Kim's Friend Tammy

Chapter Forty: Kim’s Friend Tammy

Following our Sunday evening encounter, Kim and I made plans to get together again on Wednesday after she got off work at Drug Mart. Early Wednesday evening, I got a call from Kim. She said, “I’m sorry Bill, we can’t get together tonight. They changed my schedule and I’m not working. Mom took the call and she’s having me watch my little brother this evening.” Then Kim continued in a whisper, “Anyway I’m still a little sore from the other night. We’ll get together Saturday for sure.”

I was disappointed and then I thought that I might be able to stop by Peggy Cramer’s apartment instead. So maybe the evening wouldn’t be a bust after all. I said, “OK Kim, I understand. I’ll be looking forward to the weekend.”

Then Kim said, “Bill I wonder if you would do me a big favor?”

“What is it?”

“Well when I thought you were going to be picking me up tonight, I promised a friend of mine that we would give her a ride home. Could you stop by Drug Mart around 9:30 and pick her up?”

“I guess so. Who is she?” I asked.

“Tammy Miller. I don’t think you know her. She’s pregnant. She dropped out of school. I feel kind of sorry for her. She’s a very nice girl, but not very bright. She says she’s going to keep the baby. I don’t know how she expects to do that. She won’t say who the father is. All I know is, it’s some jerk who doesn’t want anything to do with her now. Anyway, she’ll be easy to spot. She has long straight dark brown hair. I think she’s six or seven months pregnant and it shows. She looks like she’s hauling a watermelon around.” Kim paused for a moment and then she said, “While we’re on that subject, I just hope I don’t end up like that after what we did Sunday.”

Ignoring Kim’s last comment I said, “No problem. I’ll pick up Tammy.”

After I got off the phone, I began to think about some new possibilities. I had always thought pregnant women were very sexy. I didn’t know if it was true or not, but I also heard that they were hot all the time. I thought that I would like to find out for myself. It looked like fate was on my side again.

Promptly at 9:30 I was pulling up in front of Drug Mart. I saw Tammy standing by the front entrance. As Tammy walked toward the car, I got out and opened the passenger side door for her. I couldn’t believe how seeing this sexy pregnant girl was turning me on. Tammy was very cute. She was wearing a light jacket over a pink flowered maternity top and matching pink stretch pants. Kim was right; Tammy’s tummy was sticking out like a plump rounded watermelon. I could see the outline of her breasts and I could tell that they were very large. My mouth began to water as I thought about getting a chance to suck on Tammy’s nipples. I knew that sometimes they got really big and dark during pregnancy and I was hoping for some first hand experience.

When Tammy got to the car, I smiled and held out my hand saying, “Hi Tammy. I’m Kim’s friend, Bill Bradley. It’s nice to meet you.”

Tammy took my hand and smiled saying, “My goodness you’re such a gentleman. This is the first time I’ve ever had anyone hold a car door for me.”

I said, “The door’s a little heavy and you’re carrying a precious cargo. Now watch yourself getting in. I don’t want you to bump anything.”

When I got back in the car I turned toward Tammy and said, “Kim didn’t tell me how pretty you were.” Tammy was very pretty. I liked the look of her long dark hair. It was thick and silky. Her face was small and set off by her large brown eyes. Everything about Tammy seemed soft and feminine and I felt my pulse speed up as I looked at her.

Tammy said, “Why thank you Bill. I think you’re really sweet to say that. Kim better watch out. I just might try to steal you away from her.” Then Tammy sighed and said, “Fat chance of that! I guess right now I have about as much sex appeal as a wet mop.”

I casually placed a hand on Tammy’s thigh and said, “I think you’re very sexy, especially right now.”

Tammy looked me in the eyes for a long moment and then said, “You know Kim told me you were a strange sort of guy.” Then I noticed that she glanced down at my crotch as she said, “She told me some other things about you too. I wonder how much of that was true.”

“If it was something good, then it was probably true.” I replied. Then I asked, “Well where to Tammy?”

“I live in the Richmond Road Apartments.”

I started the car and as I pulled out of the parking lot I asked, “Do you live by yourself?”

“No chance of that on the money I make at Drug Mart; even working full time. I live with my mom.”

“What about your dad?”

Tammy shrugged her shoulders and said, “Who the hell knows.” She placed a hand on her stomach and glanced down as she said, “I guess it will be the same with this one.”

“When’s the baby due?”

“In about two and a half months. I don’t know how I’m going to manage then, but I’ll figure something out. Anyway, I don’t want to think about that. I can feel the baby moving a lot of the time now. Sometimes it kicks hard and it feels funny and kind of nice at the same time. You want to feel?”

I said, “Sure. I’d like to.” Then I held a hand out to Tammy. She took my hand and placed it on her stomach up under her maternity top. The feel of her smooth warm skin made my tool begin to get hard. I began to slowly move my hand over Tammy’s firm rounded stomach.

Tammy sighed and said, “I like that. It feels good. You have a very gentle touch Bill. It’s been a while since anyone’s touched me.”

