the divorce – chapter 3

It was trip I had to take for business. But I decided getting out of town for a few days would do me good. It was nothing but symposiums and lectures by industry people not much new information at all but the networking was good and you made good business connections.
I was on my second day at the conference when I attended a information session with a guest lecturer named Sherise. She was about five foot five or so, orange-red hair down the center of her back with a nice natural wave to it and emerald green eyes. She had a few freckles and a nice tight ass, She was wearing a silk skirt and that was dark and a light colour blouse and sensible pumps and silk stockings to show off her legs. She also wore pearls that dangled between her breasts. The part that was making me hot wasn’t her cute face or hot ass. It was the fact she was about seven months pregnant. Her tits were looking large and firm as well. She had no wedding ring on and I decided that no ring meant no man so I decided to fulfill a fantasy I have always had. I want to fuck a prego, and since my soon to be ex never wanted kids I never had the chance, so I decided that this could be it.
So I waited around after the meeting till she was leaving the conference room, with a hand full of stuff and offered to help her carry them to her room which like the rest of us was in the hotel. We made small talk as we walked to the elevator as she saw me checking her out walking a step behind.
As we stood waiting for the elevator I asked if her husband was excited for the coming child, and she told me the father was a one night stand a few months ago and did not even know about the baby yet. I asked if she had a lot of one night stands to which she replied
“a few here and there, when you travel so much a relationship is hard, and I have need (looks at me and winks) if you know what I mean”
“I think I do indeed.” as the elevator opens. We stepped inside the elevator the only two on it as I put the box on the floor to rest as she slid up beside me and asked if I was married, to which I replied that divorce was soon coming. She began to rub my crotch gently as we stood watching the numbers.
“I think your hot” she said
“your pretty cute good yourself”
“I watched you checking me out all day, do I turn you on baby”
“oh hell yes, I figure you aren’t getting many offers though being knocked up”
“actually” she purred “I am getting more cock now, they think I am a bad girl and that is what they want in a one night stand”
“I know that’s what I want” as I grabbed her ass and the door opened.
“Follow me then” as she sauntered out of the lift and down the hall, wiggling her ass. She stopped at the door and slid her card and paused at the door and put her hand on my chest.
“The best part you can not make me more pregnant” with that she opened the door and I followed her through.
She stripped out of her blouse and threw it on the floor, followed by her shoes, then her skirt exposing not only the leg high stockings but a powder blue garter belt that matcher her bra and matching panties.
I stripped out of my golf shirt and took off my shoes, socks and pants as fast as I could and since I never wear underwear I was buck naked as I grabbed her and stuck my tongue down her throat.
“How do you want it?”
I could feel her nipples harden as I watched her. “Peel my panties and eat me raw”
” then I am going to ride you while you suck on my tits” she walked over to the sofa in the room and sat down and spread her legs. ” get to work!”
I walked over to my new lover and put my hand on her cheek as I rubbed my cock on her chin and cheek. She gave it a few licks and kissed the head as I looked down on her. “What do you say honey”
She grinned and my dick popped out of her mouth “please eat my pussy”
“okay” I sank to my knees in front of her open legs. As I peeled her lace panties I exposed her uncut bush. I left the panties around her ankles and ran my hands up her legs and grabbed her ass pulling it forward to the edge of the couch. Leaning in I began licking her moist slit.
“Mmm that’s nice now flick my clit” she continues to give me direction as I bore down on her pussy. To the point of grabbing the back of my head and humping my face. I could feel her orgasm building so I stopped licking her and licked my way up her round smooth tummy. As I kissed and licked her I pulled her bra straps down and pulled her bra down letting her big tits and hard nipples spring out. I began sucking her left nipple as I as I rubbed her tummy.
“Does my tummy turn you on stud?”
I did not answer I just licked her nipple quicker causing her to throw her head back and lean into it.
“I’ll take that as yes.” I was now letting her pussy feel my rock hard cock head as it rubbed against it causing her to try and grind me. She pulled me up and stuck her tongue down her throat. We kissed and grinded for a little until she stood up and told me to lay flat on the floor. I did as I was told as she lowered herself onto my cock.
“Mmm I do love a stiff one after work” she purred as she leaned forward on her hands and rubbed her tits in my face, I took the hint and licked her nipples as she worked my pole. Her hair fell down over her face as she picked up the pace of her riding. Her rhythm continued to pick up speed and her moaning became deeper and more guttural as she approached climax. She sat back up and put her hands on her stomach as she came.
“Ooooooh my here it is” she moaned and slowed to an almost stop. I was close my self so I sat up causing her to roll onto her back and re-entered her putting her legs up over my head and putting my hands on her tummy, and pumped her slow and deep.
“Mm mm mm mmmm that is nice, makes you wanna come don’t it” she asked as put one hand on her forehead and one in my hair. “Pound me till you come!, oh JESUS pound me!’
“You like the hard core fucking don’t yaw ?” as I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. She put her hands on her inner thighs. “Fucking hamm mmmer me like a nail”
“okay here I go!” I began staying deep and just used short strokes just hard enough to here skin slapping together. She moaned and growled as my thrusting got deeper but I pulled almost out then rammed her again until I felt the beginning of the end. “Where do you wan it tramp, pussy or face?”
“Coat my tummy and tits!” she commanded, and without missing a beat I pulled out and stood up over her and pulled my cock a couple times and came all over her torso. She sat up and let it all run down her as she licked my cock clean.
“Well bitch how was that”
she took my cock from her mouth and smiled “nice n nasty just the way I like it, now I am going to finish cleaning off your cock and you can go.”
It was a good week we met two more times and were just as hot each time.

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