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My First Time pt 2

I want to tell you about my first sexual encounter with a man. He was a total stranger and that’s probably why it was so amazing. You should also know I am happily married with 3 grown children, so I’ve certainly waited a long time before acting on my fantasies. The experience was everything I had fantasized it would be and I remember every detail like it was yesterday. Here is the full story–


He put his hands back on his hips and said, “Now start licking and sucking my balls.” “Yes Daddy.”
His balls, were just as beautiful as his cock. Each ball had to be a healthy inch and a half long and an inch around. They rested comfortably in a beautiful ball sack. You know, the kind that hangs down a little from his crotch. I reached up with my right hand and gently held his balls. I noticed they had a wispy covering of pubic hairs…very nice. I love looking at guys with a hairy crotch. Don’t get me wrong, shaved balls would probably be a lot of fun too but I think hairy balls are just more masculine. Anyway, they were begging for attention and I was eager to give it to them.
So I started by kissing and licking them all over. I could smell and taste his man aroma and it turned me on. I had to consciously tell myself to not get too excited and to slow down. So I was extremely gentle with them since he seemed to prefer that approach. I eventually moved onto sucking each of his balls. Mmm, so sexy. They tasted so good and I could feel my cock getting harder.
I continued worshipping his balls for several minutes. Then I decided to lick the inside of his thighs where they met his balls. I was actually afraid he might scold me for doing something I wasn’t told to do. But when i looked up at him he just kept watching me service him, so I guess he liked it. Alright, back to his balls now.
During this time his beautiful cock had become fully erect and quite large. It was every bit of 9″ now and pointing up at a stately 10 o’clock. And honestly…I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was even more gorgeous than I had imagined. He certainly could have been a cock model if he ever wanted to. His cock head was in a word, amazing! Large and with a beautiful german helmet shape. It would definitely be a mouthful on it’s own and I couldn’t wait to find out.
“Your cock is beautiful Daddy,” I said. “Yes it is and you are lucky I’m letting you worship it. Now start licking the base of my cock all the way around it.” So I did as I was told and eagerly started licking the base of his shaft. I was amazed by the thickness of his cock and cum canal. I held his cock in my right hand and caressed his balls with my left. His cock had many beautiful veins just like I had hoped. Veiny cocks turn me on so much!
Then he said, “Now you can lick the entire length of my shaft but DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT even think of putting my cock head in your mouth. I haven’t decided yet if you’ve earned that privilege. I may just jack off in your mouth without letting you suck it. What do you think of that idea cumslut?” “I don’t like it at all Daddy, I want to make you cum with my mouth and feel your beautiful cock explode inside of it”, I said honestly.
I said a quick prayer that he would decide to let me put his beautiful cock in my mouth but until then I would have to do my very best job of worshipping his manhood and hope for the best.
After a few minutes of me licking every mm of his shaft he said, “I’ve decided to let you put my cock in your mouth. You will suck and lick it very gently, like it’s a delicate flower.” “Yes Daddy thank you for letting me suck your cock.” So I excitedly guided the head slowly into my mouth. Just as I had hoped, it filled my mouth completely. The contrast of his hard shaft and his soft delicate head was intoxicating. I savored every moment while I sucked it and gently rolled my tongue all over, exploring every nook and cranny of it’s beautiful shape.

I made sure I followed his instructions so I was being as soft and gentle as possible. Soon I heard him let out a soft moan. When I looked up his expression was changing from stern to relaxed. I enjoyed the moment knowing he was so hard and turned on because of how I was servicing him. I had fantasized about doing this so many times.
After a while he said, “Now stroke my shaft but don’t let go of my balls. Keep sucking my cock head and prepare yourself for my load. Are you ready cumslut?” “Yes I am Daddy, thank you.” His balls were starting to move up slightly and I knew that he was getting ready to deliver his delicious load. His shaft was as hard as a rock and I loved how it felt in my hand. I briefly wondered what his cock would feel like pounding my ass. Being man handled by this guy would be so sexy. Being helpless as he pinned me down with his strong arms as he forcefully fucked my ass. My cock was getting harder thinking about it. Well I can always dream can’t I? But now I needed to ensure he had the most mind blowing ball emptying orgasm he’s ever had.
Then I took a chance and said, “Daddy can I feel your chest muscles please?” He paused then said, “Yes but don’t let it affect your cocksucking, do you understand?” “Yes, thank you Daddy.” So I held his cock with my left hand while I reached under his shirt with my right. He had a small furry belly and I loved feeling it. Once again, it just seems more masculine. I soon moved up to his chest muscles and they were big. He would flex them occasionally and I felt my dick get harder. I couldn’t help think to myself, “Please fuck me you powerful stallion!”. I started toying with his nipples and they became hard.

