The Returning Student, Scene Selection

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Jenny was walking home from the high school after having her art show. A little upset that her parents could be there because they were out of town. It was pitch black outsid with peaceful sounds of crickets and a hooting owl. Tree leaves were dancing on their branches and the moon was 100% full and white. Jenny loved full moons–especially when it starts raining and storming. Jenny loved anything that had a story or deep meaning. Hences the fact that she loved art so much. A bright green pontiac vibe drives up beside Jenny, causing her to fear a little. She glances in the tinted windows when they roll down. It’s Mr. Jacobson.

Mr. Jacobson: Hey there.
Jenny: Hi, Mr. Jacobson.
Mr. Jacobson: What are you doing walking at night by yourself, sweety? Worst of all, on a full moon?
Jenny: I like full moons.
Mr. Jacobson: It’s not safe! There are people running around, literally acting like warewolves.
Jenny: Isn’t that a movie?
Mr. Jacobson: Why don’t you let me drive you home? I don’t mind.

Jenny’s heart was pounding–visualizing the story Tatum told her. All of it. Seeing in her mind Tatum getting into this man’s care, droven to a deserted park, raped, threatening, FULL MOON! The full moon had to be a clue…he mentioned last year to Tatum that full moon evenings were dangerous.

Jenny: Actually…I’d rather not. You could get into trouble for having students in your car.
Mr. Jacobson: (laughs) Trust me, the school will probably be thanking me.
Jenny: Well, my house is kind of far off. Practically on the other side of town.
Mr. Jacobson: That gives me a good enough reason to give you a lift home. I’m not worried about the distance, just your safety.
Jenny: Um…
Mr. Jacobson: Get in.

Jenny snaps out of her “ridiculos” thoughts and gets into Mr. Jacobson’s car. On the ride home, Jenny tries to aboid his eyes while he tried to stir up a conversation.

Mr. Jacobson: So, do you have a lot of friends?
Jenny: I got Brian and Fern.
Mr. Jacobson: Fern?
Jenny: Yeah…
Mr. Jacobson: She’s a very shy girl.
Jenny: True.
Mr. Jabobson: And Brian would be your boyfriend?
Jenny: (laughs) Nice guess.
Mr. Jacobson: Why have you suddenly been hanging out with Philip?
Jenny: He is Tatum’s twim brother and I’m just looking out for him.
Mr. Jacobson: (snickers)

Mr. Jacobson pulls into the same old, deserted park where he brought Tatum. Rain dripples fell and splattered on the car windows. Huge cracks of lightening and rumbles of thunder disrupted Jenny’s thoughts. She knew she should have listened to the voices inside her head telling and begging her to stay away from his car.

Jenny: What’s going on here?
Mr. Jacobson: Nothing.
Jenny: This place creeps me out, can you take me home please.
Mr. Jacobson: (leans closer) Why should I?
Jenny: Mr. Jacobson, please back up away from me and take me home.
Mr. Jacobson: And not fulfil out dreams?

Mr. Jacobson puts his cold hand on her kneww and rubs softy. Instantly, Jenny brushes his hand away.

Jenny: Stop it!
Mr. Jacobson: (laugh) No.

He put his hand right back on her knee and leans in closer, threatening to kiss her.

Mr. Jacobson: You have no idea how sexy you are, Jenny. A look like your’s can be dangerous.
Jenny: Get away from me.
Mr. Jacobson: My cock is rock hard for you. Be a good girl and let me fuck you.
Jenny: Listen, I don’t love you.

His hands move to her hips and he leans in closer–his body almost touching her’s.

Mr. Jacobson: That’s not what I heard.
Jenny: Get you hands off of me!
Mr. Jacobson: (evil giggling) Oh, shutup.

Mr. Jacobson presses his lips firmly on her’s. Sliding his tongue back and forth between her lips, trying to french her. He gets impatient, grabs the sides of her head, and forces her mouth open with his. His tongue presses against her’s with force. Tasting his salivia mixed with her salivia. He pulls himself away and pins her down by sitting on her face and holding her legs down and apart. He made sure that his cock and balls were positioned at her mouth and nose so she can taste and smell him through the trowsers. With a devilish grin on his face, he attempts to undo her jeans.

Mr. Jacobson: I’m going to fuck you, Jenny, whether you like it or not. You’ll get to have a taste and fell of every inch of my cock. And it’s pretty big, too. Nobody can help you, Jenny. You can scream all you want, no one will hear you. And if they did, they’ll ignore you. If you didnt want this, you never should have gotten into my car. It’s so obvious you wanted it. The first thing I’m going to do to you, baby, is put two of my very playful fingers inside you pussy and roughfully rub you clit.

Before Mr. Jacobson could even start slipping her jeans off, Jenny presses her bottom teeth into his cock. He makes a very high pitched yelp and flys up, giving Jenny full chance to get up and run out of his car. She was able to get up all right, but he tightly and quickly grabed her arm. His livid eyes burned into Jenny’s.

Mr. Jacobson: You…LiTtLe…BITCH!
Jenny: So it is true…you did rape Tatum.
Mr. Jacobson: Correct Jenny, and if you tell a soul, I will severally haunt you for the rest of your young, adolesent, life!
Jenny: Let me go and I won’t. Please. (bursting into tears)
Mr. Jacobson: No, I better show you what will happen.

Mr. Jacobson unzips his pants and pulls them down with one hand along with his black breifs. His huge, 8-inch cock was fully exposed with Jenny’s teeth marks on the bottom middle.

Mr. Jacobson: See where you bit it, Jenny?
Jenny: (crying) Yes.
Mr. Jacobson: Kiss it. Apoligize to my cock and let it get it’s revenge.
Jenny: What revenge?
Mr. Jacobson: Revenge painful for you, but pleasuring for me. Now beg for it’s forgiveness.
Jenny: Let me go! How humuliating!
Mr. Jacobson: So I guess you won’t be doing it again. Apoligize now!
Jenny: NO!
Mr. Jacobson: Do it or I’ll twist you skinny arm until it breaks!
Jenny: Your bluffing.
Mr. Jacobson: Cocky huh? So you want to try me? I don’t think that is very smart.

He begins to turn her arm in the oppisote direction, holding her body still so it doesnt turn with the arm.

Jenny: OOOWW! Stop! Please!
Mr. Jacobson: I wont stop until you kiss it.
Jenny: No, don’t! Don’t! It hurts…
Mr. Jacobson: Too damn bad.

Jenny knew if she did not obey his orders at any minute, her arm will either break or pop out of the socket. When she trys to kiss it, she can’t! He sat right on her rib cage, painfully twisting her arm.

Jenny: Get off, get off! I’ll kiss it, I’ll stroke it, I’ll make it feel better, I PROMISE!
Mr. Jacobson: Any minute now, any second…
Jenny: NOOOO!!!
Mr. Jacobson: YES!

He gives her arm one strong yank and POP. Her arm popped right off her elbow joint. Jenny exploded loudly into rain drops of her own. She could not stop screaming. Couldnt stop crying. Mr. Jacobson looked down at her. Fear filled his eyes–knowing how much pain she was in. With trembling hands, he takes her upper and lower arm and snaps it back in place. Jenny experinced one last screech of excusion and it was gone. She gasped for breath.

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  1. Lixxy

    Oh My God, GREAT STORY! Very well written, the last part was so GrOsS!

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