A Boat Trip-part2

Copy write 2004
A Boat Trip- (part 2) by Screw3
Lisa put the phone down and started fingering herself. She was not aware she was doing it. Hearing Master’s voice on the phone made her super horny. It had been more than six months since she had made her first visit, if it could be called that. This would be her third visit. About two months ago she had made her second visit. She thought, I should have titled these stories Boat Trips. Master had certainly lived up to his word in lining clients up for her. Michie and Burton, et al, the law firm she worked for were happy to double her salary to $100,000.00. That made her the highest paid woman associate along with two other women that had been there for two years or longer.
Lisa wondered what Master had planned for her this time. She smiled when she thought about the young boy she had initiated into the rite of sexual passage to manhood. Mistress had introduced Slut to Boy as they left the dock at 79th Street and sailed down the North River and out past the ten mile limit. Boy was anxious to get started and they went to Lisa’s assigned cabin. Boy was a long and lean maybe he was 18, maybe not. He was dressed in a pale blue sweat suit and when I pulled the pants down he didn’t even have a jock on. I was wearing a pink T-shirt that was two sizes too small and pink short shorts. This was what Master had ordered me to wear. Oh yes, I was also wearing a blond wig, a pink mask, and no underwear.
His dick was at least eight inches long, but thinner than average. I kissed his dick and it wasn’t that thin any longer. Boy may really have been the virgin nerd that I had been told he was since as soon as I closed my lips around him he shot a massive load into my mouth.
“I’m sorry Ms Slut. That couldn’t have much fun for you.”
“Boy, we have four more hours. At your age we should have lots more fun before we finish. You do want to keep going?”
“Oh yes Slut, I do and will you punish me if I don’t do better?. My father promised me that we can spank each other if we don’t please each other. I have to learn not to have these early ejaculations”
“Then I better spank you Boy. First I want you to undress me.” This put a gleam in his eye. “With the lights on?”
I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. He took my shirt off first. “Now suck my tits.” He was in heaven. “Enough, now my shorts and then eat my pussy.”
I sat on the bed and watched as his young prick was getting hard just at the thought. “I have never done this before, but I have read about it. He started jerking himself off while eating my cunt. “None of that, Boy. Use your hands on me. Put a finger from one hand in my ass and try to find my G-spot with your middle finger of the other hand. Keep licking my clit, Boy.”
I came and sat down on the bed since my legs had turned to rubber. If I knew what books he read I would make it required reading for anyone who wanted a date with me. “Now Boy lay across my lap so I can spank you.” He jumped up and I could feel her hard cock against my thigh. The third time I slapped him I could feel him convulse and his cum down my thigh. “You naughty boy. Now lick that sticky cum off me.”
Boy did that then he said, “You were naughty that time. So I spank you. You did not finish my spanking.”
I made a pretense of protesting as he sat on the bed and dragged me across his lap. I wanted that spanking as least as much as he wanted to deliver it. Boy’s first slaps were tentative, but he got into it. The harder he hit the more his cock grew. First it just brushed against my clitoris stimulating me. Then as it grew I could feel the head of it at the entrance to my cunt. Finally I had enough stimulation and pushed him back on the bed and mounted him. He was used enough that I came several times before I felt his warm cum enter me. Boy was in for one more thrill before I was going to let him go. I took his now flaccid dick and breathed life back into that cock with my tongue and lips.
When he was hard once more I rubbed his cock with baby oil and then got on my knees. I imagined his eyes growing wide as he realized he was going to fuck my ass. He fucked that ass getting his whole cock into me and then letting go. His cum went up with force giving me an enema. He was finished and staggered out of the cabin as I ran for the head.
I heard the cabin door open and close as I sat there on the throne shitting cum and feces out of my ass. Holy shit, it wasn’t Boy coming back, but Mr Burton. “You did well slut. My son had a shit eating grin on his face. Now suck my cock. I paid $1000.00 for these four hours and I still have an hour and a half left.”
I am sure that Master was happy with the return on his investment. Mr Burton was not able to do much as he was fifty and not as much stamina as his son had. He was a more practiced hand at delivering spankings though.
To be continued

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