1St short black dress

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I’m 55, still in pretty good shape! I’m a Natural blonde and have a set of 38 D Tits! They are drooping a little but when I get excited, my nipples are 1 Inch long!
The husband and I go to casinos in pittsburgh and he’s always saying “:Why don’t you wear a dress”!
I’m more confortable in Jeans! i can set the way I want to!
Well 1 day I bought a short black halter dress and put it on! We got to the casino, i was so unconfortable! Felt like everyone wa staring at my boobs!
I was playing this 1 machine on the corner and looked up! There was this beautiful young guy half my age and i thought he was checking me out, but why me! I got up and moved to another machine! The next thing I know 1 of the ladies serving drinks came over and gave me a Drink, i told her I never ordered it! She gave me a note, here the Young man bought me a drink! On the note he wrote, I’d love to see waht you have on under that dress! You are 1 of the Sexiest ladies here!
I haven’t had an orgasism for years, I had 1 then! I loaded my panties up with come, it was running down my legs! The more I tried to forget, the more I creamed!
NOW I’m emaagining setting there, showing him that I don’t have panties on and him Stroking his cock thru his White pants! AND when he gets up, the front is saaking wet!
That night I fucked my husband like I never had and the trouble is, I was thinking my young guy was fucking me!!!!
Hope to see him next time we are at Rivers Casino!

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