is ours for the night, and he doesn’t know it yet!”

“Double team, huh?”

“To start, at least. There are surprises abounding tonight. First, you know about Sherry, right?”

“Yeah, you told me about her last night.”

“She’s here.”

“No! Where?”

“In your room for right now. We’re…”

“What are you girls planning?” Eric said, coming up to them.

Angela switched topics instantly. “I was telling Jennifer about Jason, who he is and stuff.”

“I know you got something sneaky up there!” Eric remarked, pointing at Angela’s head.

“No I don’t. Really.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it. Anyway, come over and meet Jason. Jennifer.”

Eric put his arm around Jennifer’s shoulders. Angela ribbed Eric and gave him that look of “Don’t spoil it!” Eric looked her and winked, telling her through that he had understood.

Eric walked over to Jason with Jennifer hugged to his side. She had put her arm around his waist and planted her hand on his ass.

“Jason Manacek, this is Jennifer Holston,” Eric said.

Jennifer took Jason’s proffered hand. He didn’t quite shake it but rather…caressed it, as if this is what he does all the time. Jennifer looked at Jason’s tall, lean frame once again. She started to feel wet between her legs, as this man had Adonis features in her eyes, and his crotch looked the size of softball.

“Nice to meet you,” Jennifer said, after catching her breath.

“S-Same here,” Jason stammered. He was nervous, Jennifer thought.

“Well, dinner is ready everyone,” Angela announced.

The four of them went to the dining room table and sat down. Eric took his usual place at the head of the table, but noticed there were TWO settings there. Angela sat to his left, Jennifer to his right, and Jason to Jennifer’s right, as Angela had instructed him.

“What’s with the two plates, hon?” Eric asked.

Angela looked at him, and smirked. Eric looked at Jennifer for an explanation, and she had to hide her face to keep from laughing. Even Jason looked like he was about to laugh.

“What’s so fucking funny?” Eric said, starting to get a little nettled.

Then Eric felt a hand snake around his waist and grab his cock. He remembered that feeling even as she said her favorite line:

“Ooh, looks like your cock needs some loving oral attention.”

Eric grabbed her arm and pulled her around. “Sherry! What are you doing here?!”

“Having my tits squashed against your chest, stud,” she quipped, giving him a hug back. “Actually, it was Angie’s idea. We’re old friends, you know. She told me about you, and I must say I have really been missing out! Then this stud muffin came over-” she pointed at Jason, who was looking surprised, “and it looked like it was going to get more interesting. Now, let go of my ass, hon, and let me get the food.”

Eric was taken aback. Ever since having that mind blowing sex on Monday, Sherry had been dressing more provocatively, but professionally, and got into the habit of parading in front of him every chance she got. Her demeanor became more brazen, and now she presented a more outspoken and direct personality, which had recruited 7 new clients for him. Now she was here, and was brazen enough to “tell it like it is”, and he found this impressive and erotic. Indeed, she walked back to the kitchen with a swagger in her hips that sort of said “I don’t even have to wonder: I know we’ll be fucking soon, and you’re gonna love it!”

Eric looked at Jason, who had also watched her swag
ger back to the kitchen. He was flushed!

“Jason, are you all right?”

Jason could only nod.

Jennifer looked on the quintet, and wondered at the diversity of the group. Of course, she and Angela and Eric were the core, and they k
new that nothing would break up that core. Jason was now here, with that deer-in-the-headlights look, and a woman just egging Eric on to get to the fucking with no preamble. Definitely a unique group!

Sherry returned with the dinner. It was a delicious fare of lobster tail, hush puppies, potatoes, and lemon. Sherry and Angela served everyone. The conversation was light, and the topics ranged from jobs to politics to college.

“So, Jennifer, Angela tells me you’re off to college this Monday,” Jason said to her. “Do you know what you’ll be majoring in?”

“Right at the moment, I’m set for majoring in Business Administration, with a sub major in IT sciences,” she said. “Once I get my masters in both, I intend to attend Harvard Law.”

Jason whistled. “That is a hefty goal, Jen. Also a good one. If you need help, let me know. I have my MBA from Princeton.”

Eric, Sherry, and Angela looked at Jason with a renewed respect.

“Jason, you never told me you had a degree!” Angela said.

Jason shrugged. “The matter never came up. It’s on my resume in the office, though. I rather enjoy what I am doing right at the moment. I never really found the right partner to go into business with.”

The rest of dinner went pleasantly. The girls cleaned up the table while the men took their drinks into the den and sat down.

“Jason, tell me about yourself,” Eric said. An idea popped in his head.

“Well,” he started, “I went to Boston University when I was 17. I originally majored in Accounting, but made that my minor and then majored in Business Administration. I got my masters in 5 years, and my MBA a year later. The MacTiernan Group of New York, as a stock analyst, hired me, but I found that I was not cut out for corporate America. I liked rock climbing and physical fitness too much. I quit that and studied aerobics. I applied to the spa downtown as an aerobics instructor 2 years ago, and that’s when I met Angela. We worked together for about a year, and then we got our own classes.”

“Do you ever think of starting your own business?”

“Constantly. I just haven’t found something I like yet.”

“What day do you have off next week?”


“Tell you what: Stop by my office on Wednesday. I have a proposition for you, OK?”

“Alright.” Eric gave him the address.

Their conversation was interrupted by music coming from the wall speakers. The men looked up, and saw the girls come into the den from the hall. Each was dressed differently: Angela wore a very sexy long red evening gown, her hair combed long, with the long red gloves; Jennifer was dressed in a catholic girl’s uniform, complete with jacked and tie, her hair tied in a ponytail; Sherry was dressed in a severe women’s business suit, her hair tied in a tight bun.

