The Adventures Of Kitty Part One

Kitty stood and looked at herself in the mirror, pleased with the reflection. He had told her he was coming to see her bearing gifts, so she wanted to look good for him. Her new baby doll nightie looked stunning on her, just long enough to cover but still show glimpses of her little panties underneath, and the soft silky material displayed her pert breasts perfectly.

She had arranged her lounge as he liked it, a cushion for her to curl up on and a chair central to the room for him, so that when the doorbell rang she did a quick check all was as it should be when she hurried through to greet him. He smiled down at her as she embraced him and rubbed herself sensually up his body, her kitty-greeting always resulting in a lump forming in his pants that she made sure her pelvis teased against. Releasing him she scampered back into the lounge and sat on her cushion, turning to watch him remove his long coat before sitting in his chairh, her eyes drawn to the large bag he placed by his side.
He caught her look and laughed.

“Patience lil Kitty, all will be revealed soon enough!”

She smiled at him and wriggled over her cushion, stretching and letting him see her lithe figure under the baby-doll, purring at him with a cheeky grin.

“Awwww Sir…you know how Kitty loves surprises (she licked her lips)..and Kitty is always VERY grateful….”

He smiled and shook his head.

“You are an incorrigible lil puss-cat, so I guess I may as well show you now.”

Kitty giggled and clapped her hands in glee, rising up onto her knees to get a better look at what he had brought her. He carefully opened the bag and removed several parcels, which he placed on the floor between them, then looked up at her.

“You are a beautiful lil Kitty; however there have been things missing (he smiled at her pout), and these will make all the difference.”

He passed her the first parcel, which she tore open like a child at Christmas. She gasped when a soft furry mask fell into her lap. It was black, the fur very sleek, with small ears and even whiskers! She giggled excitedly and put it on, loving the way it fitted snugly over her head. She jumped up and crossed to the mirror over her fireplace, grinning hugely at the kitty that looked back at her!

“Oh Sir I LOVE it!!”

She went to give him a hug but he raised his hands.

“Not yet lil one, there are still things to open so back on the cushion.”

She gave another pout and jumped onto the large floor cushion, once again up on her knees and jiggling from side to side, waiting for the next parcel.
He passed another, and she ripped it open quickly. Inside were two long gloves, made of the same sleek fur, that when she slid them on came up to her elbows and transformed her hands into paws. The fingers were cut so that just her nails showed through the ends, and on her palm were three soft pads just like a real cat! She held her arms up and admired the way they fitted; now she had paws!!
She bounced on her cushion in excitement.

“Oh Sir they are lovely! Look how they make Kitty’s front legs all sleek and furry!!”

He chuckled again at her bouncing.

“Settle down lil Kitty, still things to go yet!!”

He passed her another parcel, the paper from this soon joining the growing pile next to her cushion. Inside was a flat box, and when she opened it she found a slim crystal and leather collar, with a small crystal bell. With a squeak she scrambled across to him, turning her back and lifting her hair. He reached down and slipped it around her neck, fastening it so it was not too tight. As soon as his hands had finished she jumped up and went back to the mirror, the bell making soft tinkles as she moved. She preened in the mirror, turning this way and that to admire the collar (and make the bell tinkle) before returning to her cushion all flushed and giddy.

“Now I am a proper Kitty, and have my Owners collar!!”

He lifted up the last parcel and waved it at her.

“And this will complete my Kitty’s new look!”

She held out her new paws and took it from him with a giggle, nails scrabbling at the paper until something long and furry fell onto her knees. She picked up the sleek black tail, her mouth open as she saw it finished in a shaped crystal butt plug. Her eyes went from the plug to his and back again, her bottom lip being chewed as she contemplated how she would wear this. His laughing made her stop and look at him.

“Come here lil Kitty, I want to see how it all looks on you. Turn around and lift those little hips up for me!”

Kitty crawled slowly towards him, and shuffled around so she was facing the other way. She watched over her shoulder as she felt her panties being lowered to her knees, and slipped from her legs. His fingers stroked her firm bottom, then delved between her legs, making her catch her breath as they found her clit and stroked her gently. He played up and down her pussy, Kitty rocking back at him and arching with a purr as his fingers slipped inside her, moving slowly, and she could feel her juices starting to run down her thigh. She gave a little whimper as his fingers slipped out of her and moved up, circling her tight ass, using her juices to tease her open a little. Kitty moaned loudly when the plug was pushed into her pussy, and moved around inside her to get it coated and slippery before she held her breath as it slid up to her ass and was eased inside her. She had never been touched in this way before, the feeling of being filled was a new one for her, so when he told her to crawl around for him, let him see how she looked, she clenched tightly and moved slowly on all fours, the tail swishing down her thighs. Kitty stalked around the room, her eyes on him as he watched with a small smile, those eyes widening as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his large hard cock.

“Such a pretty lil Kitty, look what you have done! Come over here and say thank you properly.”

She slowly and deliberately crawled to him, licking her lips as she reached his knees and rested her chin on his thigh.

“Does Sir want Kitty to clean him?”

He growled and angled his cock towards her mouth, so Kitty moved her head and licked the tip of him gently, purring in her throat as she worked around his cock licking and sucking as a good kitty can. She could feel him swell in her mouth, and knew he was getting hornier by the second. She heard a small “click” and found he had attached a long diamante lead to her collar. He eased himself out of her mouth and stood, lifting the lead and turning her around.

“Lets take you back to your cushion lil Kitty, your Owner wants to feel you around him.”

He walked slowly towards the cushion, Kitty crawling alongside, once there he told her to kneel and go down onto her elbows. Kitty lowered herself slowly, watching his hard cock twitching, knowing he was going to use his pussycat, and when he knelt behind her using his thighs to spread her wide she whimpered and purred at his urgency. He lifted her tail and held it in his right hand as he guided himself into her, Kitty mewling and arching at being filled so quickly, the sensation made different by the pressure from the plug inside her ass. His left hand held her hips as he started to move quickly, the lead held taut to keep her head up and back as she was taken hard and fast. Her Owner grunted in passion as his little kitty squirmed and moaned, until with a growl he came deep inside holding her tight to him as he emptied his balls.
With a sigh he slipped out of her and patted her behind.

“Roll over kitty, I want to watch you play for me.”

She was close to coming herself, so rolled over quickly and stretched across the cushion, her thighs falling wide apart as she touched herself with her new paws. She was lost in the sensation of the fur rubbing over her swollen clit when she noticed he had set up a camera, and was recording her as she fingered.

“Don’t stop lil Kitty, it is for me to enjoy when I am away from you, and I know you will like to watch yourself afterwards!”

The thought of him getting off on watching her, AND recording it to enjoy later, made her fingers move faster. She arched towards the camera so that it would pick up the detail of her hard nipples and panting mouth. Kitty rolled sensuously over the cushion, showing herself off as her fingers pumped into her, she was on the very edge but couldn’t come, and didn’t want to stop showing him how a Kitty could writhe. She was whimpering and mewling, desperate now, and she turned her back to the camera and lifted her hips so she exposed her pussy clearly, knowing it would be dripping with both their juices as her fingers worked around and inside herself. She turned her head so that she could look over her shoulder at him and the camera, purring quietly.

“Please Sir, can Kitty have her cream now and come for you?”

He nodded, so still looking at him she rubbed her paw hard over her clit, grinding it into her pubic bone. Kitty threw back her head and mewed loudly as the orgasm rippled through her, making her hips shudder as she fell forward onto the cushion and wriggled against her hand. She lay there panting and sighing as he reached forward and stroked her back gently.

“My good lil puss-cat, I shall make you perform for me more often!”

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