the Kiss

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Lynne stepped out of the shower and dried off, pausing in thought she drifted in and out of a daydream. She went into the kitchen to get a can of pop staring into the fridge she didn’t hear Wayne step up behind her, but she felt him as he slid his hands over her hips pulling her to him for a quick hug. She rested her hands over his huge hands and leaned into him breathing deeply. God she wondered to herself, how could something as simple as a hug get her wet? It never failed to amuse and bother her at the same time that the simplest non-sexual things coming from him made her hot and bothered. She turned part ways to meet his eyes and he bent down and kissed her softly on the lips, no tongue just lips. Soft full yet firm lips. inwardly she sighed, outwardly she growled and bit his lip gently. Her hazel eyes meeting his dark brown ones a look passing between them that both of them understood too well. He left the kitchen and went to the tv room back to watching the program that was on. Now she was hungering and it wasnt for anything that she would find in the fridge. Lynne walked over to the couch slowly, stopping directly in front of Wayne. He looked up and met her eyes, seeing the mischievous glint in her eyes a big grin spread on his face. She bent down and kissed him softly, feeling his full lips under hers. She opened her mouth and they inhaled each other as they kissed, breathing in one another as their lips danced over each others. Slowly almost agonizing she kissed and he kissed her back. Leaning in she straddled his lap while still kissing him, his hands came to rest on the tops of her thighs as she settled her weight ontop of him. Slowly his hands slid up over her thighs and around her full hips, grazing their way gently up her back- trailing his nails gently upwards causing her to arch into him moaning into his mouth. His tongue snaked in and he flicked her tongue with his, she licked him back sliding her tongue into his mouth. His hands resting on the tops of her shoulders, just at the base of the back of the neck nails biting into her soft flesh gently yet still leaving marks in their wake. She kissed him enjoying how all her senses sharpened and picked up on every nuance between them. She could smell him, and it only turned her on to smell him. She ground her hips into his as she kissed him slowly, reveling in the taste of him the touch of him and the smell of him. The hardness of his body against hers, under her, wrapped around her was driving her insane. He ran his nails down her spine as he teased her knowing full and well how to kiss her to distraction, she reacted by leaning more into him and kissing her way down his jawline and resting her chin in the side of his throat. Her lips resting on the pulse she could never get over how his pulse was always so controlled no matter what. She flicked her tongue out and licked upwards, shifting her weight and body she leaned into him sinking her teeth gently into his flesh. She never bit hard, just enough to let him know she wanted more. One of his hands slid back up her spine and wrapped itself in her hair. She let go of him with her teeth and felt him kiss the side of her throat gently. Those soft lips of his trailing softly, wetly over her pulse. She knew he could feel it speed up in anticipation. His other hand slide up her back and held her braced to him. She heard him growl gently as he opened his mouth. His teeth sunk into her throat, digging into her flesh. She moaned and sighed deeply as her body leaned into the kiss he gave her. Time froze as far as she was concerned, all she could care about was how wonderful it felt having his teeth in her throat and his hands on her body, being able to smell him and feel him. She was lost in the feeling of his teeth as he sunk them in deeper, piercing the flesh. Soft wet lips sucking on her neck sent her over the edge, her whole body relaxed into it as she got closer and closer by the second to going over the edge. He dug his nails deeply into her back as he bit harder causing her to come hard, her whole body thrown into it as she breathed heavy. He released her throat from his jaws and placed a gentle kiss where he had just bitten her, licking teasing licking her teasingly causing another shudder to course through her body. As he chuckled low and evilly enjoying her response to him as always…

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