The Returning Student Scene Selection: Reunite.

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The Returning Student
Scene Selection Title: Reunite

Tatum and Fern are walking home from school. Fern wanted to get to her place to take a quick shower and change into some more comforting clothes. They planned on going over to the mall to buy beauty supplies. When the got to Fern’s house, Tatum froze of the front yard sidewalk. Fern did not notice Tatum’s sudden stop and walked up to the door. She slipped the key into the door knob and turned around to find Tatum a good few feet away from the door.

Fern: Are you ok?
Tatum: Yeah, I’ll just wait out here.
Fern: You should step in for awhile. I might take up time.
Tatum: That’s fine. I can use the fresh air.
Fern: (quietly laughs) You always hesitate coming into my house. What is bothering you about this place?
Tatum: It’s personal. I dont want to tell you.
Fern: (laughs again) Did somebody tell you that my house was cursed?
Tatum: Because it looks like the house from Poltergeist?
Fern: They did, didn’t they?
Tatum: Wait…no. Nobody said anything to me. It was just a dumb thought. Look, could I please just wait out here.
Fern: Why?!
Tatum: I told you, I don’t want to talk about it.

Fern gets fed up with Tatum’s avoidence, grabs her arm, and pulls her into the house.

Tatum: Hey! Get me out of me!
Fern: Chill out, Tat…Nothing bad will happen.
Tatum: Not if I’m outside.
Fern: We are going straight up to my room.

They head up to Fern’s room. Fern’s room was the same room Tatum slept in when she lived there. The interier style was more girlish.

Fern: Is it so scary?
Tatum: Fern, I don’t want to say anything but I will tell you I had some history inside this house and especially in this room.
Fern: Did you used to live here or something?
Tatum: Maybe, maybe not.
Fern: (laugh) I’m going to take a quick 5 minute shower. Just stay in here if your too chicken to come out.

Fern leaves the room with a towel. Quietly, Tatum stays put on Fern’s bed. Two people walk into the house. There was laughter filling the lobby. It sounded like two men. Tatum creeped out of Fern’s bedroom just enough to view downstairs. She saw the back of Tyler’s head, and another guy facing foward. At first he didn’t look familiar with the black hair, but then she got a clear view of his face. It was Leah! He must of died his hair. She remembered him with blond hair. Thankfully, he left. Tatum cautiously without a sound backed up into the room and shut the door. She sat back on the bed, hoping that Tyler didn’t notice her. Unfortunately to her surprise, the door knob started to turn. She shut her eyes, feeling everything she ate in her stomach turning. The door opened.

Tyler: Hi!
Tatum: (swallowed hard) Hi.
Tyler: I don’t believe we met…
Tatum: Oh. (sighs in relief)

Tatum was relieved that he didn’t reconized her, but not for long. Fern appears in the room again. Her cloths were on and a towel wrapped around her head of soaked hair.

Fern: Hey Tyler.
Tyler: Hello, girl. Who is your friend?
Fern: (laugh) Oh, I’m sorry. Tyler, my friend Tatum. Tatum, my non-biological parent, Tyler.
Tyler: You’re Tatum?
Tatum: Oh God…yes, I am Tatum.
Tyler: It’s ok…there are a million Tatums in this country. I used to have an odopted daughter named Tatum. She ran away to the orphanage home. I will say though, you have her eyes.
Tatum: Oh…(laughs) I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
Tyler: That depends (smiles at her)
Tatum: …I guess I better get going. I wouldn’t want to miss my favorite show of all times.
Tyler: Tatum Limp, those eyes don’t fool me.
Tatum: Actually, it’s Robertson now. I have to leave. Thanks a lot, Fern. (sarcastically)
Fern: What did I do?
Tatum: (whispering) I told you I didn’t want to come in.

Tatum grabs Fern’s arm and pulls her away. Tyler watches them carefully.

Fern: Why did he call you by our last name? Is there something your not being honest about? Are you two related?!
Tatum: Shhhh!…Biologically, no. Legally, yes were.
Fern: Damn, why did you run away? We could have been sisters!
Tatum: I’ll tell you later!