Their movements were sultry and in time to the music. They walked their way to the rug, separated a bit and danced to the music; appropriate to the type of dress they wore. As the music ended, they struck a pose.

Angela spoke. “Eric Thomlinson, Jason Manacek, we are the Story Dancers. Sit back and enjoy the show.”

Eric and Jason looked at each other and smiled. They settled back as another song started, then dimmed in volume a little. Angela and Sherry stepped back a little. Angela turned down the lights and turned the small spotlight on to Jennifer.

“This is the story of the realization of sexuality,” Sherry intoned. “Watch as the schoolgirl finds out about herself.”

Jennifer started to sway to the music, her skirt swishing. Her hands started from her hips, running her hands up her side, back down to grab some skirt, lift it a little, then drop it. One hand found its way to her chest as she first cups one breast, then the other. Her face showed the beginning of an emerging need as her hand found the inside of her shirt and caressed her tit under it. The other hand snaked its way under the band of her skirt, and she started to rub her pussy through her silk panties. Her head went back. She closed her eyes and started to breathe hard. She then brought her head forward and opened her eyes, staring hard at the men with such lust that it made both Eric and Jason jerk a little from its impact!

“Her need is upon her,” Angela said, in the same tone as Sherry had used. “She has found her pleasure centers, and wishes for her clothes to be removed.”

Angela and Sherry stepped up. Slowly, methodically, they removed Jennifer’s clothes. They played a game of flash and cover of her skin, teasing the men with little peaks. The jacket and tie went first. Sherry slowly unbuttoned her shirt, as Angela unzipped her skirt. Sherry got behind Jennifer and opened her shirt towards the men, exposing her bra-encased tits. Rivulets of sweat could be seen on the skin of her cleavage. Angela let the skirt drop, and Jennifer stepped out of it. She was now in bra, silk panties, long whit stockings and two-toned shoes. Jennifer stepped out of her shoes and kicked them to the side. She started to dance sexily, slowly moving towards the two men. Her hips flared towards them, making their heads snap back a little. She then danced her need in front of them, twirling and grinding, telling them that her need is great upon her and needs the touch of a man. Jason inadvertently reached for her, but Jennifer simply twirled out of his reach. Jason cried out.

Eric laughed, putting his hand on Jason’s shoulder and pulled him back. He was surprised to find he was sweating as well. Jennifer’s dance was extremely erotic!

Jennifer danced her way to the back of the room. Sherry took her place in the spotlight. Eric, suddenly more interested, sat on the edge of the couch.

“Now we see the businesswoman,” Angela said. The song ended, and another one started. Sherry struck a businesslike pose. “Her world is the corporate struggle, wanting to succeed, but the environment states you must be manlike to do so. She sacrifices some of herself for that success” Sherry’s dance suggested the dichotomy of being a woman in a male dominated environment.

“One day she finds her sense of self,” Jennifer continued in a sultry voice, “and finally throws the strict bonds of corporate America from her breast.”

Sherry stopped dancing, her legs slightly spread. She whipped her head to the left and stared at the men with want and daring. She striped her coat of and threw it behind her. She then grabbed her midi skirt and ripped it off in one shot. She threw it behind her as well. She was wearing dark stockings, a black lace garter belt, and black lace panties. Her white shirt contrasted against this as she unbuttoned it. She then stripped it off of her, exposing her chest. She wore a lacy half bra, supporting her perky tits beautifully. Her areolas peeked from around the lace. She then pulled two pins from her hair, and her long brown hair cascaded around her shoulders half hiding her face as she shook her head. She then put her hands on her hips and looked at the men through her hair.

Eric had hit the floor on his knees, and it was Jason’s turn to laugh as he helped him up and back on to the couch. His laugh was short-lived as he once again caught sight of Sherry, and stared.

Sherry had started to gyrate her hips, running her hands along her body, fondling her tits in their bra, one hand moving down her flat stomach and toward her crotch. She then moved to the back of the room, and Angela took her place in the spotlight

“Here we see the debutante,” Jennifer said. A new song started that was reminiscent of club music. “Her world is of the fast life, but without much romance. She yearns for the loving touch of a man, but does not know how to find one that would love her. She finds her sexuality overpowering as she comes in contact with her need.”

Angela ran her right hand up her left arm, then across her collarbone, continuing up the side of her head with the back of her hand. Sh
e pulled her red hair back on that side, and looked at the men with a look of pure daring. The men gulped.

Jennifer came up a
nd unzipped the dress for Angela, then stepped back.

Angela shimmied out of the dress, letting it drop to the ground. She stepped out of it, then spread her legs a little. She was still wearing a red strapless bra, black garter, nude stockings, red lace panties, and red spike high heel shoes that made her calves look maddeningly delicious. She also left on the long red gloves.

Angela started to dance her need to the two men She could see that they were uncomfortable as their cocks strained against the fabric of their pants. She gyrated her hips and ran her hands along her body as she moved towards them. She stayed just out of their reach as her need turned to lust in her movements.

Sherry and Jennifer started to dance and move towards the men. They went to either side of Angela, and the three women danced their need, sexuality and lust for the men. Their hips, legs and lingerie evoked a vision of pure eroticism and lust that was so powerful that the men sweated and concentrated on not cumming in their pants!

The song ended. On the last note, each girl struck an obscene pose. The smell of their sex was in the air, as all three women were wet.

“We, the Story Dancers, present ourselves to you,” the three girls said together. “Come and satisfy the need we danced for you!”

Eric and Jason looked at each other. With a smile on their faces, they stood and removed their shirts.

The women put on a provocative dance for the men. They want Eric and Jason. Find out what happens in the next chapter of the Adventures in Jennifer’s World!

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