One night I was up late at night having a conversation with my friend Chris. I had my webcam on and I was feeling very horny. I told him that I did something that he might like. So as he’s watching me on my webcam, I slowly take off my pants and my shirt. As he’s admiring me in my white lacy thong and white lacy bra, I had noticed from his webcam that he was getting a humongous hard on. The kid was at least 7-8″, a very good length for me. Made me want to jump his bones right then and there.

I started to get really turned on and I could feel myself just getting ready to burst. So I stripped out of my thong so he could see my dripping wet pussy. I could see him licking his lips like he just wanted to suck me then and there.

I sat back in my chair and slowly started to play with my clit to make me even more wet. I noticed that he started jerking himself off to me. “Your pussy is the greatest one I’ve ever seen.” he said to me.

I could feel myself about ready to burst so I started fingering myself faster and faster. I said to him “Oh baby, I just wanna suck you off right here and right now. Your dick looks so good to me. I want it in my mouth right now.”

I could see him jerking off even more. So I started rubbing my clit faster and harder and finally I reached my climax and just about exploded out of my chair. After I reached mine, he in turn, reached his and exploded all over his hands. After we finished and cleaned up, I told him goodnight and turned off my webcam just waiting in anticipation for the next day when I would get to use it again with him.

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