Tatum grabs her bag and was ready to walk out, but Tyler stopped her.

Tyler: I want to talk to you. I have a life long question to ask you.
Tatum: I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t even want to be in this house. I want nothing to do with you or Leah!
Tyler: Fern?
Fern: Yes?
Tyler: Can Tatum and I have a minute?
Fern: Sure, ok.
Tatum: Fern, don’t leave!
Tyler: Relax, I don’t bite.

Fern walked out of the room, leaving Tatum alone with him. Big mistake.

Tyler: Don’t worry. Leah is not here. We have a lot to catch up on.
Tatum: What do you want?
Tyler: I want to know why you ran away.

He closes Fern’s door and locks it.

Tatum: I couldn’t take it anymore!
Tyler: Take what?
Tatum: The way you treated me! It haunted me for a very long time, Tyler.
Tyler: All I ever did was love you and showed you affection.
Tatum: You loved me the wrong way. You really harmed me. That harm followed me on ’til high school although I had a “new” life.
Tyler: Yeah, I heard all about it from Fern and Jenny’s stupid ass conversations. How Mr. Jacobson supposingly raped you and of course you ran away, again. And now you’re back. Do you run away from all your problems, Tatum?

Tatum gets ready to leave again, but Tyler steps in her way.

Tatum: Leave me alone!
Tyler: I’m not letting you leave. (laugh) We need to finish some unfinished business.
Tatum: What unfinished business?
Tyler: (evil grin) Goodbye sex.
Tatum: No…
Tyler: Yes. If I have to, I’ll force it on you. Like I had to for a year before you left out of the clear sky.
Tatum: Get out of my way, I’m leaving. Goodbye, Tyler.

Tyler grabs her arm tightly.

Tatum: Stop!
Tyler: Fuck me, Tatum.
Tatum: Fuck yourself!

In only seconds, Tatum’s back was against the door. Downstairs, Fern heard the noise and drew attention to it by running upstairs.

Fern: Is everything ok?

::in the bedroom::

Tyler: Rrrr, great job bitch…you attracted frizz ball.
Tatum: Good, then maybe she’ll know the truth…

Tyler covers her mouth with his hand.

Tyler: Fern wont know about the truth. If she does, I will be forced to victimize her, too. I’m sure you don’t want me to do that.
Fern: (knocking) Tatum?
Tyler: A few more minutes, Fern.

Tyler’s eyes stay on her’s and his hand on her mouth. His face came close to her’s. As it came closer, his hand started sliding off her mouth, and his lips brushed her’s, and his fingers stroked her hair. His lips gently pressed with a kiss. He pulled away only slightly.

Tyler: Do I make myself clear?
Tatum: (nodd nervously) Yes.
Tyler: Good. Fern should be working third shift tonight, why don’t you stop by.

Tyler allowed Tatum to go. He backed away from her and opened the door. Tatum walked out fast.

Tyler: Don’t blow me off, Tatum.

She furiously trampled down the steps. Fern chased her out the house.

Fern: What happened?
Tatum: I can’t tell you.
Fern: Something happened, Tatum…tell me!
Tatum: No! If I do, you’ll end up like me. I’m sorry, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.
Fern: Ok. Bye.

Tatum was completely gone and Fern ran back inside. Tyler came down and gave Fern a blank look, while Fern looked confused.

Tyler: What?
Fern: Tell me what’s going on between you two.
Tyler: Noth
ing…we just know each other.
Fern: Not in a good way…if Tatum is being forced to keep her mouth shut then something is wrong. Very wrong. And I want to know what type of history I’m dealing with.
Tyler: You don’t need to know. It’s not your history as well as none of your
business. I have the right to keep quiet.
Fern: I thought everybody was my friend.
Tyler: Lets put it this way, Fern. If
I told you, you would end up just like Tatum.
Fern: Fine, whatever.
Tyler: (speaks under breath) Wow, she looks nice with red hair.

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