Scott Parker's Story (Conclusion)

Chapter Eight: Scott Meets His Match

For several days after he fucked little Julie in the ass, Scott had some regrets. After the initial thrill began to fade, he started to worry. Scott had visions of cops knocking on his door in the middle of the night and hauling him off to jail. He thought if Julie ever wised up or let something slip he could be in a world of hurt. As the days passed and nothing happened, he began to think about Karen Ewell. Scott finally concluded, “If you’re in for a dime, you’re in for a dollar.” He decided it was time to confront Karen.

He played out the scenario essentially the same. Only this time he had to ask Karen to come into the office after her shift on Friday afternoon. Karen never hung around when she wasn’t working. With Karen, things began the same. When Scott accused her of being responsible for the shortages, he detected a look of guilt on her face; but Karen didn’t try to deny anything. Then Scott went into his story about the FBI and Homeland Security. To this, Karen’s reaction was completely unexpected. She laughed out loud and said, “My God what an imagination you have! Did you ever think of submitting any stories to those internet fantasy web sites?”

Now it was Scott’s turn to feel a bit panicky; but he did his best to hide it. Then Karen continued, “You might be able to fool the other little chicks working in this two bit joint with that bullshit, but I’m not from Bentlyville. The worst you can do is to call the cops and I don’t think that even the local yokels in Bentlyville will be too concerned about some petty theft at McDonalds. What’s your scam anyway? Looking to get a little on the side? That’s kind of risky considering the age of some of the female employees. Although I doubt that there’s a virgin in the whole bunch.”

By now, even though he was very worried, Scott was also pissed. Karen’s superior attitude rubbed him the wrong way and he couldn’t resist retorting, “What makes you think you’re so smart? You got caught pilfering cash from this two bit joint!”

Karen didn’t reply for a moment then she said, “To be completely honest, I didn’t think you were smart enough to catch on so quickly. I guess we both got fooled.” Then Karen’s lips began to twitch a little and suddenly she and Scott were both laughing out loud.

Then Karen asked, “Hey Scottster got any liquid refreshment in here that’s not on the McDonalds menu?”

Scott found himself really warming up to this smart sexy girl and he liked what she had called him, Scottster. Yes he liked it a lot. Scott replied, “Well it just so happens that I do.” He opened the bottom desk drawer, pulled out a bottle of Black Velvet and a couple of paper cups.

As they sipped the liquor, Scott asked, “What’s your scam Karen?”

Karen replied, “I’ve got no scam. I want to get out of here just as soon as possible and I need money to do it. I have plans for my future and this shitty town isn’t any part of them. We moved here after my dad took off for parts unknown. My mom was stupid enough to get involved with some clod hopper from this area. She met him on the internet. She thinks he’s so in love with her. Well she can have her dream. She doesn’t know her lover boy has been trying to get into my panties since day one.”

Scott commented, “Go for it Karen. Get out of Bentlyville. That’s what I should have done long ago and now it’s probably too late.”
Karen replied, “You know Scottster, I like you a lot. You’re different from most people I’ve met around here. By the way, just in case you don’t know it; little Julie Barnes is dipping into the cash drawer too.”

Scott said, “Yeah I know it. She believed my story.”

A knowing look came over Karen’s face and she chuckled as she said, “Damn, I’ll bet I can guess just what you did. You fucked her in the ass last Wednesday evening when she came in to pick up her pay.”

Scott couldn’t hide the surprised look that crossed his face and Karen laughed again as she continued, “How do I know? Elementary my dear Watson; Julie is in first period English class with me. Last Thursday morning I noticed she was walking kind of funny and she took a long time getting sat down at her desk. Then she asked to be excused to go potty a couple of times during class. You must have given her a real cum enema. Its effects were apparently very long lasting. I’d also deduce that you’re no slouch in the size department, since I expect our Julie is no stranger to having her little butt corked, at least that’s the talk around dear old Bentlyville High.”

Scott and Karen finished their drinks and started another. Then Scott asked, “What are your plans Karen?”

“I’d like to go to LA or New York and try to break into modeling and don’t go thinking that this is some teenage fantasy. I know the score. I know it won’t be easy; but I have the assets and more important, I have the brains. What about you Scottster? I hope you have more ambition than fucking some not too bright Bentlyville teenies. That’s a dangerous course of action to follow.”

Scott said honestly, “It doesn’t seem to matter much to me. I must have been born with looser stamped right across my forehead in big red letters. It doesn’t show, but I know it’s there. I’ve never been happy in my marriage. It’s not my wife’s fault. She’s a good person and she’s done her best to please me. In reality she’d be better off without me and I’m beginning to think she knows it too. I hate my job and I hate this town. All my problems are my own fault, because I’ve never had the balls to do anything about them. If I could have met someone like you when I was younger, maybe things would have been a lot different. But like I said; it’s too late now.”

Karen took another sip of her drink and got up from her chair. She came around the desk, sat on Scott’s lap and put her arms around his neck. She leaned her head against Scott’s shoulder and whispered, “What makes you think it’s too late Scottster? You’ve met me now.”

The news that the manager of the local McDonalds took the week’s bank deposit and ran off with one of the teenage girls who worked there was the story of the century in Bentlyville. Within days, more than two hundred current and former McDonald’s employees, both male and female, came forward claiming to have been sexually assaulted by Scott Parker and a local lawyer got up a class action lawsuit on their behalf. The franchise owners claimed that Scott must have been methodically stealing money for years and depositing it in a Swiss bank account. They estimated that he had embezzled millions of dollars. Scott’s wife and daughter had no comment. All of this barely made a blip on the national news radar screen. Bentlyville wasn’t a very interesting place and no murder had been committed.

Two Years Later:

Late Friday evening, Scott Parker was cruising down the highway that stretched across the desert on the outskirts of Yuma, Arizona. It had been a very good week. The little restaurant that he and Karen had opened in downtown Yuma was turning into a gold mine. He wheeled the SUV off the highway, drove a mile or so down a side road and pulled into the drive of an attractive ranch house. Scott entered the front door and called out, “I’m home Beautiful!”

Karen emerged from the kitchen. She was eight months pregnant and it really showed. As she walked across the living room she said, “Beautiful Ha!” Then placing her hands on her prominent stomach she said, “Well there goes the modeling career.”

Scott smiled broadly at the sight of his young attractive wife. He had always thought she was a knockout and now that she was pregnant, he thought she was hotter than ever. Scott put his arms around Karen, nuzzled her neck and said, “I love you baby.”

Karen replied in a soft whisper, “I love you Scottster.”

The End

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