Now keep in mind, while I’m doing all of that I hadn’t stopped sucking and stroking his massive cock. His cock was so big I could only get about 4 inches of it in my mouth. But of course, that’s why my hand was stroking the other 5 inches. It was around that time when he said, “Cumslut, I’m going to stroke my cock and cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow every drop. Remember, I don’t want to see any cum on the floor or anywhere else is that clear?” “Yes Daddy, I will make sure I swallow all of your load.”
“Now suck my balls while I stroke my cock.” “Yes Daddy” I said as I eagerly went to work on them again.

Then I suddenly realized I hadn’t felt his ass yet. What was I thinking? I moved my hand down from his chest to his ass, and a nice ass it was. So I decided to grab his ass cheeks with both hands and he seemed to like that. Soon he started to gently thrust his hips forward and back. His buns were smooth and very firm. He flexed his cheeks for me and I was amazed at how muscular and shapely they were.
I watched him slowly stroke his manhood while I licked and sucked his balls. I was wondering what his load would feel and taste like. He eventually said, “Open wide cumslut, this is what you’ve been wanting since you first saw my cock.” So I tilted my head back and opened my mouth even wider as he continued to stroke that beautiful shaft. I noticed his breathing was becoming shallower and he was about to explode.

When he started cumming he filled my mouth so fast I had to start swallowing right away. It tasted salty and was so delicious. He just kept cumming and cumming. His cum was thick and after he shot around his eighth stream, which took me about 4 gulps to swallow by the way, I could see he was starting to slow finally. So I took his cock head back into my mouth and gently milked and sucked every last drop out of it. Then I licked his entire cock and balls clean, making sure his cock was completely empty before relaxing my grip on it.

Oh my god it was everything I had fantasized it would be. I’ll never forget looking into his eyes as he stroked that load into my mouth. I’ve never felt so connected to another man. Once you’ve shared an experience like that you will never forget it. I felt so honored he had chosen me to service him. Slowly his cock started to relax so I just admired how sexy it looked even when it was soft. Then I gently held the head with my fingers and kissed it.
He finally said, “You’ve been a good cocksucker and cumslut. That was a very good orgasm and my balls feel completely drained for the time being. Did you enjoy my load?” “Yes I did Daddy. Your cum was delicious. I would love to taste more of it sometime.” “I will consider it but I won’t promise anything. Now get a wet wash cloth and clean my cock properly, I don’t want any of your saliva on my cock when you are done. Then cleanup my kitchen and get the hell out of here.” “Thank you for letting me service you Daddy.” Then I did as I was told left without saying a word.
That was a few weeks ago and all I’ve been able to think about since then is that amazing encounter. Since then I’ve masturbated while reliving every minute of it two to three times a day. I can recall every detail of servicing Mark, of being his cumslut. I’m starting to believe I have a special skill for being a manservant to men of all shapes and sizes. Doing everything I can to please them and making them feel like their cock is the last cock left on earth. Then making them cum and swallowing their load.

Although I hope I can get together with Mark again, I know there’s a lot of other men out there that would love to have their cocks and balls worshipped too. I’ve even been poking around some forums and chat rooms, seeing what’s out there. I’m actually seriously considering hooking up with a guy about an hours drive away. His cock pics look amazing, I’ll let you know how that goes for sure. Oh, and you’ll never guess what? I just got a text from Mark! Wow, it looks like I’m going to be one busy cumslut for the foreseeable future.

Happily married with grown kids.

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