I didn’t reply and I began to move my hand down lower on Tammy’s stomach. When I reached the waistband of her pants, I slid my hand down inside until I felt the substantial bush of hair between her legs. Tammy didn’t say anything. She released the back of her seat and reclined a bit. I moved my hand lower and slid a finger into her love nest. It was already very moist. I sought out her clit and began to gently stroke it. Tammy said, “Oh God that feels good.”

It was lucky we were getting close to the Richmond Road Apartments. I was having considerable difficulty concentrating on my driving. In a few more minutes I wheeled the car into the apartment complex. I pulled into a parking spot and shut off the engine. As I continued to gently stroke her clitoris, Tammy said in a breathless whisper, “My mom works nights; would you like to come up for a while?”

I said, “Sure, that would be great.” I got out of the car and went around to open Tammy’s door.

The moment we were inside her apartment, I took Tammy in my arms and we began to kiss passionately. At the same time, I was running my fingers through her thick silky hair. I could feel myself getting stiff as a steel rod and when we broke apart Tammy said, “We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not fair to Kim.”

I said, “What Kim doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Do you want to stop?”

Tammy replied, “God no! Let’s go into my bedroom.”

Once we were in the bedroom, Tammy switched on a small bedside lamp. Then she said, “I’m almost afraid for you to see me…you know Bill…with no clothes on. My tummy’s so big and my boobs are a little saggy because they’re so big and heavy right now. You might get turned off.”

I pulled off my tee shirt, kicked off my shoes and quickly got out of my pants and under shorts. My tool was standing straight out like a steel rail and I asked, “Does it look like I’m about to get turned off Tammy?”

Tammy looked down and said, “I guess not.” Then she said as she clasped my shaft in one hand, “Well for once Kim wasn’t exaggerating. She said she thought you were going to split her wide open with that thing. I can imagine how she must have felt. She’s kind of a small girl.”

I said, “Let’s not talk about Kim now. Why don’t you get undressed?”

Tammy got out of her jacket and maternity top.
Then she unfastened her bra and slipped it off. Her breasts were beautiful. They were full and rounded and the nipples were the biggest I’d ever seen. Th
ey were dark brown and were standing out prominently. I couldn’t wait to get my hands Tammy’s breasts. I took one in each hand and began running the tips of my thumbs over her hardened nipples. Then I bent down and began to suck on them. Tammy cried out, “God yes, that feels so good!”

While I continued to give my full attention to Tammy’s nipples, she was gently stroking my shaft. I was so hot I knew that if this went on much longer I might shoot my load. I reluctantly pulled away and knelt on the floor in front of Tammy. I began placing kisses all over her firm rounded stomach. For some reason this really turned me on too. I pulled Tammy’s pants and panties down. The sight of her dark bush gave me such a strong surge of desire that I began to tremble all over. I immediately slid my tongue into Tammy’s hot wet pussy and went to work on her clit and she began to emit little moans of pleasure. In a few moments Tammy said, “Wait a second Bill. I have to sit down. My legs are getting weak.”

Tammy eased herself down to sit on the edge of the bed. I moved forward and removed her shoes. Then I finished sliding her pants and panties off and laid them aside on the floor. I stood up in front of Tammy and in a second she was taking the head of my stiffened shaft into her mouth. As Tammy began to go down on me, I reached down and began running my fingers through her hair. I held it back to get a good view of my tool sliding in and out between her lips. In a few moments Tammy let my tool slide out of her mouth and said, “Get in the bed. I want you inside me.”

I got into the bed and lay back. Tammy moved over me straddling my body. She leaned over me bringing her large breasts down to my mouth and I began to suck on her nipples again. I felt Tammy grasp my tool and guide it into her hot wet pussy. Tammy began to move over me and my stiffened shaft began to slide in and out of her pussy. As Tammy rode up and down on my tool, I moved a hand around behind her. I got some pussy juice on a finger and moved it up to probe Tammy’s bottom. Soon my finger was sliding inside. As she moved down on my tool, my finger slid up into Tammy’s tight ass. The sensation of finger fucking Tammy in the ass as she continued to ride up and down on me was very stimulating. Tammy cried out, “God yes, more!” I pushed my finger deeper into her hot butt. A short while later Tammy cried out in ecstasy as she came and I shot my load at almost the same time.

Later as we lay side by side on the bed I began to run my hand over the mound of Tammy’s stomach and I felt myself getting turned on again. I got up, bent over her and began sucking on her nipples. I slid my hand down to the lush bush of dark hair between Tammy’s legs and began to massage her clitoris. In no time Tammy was moving her pussy against my probing finger as her nipples became fully erect. Within a few minutes Tammy let out a cry of pleasure as I brought her off again.

I grasped Tammy’s hand and brought it down to my stiffened shaft. Tammy said, “Looks like you’re ready for some more fun too. What would you like?”

I said, “Why don’t you finish what you started earlier.”

I turned on my side and Tammy turned to face me. Then she slid down lower on the bed and began to run her tongue all over the head of my tool. In a moment I was sliding a good length of it into her mouth. Tammy lay still and let me run my tool in and out of her mouth as she gently sucked on me. As I increased the length of my strokes, Tammy kept her lips clasped around me and continued to suck. Before too much longer I shot my load. Tammy choked a little but kept going down on me. When I was drained, Tammy let my tool slide out of her mouth and then began to lick the excess cum off of it, without even being asked.

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